12 Part-time Business Ideas You Can Start Now

12 Part-time Business Ideas You Can Start Now

Whether your purpose is to supplement income or to gain extra experience while having a full-time job, being a part-time entrepreneur can help you achieve both.

In this post, I would like to show you 12 part-time business ideas that you can consider as side hustles. Besides, you can grow them into full-time careers or maintain them at a certain level depending on your target.

12 Part-time Business Ideas Inspirit Your Passion

I have found 12 great part-time business ideas for you to experiment with and gain profits from. These options do not require much budget to start up. Thus, come with me to explore and make a decision right now.

1. Dropshipping

Building a dropshipping store is a great idea for those who want to raise their income without much time and budget. Dropshipping is a selling method in which sellers do not need to prepare their product’s stock. After uploading the goods to their online store, they will confirm orders and place them with suppliers to proceed with the product’s preparation and delivery process.

DSers dropshipping

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There are so many websites and dropshipping tools that allow users to earn more by dropshipping. But, you should not skip DSers AliExpress dropshipping in the consideration list. When you start your business with DSers, you can take advantage of a free account setup as well as an automatic selling system. Besides, you have a chance to learn more knowledge and marketing tips from its blog and are ready to push revenues.

2. Photograph Freelancers

Photograph Freelancers - DSers

With the higher demand for nice photos, many people, especially influencers and business owners, prefer to work with professional photographers. And, of course, you can do it as a part-time service if you are confident in your photography skills and setting up photo concepts. However, if you have a full-time job, you should know how to manage your schedule properly to balance work and rest time.

3. Writing Service

Being a freelance writer is not an unfamiliar part-time business for many people. You can become a copywriter or maybe a content creator for other entrepreneurs. A benefit of using a writing service is that it allows you to complete your mission and get financial flexibility.

Writing Service - DSers

Moreover, you can also build a group to provide writing services for clients and train other members if you have enough skills and experience. There is a business mode for this kind of service called drop servicing.

4. Social Media Management

Similar to a writing service, you are able to own a part-time business that is responsible for managing the social media accounts of other business owners. It means you will create the content and run advertisement campaigns to help your client push their sales and target potential customers.

Social Media Management - DSers

With this type of service, clients might require knowledge and skills from you, including using Photoshop or creating attractive content.

5. Baking Business

It is such a great option for baking lovers! Yes, you can turn your forte into a side hustle. Simply bake and decorate some sweet food that inspires you. Then, take nice photos, upload them on social media, and receive orders from customers.

Otherwise, you can sell your baked goods directly to clients in your neighborhood. Especially with your secret recipe, there is a good opportunity to make your small business into a famous brand that everyone craves.

6. Web Designer

Assuming you learned about computer language courses in university, why not try providing a part-time web design service? This idea will not affect much of your daily work, but it will help you gain a "lucrative" income.

Web Designer - DSers

These days, many businesses need a professional digital presence to optimize their brand image and customers' buying processes. Thus, it is a big mistake to skip this idea!

7. Home-made Craft Business

Homemade crafts can be used as gifts or as house decorations. Moreover, with the development of social media, it is easier for handicraft businesses to advertise and push sales. Otherwise, you can also use e-commerce websites like Esty and Folksy to sell your creative items.

Home-made Craft Business - DSers

A vital tip for you is to ensure that you are great at creating those items and are willing to support your customers when they run into problems with your homemade goods. In addition, analyze and learn more about the market to start with less competitive goods that have high demand and expand your part-time entrepreneur.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Due to its long history, affiliate marketing is still the choice of many individuals to make money online. With this flexible time service, you need to promote products for the company that you work with.

Affiliate Marketing - DSers

When customers buy their goods by clicking on your advertisement link, you can earn a commission. This service is suitable for influencers or those who own pages or groups on social media with a large number of followers.

9. Beauty Services

Beauty services are not a new part-time business. However, thanks to its high demand, this service helps many people earn a stable monthly income. There are many choices for you in this business segment, including hairstyling, makeup, etc.

Beauty Services - DSers

A special feature of this business is that you can start it in your room or one in your house. Also, don't be concerned about a lack of clients because you can find potential customers using your social media account or other low-cost marketing methods. If you feel confident in your skills, this is the right time to earn money via customers' credibility and testimonials.

10. Event Planning

Event planning service is a must-have option on our list today. You can start working as a freelancer to help your clients celebrate their event and ensure it runs smoothly.

Then, when you have built a reputation and have more customers, it is a good chance to expand your business by providing a full-service organization with all the props.

11. Pet Service

How do busy people take care of their pets? Yes, they choose a pet service to help them do that! This service will include bathing pets, feeding them, or trimming them periodically.

Besides, since some of the pets’ owners have to be away from home, you can take care of them until their owners come back home. Simply by showing the owners your love for pets, it is not hard to earn money from this idea.

12. Virtual Assistant Service

Busy entrepreneurs prefer virtual assistants to support their missions related to clerical and customer service. Therefore, you can start up your part-time business by providing a virtual assistant program.

Pro Tips to Be Successful with Part-time Ideas

Starting a part-time business will be a reward for you due to its profitability. However, it may impact your time and effort for other missions. That is why I want to share with you some extra tips as preparation before you start with an idea.

Set a Detailed Plan

Set a Detailed Plan - DSers

After deciding to start any part-time business ideas, it is best to set a detailed plan to know what to do. For instance, if you choose to earn money by dropshipping on AliExpress, you should find information and knowledge about this selling method. Then, consider which suppliers to work with and make contact with them before setting up your dropshipping store.

Understand Your Strong & Weak Points

Understand Your Strong and Weak Points - DSers

Everyone can't deny their strengths and weaknesses! Therefore, you need to understand them to promote your strong points and improve your weaknesses. As a result, you can go further and expand your business more easily.

Get Support from Family Members & Friends

Do not forget to ask family members and friends for more ideas if you do not know what to do in the early stages. Otherwise, you can show your ideas and products to gain feedback from them before start your part-time business. Family and friends are your greatest "assistants", so they will have an objective view and give you the right advice.

Arrange Your Time Effectively

Arrange Your Time Effectively - DSers

A part-time business means that you just run it as a side job in your free time. Thus, you should manage your time effectively to balance your working time and personal life.

I recommend you establish a schedule or a to-do list to organize your time and remember your daily tasks. In case you are too busy, you should understand and prioritize the important things first. Do not make everything look like a mess!

Don't Run away from Failures

It takes 2-3 years for a small business to make profits and up to 7–10 years to be successful as they wish. So, don't be afraid or give up too soon if your business is not off to a good start. After any failure, you should remember it and draw lessons for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Starting part-time business ideas means that you do not need to quit your daily job. So, which option is on your mind now? Don’t hesitate to start with what you are inspired by! I hope that you can choose a good option as well as helpful tips after reading this post. I hope you succeed soon!

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