15+ Best Selling Print on Demand Products in 2024

15+ Best Selling Print on Demand Products in 2024

Updated by March 18,2024

Print-on-demand has transformed e-commerce and made it simpler than ever to sell real products online. You don't have to manage any inventory using print-on-demand since products are printed and sent to clients when an order is made. Choosing the bestselling print-on-demand products to market may increase your business's revenue.

This article will cover the top 15+ bestselling print-on-demand products for 2024 that you can add to your POD store.

Bestselling POD Products in the Apparel Category

Apparel is one of the most popular and most accessible POD product categories. Let’s check out some bestselling POD products in this category.

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T-shirts - DSers

With their broad appeal, T-shirts are undoubtedly one of the bestselling print-on-demand products. No of the season, people wear T-shirts all year long, making this market well-liked. You must make sure your designs stand out as a result. You may either select a strong or a bit more subdued pattern.

Popular styles:

  • Unisex T-shirts
  • Children’s T-shirts
  • Black and white T-shirts

Bestselling designs:

  • Kitsch ’90s graphic design
  • Spiritual and esoteric
  • Bold and decorative typography

Seasonal trends:

  • Manga and Japanese art T-shirt trends
  • Psychedelic T-shirt trends
  • Sci-fi T-shirt trends
  • Superheroes and cartoon characters


Hoodies - DSers

Trendy print-on-demand products like hoodies usually sell well since they are cozy and can be found in the wardrobes of millions of people. Indeed, it's a product that people wear more frequently when the weather is chilly, but don't forget about the gym goers, couch potatoes, and everyone who enjoys a hoodie's coziness. Remember this while choosing your pricing because the more complicated the design, the more you may charge.

Some bestselling designs for POD hoodies:

  • Unisex premium hoodie
  • All-over print unisex hoodie
  • Minimalist typography


Sweatshirts - DSers

For the same reason that T-shirts are top sales, sweatshirts are too. They are unstructured, offer various color options, and are easily printed. Sweatshirts are also suitable for the cooler months, allowing you to adapt your marketing.

Some bestselling designs for POD sweatshirts:

  • Graphic prints
  • Retro and vintage designs
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Urban and streetwear

Tank Tops

Tank Tops - DSers

Tank tops are a well-liked and adaptable option for print-on-demand products. They provide a fantastic canvas for exhibiting original patterns, statements, or designs that connect with your target audience. Tank tops are appreciated during warm weather partly due to their sleeveless design and light fabric, making them a sought-after item for consumers searching for fashionable and cozy attire.

Some bestselling designs for POD tank tops:

  • Floral and botanical prints
  • Beach and vacation themes
  • Fitness and workout motifs
  • Sports and athletics


Leggings - DSers

One of the most significant POD products for women is a pair of leggings since they can be customized to suit any size, go with various outfits, and let you be completely creative with the graphics you want to put on them. Look into yoga leggings if ladies are your target market in your industry.

Some bestselling designs for POD leggings:

  • Abstract and geometric patterns
  • Galaxy and space themes
  • Abstract tie-dye
  • Fitness and athleisure
  • Camouflage and military-inspired


Joggers - DSers

Joggers, usually called sweatpants or track trousers, have become incredibly popular as informal and comfortable clothing appropriate for various settings. They provide the ideal surface for presenting original designs and customization possibilities.

Some bestselling designs for POD joggers:

  • Minimalist and clean
  • Pop culture references
  • Sports and fitness

Bestselling POD Products in the Home Decor Category

Home decor is also a must-have category for your POD business. These products in this category are easily customized for customers who looking for POD products.

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints have a high-end appearance and feel and are created to mimic the appearance of authentic oil or acrylic paintings by real artists. Because they are frequently far less expensive than conventional frames, so they are also perfect for print-on-demand merchants.

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As there is no glass, there is less chance of breakages during shipment, which helps reduce shipping costs. It's a win-win situation.

Some bestselling designs for POD canvas prints:

  • Fine art reproductions
  • Nature and landscapes
  • Inspirational quotes and typography
  • Customizable designs

Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows - DSers

A throw pillow is a headrest for a long day or for someone who wants a restful night's sleep. Also, it is the ideal size for sofa decoration, ensuring that your design is visible even when not in use. Also, it supports all-over printing, enabling you to create a stunning pattern visible from all sides.

Some bestselling designs for POD pillows:

  • Floral patterns
  • Geometric designs
  • Nature and wildlife
  • Whimsical and playful designs


Mugs - DSers

Everyone owns a mug. They are a home staple with year-round value, making them one of the bestselling print-on-demand products due to their extensive use and adaptability. Gifting mugs is a terrific idea! Consider what festivals and other unique events you could design for to capitalize on these high-order possibilities.

Some bestselling designs for POD mugs:

  • Typography and quotes
  • Personalized names or monograms
  • Artistic illustrations
  • Travel and Adventure
  • Food and drink themes

Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains - DSers

Shower curtains are functional, adaptable materials that may be used as a blank canvas for artistic creations. Customers may customize their living spaces and give a distinctive touch to their restrooms thanks to them.

Some bestselling designs for POD shower curtains:

  • Nature and scenic landscapes
  • Beach and coastal themes
  • Abstract and modern art
  • Animal and wildlife prints


Tapestry - DSers

The use of tapestries as ornamental wall hangings that may change any room's atmosphere has grown in favor. They provide a particular platform for presenting creative patterns, images, and designs.

Some bestselling designs for POD tapestry:

  • Celestial and cosmic themes
  • Bohemian and mandala designs
  • Cultural and ethnic patterns
  • Nature and landscapes

Bestselling POD Products in the Accessories Category

Accessories are also an accessible category for any POD business. Here are some bestselling print-on-demand products in this category.

Phone Cases

Phone Cases - DSers

Custom phone cases from a POD company make launching a phone case business simple. Compared to jewelry or clothing, they are easier to make, can be customized, and have higher profit margins.

Also, people constantly require phone cases, whether purchasing a new phone or simply upgrading. Every year, there is a constant need for phone cases, with demand peaks throughout the Christmas season.

Some bestselling designs for POD phone cases:

  • Pop culture and fandom
  • Custom anniversary/birthday
  • Marble and stone textures
  • Funny quotes and phrases
  • Nature and botanical prints

Tote Bags

Tote Bags - DSers

Because they are easy to create, tote bags are a terrific print-on-demand product to add to your business. Designs from other print-on-demand products may be easily scaled, modified, and repurposed because the plans are produced on a flat, rectangular surface. The complementary tote bag can even be sold as an upsell or cross-sell.

Some bestselling designs for POD tote bags:

  • Branding and corporate gifts
  • Food and beverage designs
  • Positive quotes/sayings
  • Kids and pet designs


Backpacks - DSers

Backpacks are another unique print-on-demand product you may offer for sale in your online shop. They have a definite sales tendency that peaks throughout the summer (May through August) and then gradually declines the rest of the year.

If you sell backpacks, you could efficiently conduct back-to-school campaigns targeting various demographics, including parents of children entering middle or elementary school, college students, and high school students.

Some bestselling designs for POD backpacks:

  • University/college logos
  • Travel and cityscapes
  • Artistic illustrations
  • Minimalist stripes/dots
  • Inspirational quotes and typography


Hats - DSers

Baseball caps, visors, bucket hats, beanies- customizing hats gives countless possibilities, and you can choose the ideal design to complement your headgear. It's one of the greatest print-on-demand concepts accessible right now, and if you make sure that there are numerous color possibilities, you can draw in more clients.

💡 TIP: Concentrate on unisex designs to increase sales and reach a diverse audience.

Some bestselling designs for POD hats:

  • Sport-inspired designs
  • Inspirational quotes and affirmations
  • Minimalist typography
  • Pop culture references


Socks - DSers

Naturally, demand for socks increases dramatically during the winter, but it remains steady all year long and is just what we need. Don't limit yourself to just one style; be creative. Socks are the perfect item to broaden your thoughts about colors, situations, styles, and even for fun.

Some bestselling designs for POD socks:

  • Custom text
  • Funny quotes and phrases
  • Holiday themes
  • Custom clip art

Tips for Choosing Bestselling POD Products

Below are some tips for choosing bestselling POD products. It will be valuable material for you to start a POD business.

Use market research tools to identify trends and popular designs

Market research tools can help you identify trends and popular designs that will increase the chances of success for your print-on-demand products.

By analyzing bestselling products and customer interests, you can gain insights into what customers respond to positively. This allows you to create products that match current trends, solve customer problems and capitalize on popular interests. Avoiding saturated designs revealed through research can further increase sales potential.

Look at competitors and bestsellers on POD platforms

To create successful print-on-demand products, it is essential to analyze what is already selling well on POD platforms through competitive research.

Looking at competitors and bestsellers gives you ideas for designs, styles, and product types that customers are interested in through their purchasing decisions. This allows you to create similar but improved products that capitalize on popular trends and fill gaps in the current market.

Staying current on what competitors and top sellers are doing ensures your offerings remain relevant, fresh, and competitive. By focusing your product choices on what customers have already demonstrated they want, you can avoid creating products that may not sell well.

Consider seasonal trends and events

Seasonal trends and events represent significant opportunities for print-on-demand products. When choosing POD products, you should consider what is trending and popular during different times of the year tied to holidays, seasons, and cultural moments.

Customers are more interested in purchasing products related to current seasonal trends and events, so these products have a higher chance of success. Around major holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Halloween, you can create themed POD products that customers actively seek for gift-giving.

Evaluate the profit margin and production costs

When selecting print-on-demand products to sell, evaluating each potential product's profit margins and production costs is crucial to make sound business decisions. This will determine your POD products' profitability and help you choose products that generate the most revenue.

Certain product types, materials, and sizes will have higher production costs and lower profit margins than others. By researching the profit margins and costs associated with different product options within your niche, you can identify which products are likely to be the most lucrative.

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Final Word

The key to a successful print-on-demand business is offering products that customers are excited to buy. The POD product landscape is constantly changing. Customers' interests and tastes evolve rapidly. So POD business owners must stay nimble, continuously monitor the market and be ready to adapt their product selections as needed.

Ultimately, the most important thing is choosing products you love creating and selling that bring value to your customers. Discover more eCommerce tips on DSers Blog.

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