Print on Demand Dropshipping: How It Actually Works

Print on Demand Dropshipping: How It Actually Works

Print on demand is an intriguing new business strategy in the dropshipping sector right now.

However, it is quite narrow in scope and is best suited to persons with creative tendencies and artists. So, what exactly is the term print on demand dropshipping and how do you get started?

What Is Print on Demand Dropshipping

Print on demand (POD) is a variation on the dropshipping model. With this dropshipping model, sellers are more than just a middleman whose sole purpose is to sell products. Instead, by creating the designs, they contribute to the production of their products.

How POD Dropshipping Actually Works

A POD business is one in which you work with a provider of white-label items (such as shoes or tote bags) to personalize them and sell them using your own brand and with your own designs on a per-order basis.

How POD Dropshipping Actually Works - DSers

Because you don't pay for the products until you sell them, there's no need to purchase in bulk or stock up on inventory.

In addition, with print-on-demand services, your provider handles everything after the sale, from digital printing through order fulfillment and delivery. It merely takes a few clicks once you've set everything up to fulfill an order after you've made a transaction.

Print-on-demand services may be used to:

  • Test a business concept or new product line for a current company without the risks of purchasing inventory. It's also a terrific secondary business.
  • Monetize your existing audience (print on demand is a terrific choice if you're a YouTuber or cartoonist who prefers to spend your time producing rather than completing orders).
  • Create unique items for a specific consumer base (e.g., t-shirts for people who are super passionate about long-distance running)
  • Print one-of-a-kind or small-batch print-on-demand bags, mugs, t-shirts, books, shoes, clocks, wall art, phone covers, laptop skins, and other merchandise.

Print on Demand Dropshipping: Pros and Cons

Like any other type of business, it will have its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


Simple to begin: The majority of print on demand platforms are simple to use and user-friendly. You can quickly start and run your own business by registering an account, creating a profile, and uploading your designs in just a few minutes.

Experiment with various designs: You may quickly add new designs and see how your clients react to them. You don't have to spend much on things that may not sell well since orders are produced on demand. If a design isn't as well-received as you had intended, you may simply erase it.

There is no need to invest in the fulfillment process: Print on demand fulfillment partners will concentrate on their areas of expertise, which means they will have skilled personnel to handle expensive operations like orders and logistics. The technical components of the printing process are handled directly by your print on demand partner.

Print on Demand Dropshipping: Pros and Cons

So the only thing you need to spend in for your e-commerce businesses is efficient marketing, which is significantly less costly and results in much quicker sales!


Only a few people have authority over the fulfillment process: Print on demand, like any other drop shipping service, entails not seeing each product in person. Choosing a reputable fulfillment business and evaluating your products to perform quality checks and observe how they appear is vital.

Print on Demand Dropshipping: Pros and Cons - DSers

Rely on your printing partner for product availability: On-demand printing dropshipping firms get their items or materials from a variety of vendors, thus there are numerous moving parts and things may fall out of stock or become unavailable at times. This is a function that recommends comparable goods to sellers in order to replace out-of-stock items.

Print on Demand Dropshipping: Pros and Cons - DSers

We worked with our suppliers to guarantee that they are as identical in terms of color and substance as possible, so you can safely switch to these alternatives without disappointing your consumers!

Allow more time: Because the product is produced on demand, it obviously takes longer to reach the customer's hands, including fulfillment and shipping time, than if you had available stock. As a consequence, you must warn your clients that each item is printed on demand, which takes somewhat longer than sending them a pre-made item.

How to Start Your Print on Demand Dropshipping

Launching this type of dropshipping is a simple process. However, to achieve the best results, you should follow the steps below and the plan provided.

Research Carefully to Find the Best Product Niche

You must first choose a product specialty before launching your eCommerce site. From apparel to accessories to technology, there are countless eCommerce options to explore.

DSers dropshipping

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Conduct research to identify which product niche business ideas will enable you to generate the most money. Search engines and social media may be a goldmine of information. Additionally, be certain that you can efficiently and comfortably sell inside this product area.

After performing the significant study, develop a business model to guide your way.

Choose Your Products

Following your decision on the product category that will be the emphasis of your eCommerce site, the following stage is to choose the goods to which you will apply your designs. Again, undertake research to discover which things would sell best and bring you the most money.

Start by selling a few distinct goods and then gradually extend your inventory offers after you've mastered your new print on demand services site and selling products and designs online. The more experience you have, the more you can extend your product range and generate money.

Choose Your Products - DSers

Your print on demand inventory choices, from phone covers to wall décor, is practically unlimited, as are your creative possibilities.

Set Up an eCommerce Website

To improve sales and turn first-time consumers into regular customers, make your eCommerce business website simple to use. You want clients to have a good experience when they use your website and place an order, such as a t-shirt purchase.

Remember that many of these eCommerce systems give themes and basic visuals for online shops, so you don't need to employ a graphic designer if you don't have one or don't want one. You may get help from the eCommerce platform provider in designing website pages.

Many providers provide useful tutorials and blog posts to help you set up your new site and administer your eCommerce business on a regular basis. These third-party companies usually offer customer care because they want to help you sell items and fulfill orders for your consumers.

DSers dropshipping

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Furthermore, you will need a management system for your print on demand dropshipping business. You can refer to DSers, a helpful dropshipping tool with many features like Supplier Optimizer, Auto Update Order Status, and Stock Management,... A good dropshipping tool will help you in managing orders in print on demand business.

Choose a Print on Demand Dropshipping Service

To choose a good print on demand service to fulfill client orders, ensure that your POD supports connections with the platform that you use for your sales site.

You want your customer purchase and order fulfillment procedures to be as easy as possible so that your consumers can get their items promptly and effectively. When your print on demand provider interfaces with your eCommerce internet shop, the sale and fulfillment procedures will go smoothly.

While choosing a print on demand partner for your shop, inquire about the items listed before, such as shipping prices, fulfillment procedure, demand services, fulfillment time, and more.

Tips for Print on Demand Dropshipping

Using a print-on-demand service may be more convenient than keeping your own inventory, but there are a few things to keep in mind that are specific to this method. Fortunately, inventive solutions exist for the majority of the problems you'll encounter.

Always Request Samples

Quality assurance is crucial when utilizing print-on-demand services to sell online. You want to ensure that your physical product looks and feels precisely as you planned, and the best way to do so is to be your own customer and directly experience what it's like to get your stuff. Some businesses, such as Printful, even offer a sample discount of up to 20% off or free delivery, so take advantage of it if it's offered.

Always Request Samples - DSers

Samples are great for capturing your own product images for your website and social media accounts, in addition to confirming product quality.

Plan Your Shipment Carefully

Even if you don't ship your own items, shipping might be challenging owing to delivery schedules and prices, as well as how to establish the correct expectations with clients.

When it comes to shipping, be sure to allow for printing delays. Add 2 to 4 days for manufacture, or more, depending on the products, to the delivery schedules.

Always be truthful about shipment schedules, otherwise, your support mailbox will be flooded with shipping queries. Outline your expectations on your FAQ page, or consider building a dedicated shipment page to assist consumers with shipping.

Create Mockups of Your Products to Showcase Them

While models may help you take engaging product shots, mockups are an excellent option that will appear prominently on your product pages.

Create Mockups of Your Products to Showcase Them - DSers

Because these mockups are what will sell your items to clients, going above and above might truly pay off. You may get templates on Mockup World or Behance if you know the fundamentals of Photoshop or other picture editing tools.

Identify Your Niche and Cultivate an Audience

Because your margins will be narrower with print-on-demand items, you'll want to carefully position your brand. Having a properly defined audience (e.g., dog owners) might actually help you minimize your client acquisition expenses and enhance your potential earnings since your targeting will be much more exact.

Final Words

Print on demand dropshipping provides an accessible starting point for young businesses or anybody who just wants to test a concept before investing in it. There are dozens of white-label items available that you may customize, as well as a plethora of designs to go with them. Select combinations will undoubtedly outsell the others, but it's pretty simple to reuse the same fundamental design for several goods.

If your company concept succeeds and you begin to generate a significant amount of sales, you may always go from print on demand to storing your own inventory, or you can continue to utilize these services while looking for new methods to expand your audience. The most significant benefit of the print-on-demand strategy is the flexibility it provides your company and the time it gives you back to concentrate on development.

Discover more about dropshipping models as well as much other knowledge on marketing strategies at DSers Blog.

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