Holiday Sales Ecommerce Statistics 2021: Best-Selling Products on AliExpress

Holiday Sales Ecommerce Statistics 2021: Best-Selling Products on AliExpress

Queue.It was able to track over 1.57 billion users on 97 online retailers in 2020. They found that the traffic improved by 207% approximately in 2020.

After evaluating these numbers, online retailers and dropshipping businesses may be thinking are these for real? Will we see such a surge this year too?

Fortunately, we almost did.

This year, Queue.It tracked 2.5 billion users on 97 retailers to know how customer behaviour evolved and what online retailers and dropshippers can expect in 2022.

After collating this data with many other statistics, we have prepared a list. Check the holiday sales statistics of ecommerce in 2021. Following this, we have also discussed best-selling products on AliExpress during holidays. Keep reading for more details:

Holiday Sales: Ecommerce Statistics of 2021

Holiday sales rise every year. From October to December, it is a celebration for retailers as well.

But, what is the situation for online retailers and dropshipping businesses?

We have extracted some valuable insights for online commerce, check how you can grab this opportunity and make the most of your dropshipping store.

1. Visitors

Due to COVID-19, website traffics have surged automatically throughout 2020 and 2021. As per this survey, 55% of shoppers have revealed that their shopping patterns have changed forever due to the pandemic.

There’s a high demand for products online this year too. Many websites utilize discounts and year-end sales to attract customers.

2. Traffic

On December 5th, the traffic on these sites increased by almost 25%. This spike came after Black Friday, and it may be for Christmas and New Year shopping.

While in December starting, the cases of Omicron also increased, this didn’t stop holiday shoppers. Initially, Springboard confirmed that the traffic has dropped a bit in London due to the Omicron variant.

DSers dropshipping

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However, the shoppers were soon to pick up and there was a rise of sales by 8.5% during Christmas. MasterCard SpendingPulse confirmed the statistics, you can check the data. They were expecting an 8.8% rise and received 8.5%, which is great too. Isn’t it?

3. Shipment

During the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chains were severely hampered. Many supply chains broke and never resumed fully. The market was quick to term this as supply chain shortages.

Fortunately, considering this, many shoppers decided that they need to shop a little early for the holidays this year. McKinsey confirmed that 45% of users planned to shop prior to 2021. They were uncertain if the supply chain would face an issue, so many were quick to order products online.

From these shoppers, 51% believed that they may face out of stock, 44% were expecting challenges like COVID-19 third wave, and 45% were thinking about the long shipping times.

Read to learn the key impact of COVID-19 on the eCommerce industry.

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This push did end up well for retailers because online retailers also started their seasonal offers and marketing in November only.

4. Popular Category

During the Christmas and holidays, electronics became a popular category amongst users. There was a 54% traffic for just electronic products during the holidays. We can prepare for a surge in electronic purchases this New Year as well. This is a green light for drop shippers planning to sell electronics this New Years.

5. Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is marked as the biggest sale day for retailers. Of course, Cyber Monday and Christmas were also in the line, but Black Friday marked 22.4% more sales than a holiday on the second number. This can be a learning for the next year that we need to start our holiday preparations around Black Friday.

Best-Selling Products on AliExpress

There were some best-selling products on AliExpress during the Christmas sales. We have collated a list of the same, have a look, and consider adding these products to your dropshipping store for better traffic and revenue.

1. Gadgets

Gadget sales soared during the Christmas and holiday season in 2021. Here are some best-selling products you can consider for your dropshipping store:

· One of the best-selling electronic products on the entire list is the vertical gaming mouse. This mouse has optimum wrist support and it is perfect for gamers.

AliExpress vertical gaming mouse - DSers
Source: AliExpress

· Another important gadget on the rise is the contour gauge tool that adjusts according to shapes. It is a perfect product for a DIY handyman or minimal construction.

· If your dropshipping category is related to photography, then a light painting stick is the best addition to your store. It helps you paint with light in pictures.

· Many people love watching movies during the holidays, and this LED touch projector is the best choice. This is why it is one of the best-sellers on AliExpress nowadays.

· The last best-seller on our list is the survival multifunction knife which helps you handle a series of situations.

2. Fashion

In the fashion category, many products were trending during the Christmas week. Here’s a list of the same:

· Many people are now thinking about fitness, which has increased the sale of fitness products online. Forbes believes that everyone is now thinking about comfortable activewear, which is why the rise in fitness fashion.

· In the same category, many shoppers are also buying wearable devices like smartwatches and gadgets including fitness trackers. Ideally, fitness trackers from every category are on the rise, depending on the users’ budget, you can add different wearables on your website.

AliExpress Smart Watch - DSers
Source: AliExpress

· Many celebrities are launching shapewear, such as SKIMS. This has increased the search for shapewear brands, which has also improved the sales of these products during Christmas and holidays.

· The holiday season is the winter and snow season, so naturally, there’s an increase in knitwear sales. Across AliExpress, you will find many sweaters, cardigans, and vest designs for Christmas as well as normal winter wear.

3. Baby Products

The third popular best-selling category on the list is baby products. A lot of people are considering gifting baby products to loved ones, and here’s the list of best-selling products:

· Since parents carry babies in carriers while travelling, the sale of strollers and baby carriers is increasing. This is due to ergonomic baby carrier designs, which makes this a best-selling product category.

AliExpress Baby Stroller - DSers
Source: AliExpress

· With baby carriers, baby swings are also becoming popular. It is easier for parents and caregivers to caress the baby when on the swing. For this reason, a baby swing is one of the best-selling products in this category.

· Lastly, baby monitors have always been important for new parents. Now, baby monitors with temperature control, two-way talk, dynamic angles, night vision, and other features are available.

4. Comfort

The fourth category of products is the comfort category. This includes products that offer comfort to people, such as pillows, bedding elements, etc. With the pandemic restricting us to our homes, we are now thinking more about comfort elements.

AliExpress ergonomic chair - DSers
Source: AliExpress

· The first best-selling product in this category is sofa beds. These are popular because they save space and help you decorate your home in a way you like. You can get amazing patterns for the same on AliExpress.

· As we all are working from home more, we require seat cushions, which is another best-selling product. Check out beautiful ergonomic designs on AliExpress.

5. Appliances

Appliances are all-time favourite gifting items around the holiday season. So, this Christmas too, we saw a rise in appliance sales. Here are some best-sellers:

· With people becoming more and more inclined towards fitness, air fryer sales have increased. It helps you cook delicious dishes without deep frying or even using oil.

AliExpress Air Fryer - DSers
Source: AliExpress

· We all love some waffles around New Years and Christmas, which is the last best-selling item on our list. Many people have purchased waffle makers from AliExpress for gifting purposes and home usage.


At the time of holiday, retailers experience a surge in sales. This is a trend every year. However, this year was particularly merry for dropshipping businesses and online ecommerce businesses. We have explained some statistics to reveal how dropshipping businesses can earn huge profits around the holidays.

We have also revealed some best-selling products that will stay in trend till the New Year or come again during the next holidays. So, take a note, add steady and trending products to your store, and enjoy high revenue.

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