How to Avoid Losing Money Due to Unstable Supply

How to Avoid Losing Money Due to Unstable Supply

Holiday season is coming, it’s the busiest sale season of the year.

However, often enough, merchant end up losing money during that period because of supply issues forcing them to refund clients all over the world.

Why Merchants Lose Money

After a deep survey, we found that the following issues are the most common when it comes to losing money:

  • Price constantly changing
  • Very high processing delays
  • Tracking number unavailable or taking a long time to be created
  • Shipping suddenly being slow to specific countries
  • Local delivery experiencing more delays than usual
  • Packages getting lost
  • Difficulty to find a STABLE secondary supplier in short time

Any of the above situations can be a factor in your customer becoming angry or upset, and then asking for a refund.

While it is generally hard for any dropshippers to find stable and reliable service, there are some solutions to ensure that you never encounter most of those problems.

For this reason, we are launching DSers Mass Supply program.

To avoid the risk of losing money and enjoy working with a STABLE supplier, please contact DSers Mass Supply service via

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