Best Ways to Find Winning Products to Double Your Profit

Best Ways to Find Winning Products to Double Your Profit

When opening a dropshipping store, finding winning products is crucial. It might be challenging to decide which product to dropship because there are so many options available and so many drop shippers.

As a result, let’s walk through each guide in this post to enable you to identify profitable dropshipping products quickly.

What Is a Winning Product

The phrase "winning product" is used to describe products that are well-liked by your target market and generate impressive sales. In certain instances, the winning product draws consumers to your business, giving them the chance to purchase and use additional items there.

Here are some criteria that make a winning product:

Reasonable price: Impulsive buying, which is the propensity for people to make unplanned purchases of products, is significant in dropshipping. Make sure that the thing you choose doesn't have an excessively high price so that you may profit from this relatively common habit.

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Portable and non-fragile products: Selling big or bulky things is not a good idea since they frequently incur significant transportation costs. Additionally, stay as far away from fragile delivery things as you can.

Nonbranded products: You should not offer well-known brands since when customers are aware of them, they usually visit their official website to make purchases.

Good products and providers: Choosing a high-quality product from a reputable provider will assist you and your clients avoid getting duped or dealing with a lengthy shipment process.

Uncommon products: A winning dropshipping product is not simply one that consumers want, but also one that they have difficulty finding.

Hobbyist products: A product that immediately assists your consumers in resolving one of their difficulties make it reasonably simple to market.

Best Ways to Find Winning Products

Even though many internet stores provide identical products, selling already-available products is still possible. With the help of keyword tools like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout, you may successfully sell even the most well-liked items with the appropriate product selection and market research. So let’s take a look at the best ways to find winning products.

1. Explore AliExpress Bestseller Lists

The majority of dropshippers discover and source their dropshipping products on AliExpress, an online retailer that offers a vast selection of products at low prices all around the world. You can follow these steps below to allocate your winning products by AliExpress Bestseller list:

Explore AliExpress Bestseller Lists - DSers

  • Visit:
  • Go to your favorite category after deciding what kind of products you are looking for.
  • Use the search bar to search for the specific item within your chosen category.
  • Check the "4-star & Up" field and "Orders" filter to restrict the results.
  • The results will be ordered by the number of orders and the number of reviews with 4 stars or higher.
  • To uncover the top sellers on AliExpress in various categories, repeat these procedures. For each specialization, you may carry out the same action.

💡 TIP: To find suppliers for your winning products, you can use the AliExpress Dropshipping Center.

This new AliExpress tool's Trusted Supplier Rank feature classifies the suppliers based on their duration in the marketplace, dependability, and sales. You thus buy products from companies that are leaders in their field.

However, you may run your winning dropshipping products via tools like DSers if you still have difficulties. Many DSers features will help you in choosing your winning products as well as your best suppliers.

2. Visit eBay Watch Count for More Winning Products

Visit eBay Watch Count for More Winning Products - DSers

In 2020, this market remained in the third position among the top 10 US e-commerce merchants. You can take a lot away from it! A function on eBay allows users to see which products are now the most popular on the site. It is known as Watch Count. To identify good products for your online business, use Watch Count. eBay regularly monitors customers who add items to their watch lists and provides regional real-time results.

You can get ideas from Watch Count if you don't have a specific product or market in mind. Many different products are currently popular among eBay users, all of which may be found under the "What's Hot on eBay?" category.

3. Use Google Trends

Use Google Trends - DSers

Use Google's knowledge of user preferences to your advantage. Google Trends allows you to see what goods are popular right now. It's a tool that displays the search phrases' relative popularity. You can check out the data from Google Trends by the below criteria:

  • When the value of your search phrase reaches 100, it is at its most popular. The trendiness of the search word decreases as the number drops.
  • A score of 0 indicates that there was insufficient data for this phrase.

You may find out where in the globe your potential clients are most interested in your dropshipping products by using Google Trends.

4. Research on Your Competitors’ Ads

Research on Your Competitors’ Ads - DSers

Discovering advertising with high engagement rates is your objective. Look for comments that are uplifting and where individuals have tagged their loved ones. Make a note of the products that are receiving the most substantial attention.

Here are a few methods for monitoring the advertisements of your rivals:

  • Get to the marketing funnel: Start often browsing the websites of your opponents. Add a few items to your cart, then remove them. Your social media profiles should soon start to display adverts from your competitors.
  • Use tools: You may track and view the top-performing competition advertising using a variety of online tools and software.

Double Your Profit with Winning Products

What next when you have chosen your winning products? Let’s find out in this part:

Examine the Product Quality

You must provide your consumers with high-quality products. If not, you will receive several complaints and chargebacks. Even worse, it can substantially harm your ad delivery if you place advertisements on a website like Facebook and receive a lot of negative comments from your target audience. A high-quality product typically has many positive reviews and is supplied by a reputable vendor.

Check Product Delivery Time

Delivery time is one of the most essential elements that clients worry about. If a customer's product is not delivered within two days of the stated date, they are far less likely to buy with the business again. A lot of complaints and unfavorable remarks are also extremely likely to come your way if an order takes too long to arrive.

The ideal delivery time should be no longer than 30 days. Finding a dropshipping product with a shipment time of fewer than 15 days would be even better.

Create Attractive out the Product Description

Your attention should next turn to the content you may use to promote your products. Make sure the product has a ton of clear and beautiful pictures. It would be even more spectacular if it included a few videos, as video commercials frequently outperform static picture ads.

Alibaba, a B2B marketplace also owned by the Alibaba Group, is a location to look for extra product content for your dropshipping store. Other viable venues to accomplish the same goal are Amazon and eBay. However, use non-copyrighted content with caution.

Conduct a Product Sales Analysis

After compiling a list of high-potential dropshipping items, it is vital to evaluate their sales results. By doing this, old or stale products may be avoided.

Market Your Products

To locate potentially profitable dropshipping items for your business, you have followed every step. Beyond winning items, a variety of factors, like how trustworthy your business appears, FOMO factors, email marketing, and more, can have a big impact on your sales success.

Bonus Tips to Expand Your Business with Winning Products

So far, we've discussed two topics: how to get the winning products for your store and how to use them to double your profit. However, we still have a ton more advice for you, so keep reading for more worthwhile details.

Choose products without any advertising restrictions: Most eCommerce shops rely heavily on advertisements to boost sales. You don't want to offer products that you can't promote on these two major advertising channels.

Try to solve a specific problem with your product: People are constantly seeking methods to simplify their lives. On that basis, some of the best company concepts have ever been developed.

Bonus Tips to Expand Your Business with Winning Products - DSers

Focus on marketing potential: The primary source of revenue for an eCommerce shop is marketing. Your company cannot rely on organic reach or reputation because you are not yet well-known. As a result, you must rely on a successful advertising strategy. You must offer a product that is simple to advertise to do this.

Don’t sell an overpriced product: If you want to start with a profitable store, the price should also be within that range. So stick to the tried-and-true strategies that get clients to buy smaller, less expensive alternatives without much thought.

Trending Niches for Winning Products 2022

Trends are evolving every week, every day. You can't anticipate what will be popular in a year. However, you can make some informed predictions with adequate research. You need to think about a number of things, including the outside world. What effects is it having on the eCommerce industry, and which trends are most likely to endure? Below are some niches that you can refer to when choosing a winning product:

Trending niche to sell in 2022

Health & wellness products: The market for health and wellness foods is anticipated to expand by 9.20% and reach 162.09 billion by 2026, according to Global New Shire. It's simple to forecast the steadily increasing demand for this eCommerce sector, given that health and fitness continue to be the most popular new year's resolutions in 2022.

Electronic devices: Nowadays, we use the internet for everything, including online jobs, education, and even doctor appointment. What makes that possible for us? Devices.

Hygiene products: Unbelievably, the epidemic has taught us to practice better hygiene. Everybody washes their hands many times per day. These things are being consumed like there is no tomorrow. Consequently, if you sell specialist goods in this area, you may make a sizable profit.

Pet products: Nobody can deny how much we adore our furry pals now that dogs and cats are the most popular pets on the internet. Therefore, it is not surprising that pet-related products have become more and more popular in recent years.

Subscription: Subscription now offers consumers even more convenience while saving store owners time and effort when combined with eCommerce and digitization.

Final Words

You now know how to find winning products to improve your profit and what will be popular in 2022. That's fantastic! Selling useful products is essential if you want your online business to be successful.

Nothing is as important as the stuff you're selling. Take your time, investigate the market, and take all the necessary steps to make things work if you want to create a successful business. Visit the DSers Blog to learn more about marketing advice and eCommerce guides.

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