15 Best Selling Print on Demand Products to Sell

15 Best Selling Print on Demand Products to Sell

There's no doubt that print-on-demand products have been popular for quite a long time. However, people used to rely on a few choices and choose from printed t-shirts, tote bags, or mugs.

With the industry booming and manufacturers coming up with advanced printing options, we can only expect the market size of print-on-demand products to grow in the upcoming years. So, if you plan to explore this business route or enter this industry, you should know the best products to start with. This blog will list the 15 best-selling print-on-demand products for you, but first, it's time for some useful trivia.

What Are Print-On-Demand Products

Print-on-demand products are customized products that a shopkeeper or an ecommerce store owner designs or gets designed to sell. When it comes to print-on-demand products, the first thing to remember is that this is a process. In fact, it's a series of steps that involves printing, shipping, and selling. The more popular the product, the more copies you will need.

It is a technology that allows you to print your own products. It's not required to keep items in stock but lets the store owner print any quantity of the product. These products are perfect for those who want to get into the game of selling their products online. It reduces the costs and lets the owner increase their margins. With print-on-demand products, an online seller can offer a complete product line of various sizes and styles of a product. The ease with which you can customize the products means that a seller can offer a greater variety of products than with mass-produced items.

15 Best Selling Print on Demand Products to Sell

1. Unisex T-shirts

T-shirts never go out of fashion, and you can wear them in any weather condition. So, selling good-quality unisex printed t-shirts can be a great business venture. The demand for t-shirts never goes down, and now as fashion brands are launching printed t-shirts in the market, the demand surely increases in the upcoming years.

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If you know how to create a dropshipping store on Shopify, you can start with selling printed t-shirts, which will definitely come up as a good idea; just make sure that you add a size chart which you can do by adding a Shopify app.

2. Sneakers

Whenever it comes to the best-selling print-on-demand products, sneakers will always make it to the list. Gone are the times when people used to wear factory-made basic sneakers as the customized sneakers market is soaring high.

Custom sneakers are in high demand as people search for them on Google over a hundred times within a week. Retro sneakers and galaxy printed sneakers are two of the best and the most famous ones. Sneakers with random prints are also very popular, so make sure you add them to your online store.

3. Tote Bags

Tote bags were one of the first popular on-demand products, but you'll still find them on the lists, and a few reasons can be given in favor of that. For starters, they've been gaining popularity as a more stylish option for single-use bags. They're also versatile and can be used all year long.

Plus, customizable features make it easy to create eye-catching designs as you can also add trendy slogans to make them more appealing to younger customers.

4. Mugs

Mugs are a lot like printed t-shirts for two reasons - they're very versatile and can be used all season. If you add customizable mugs to your dropshipping store, it will work as an advantage during the festival season. People all over the globe love to gift customized or themed mugs to their loved ones. You can add a variety to your store and get creative with the options. Enamel mugs and mugs with slogans are high in demand, so adding them to your store will be very beneficial.

5. Stickers

Stickers never went out of style as they've been here forever and are still labeled as one of the best print-on-demand products. Your customers can choose from many designs and shapes that suit them best. You'll mostly find students, teachers, artists, and collectors among the customers and some companies seeking promotional tactics. To achieve success selling print-on-demand stickers, you must focus on creating eye-catching and fun designs.

6. Hoodies

Hoodies are very comfortable and attractive clothing items worn in winters only. Even though the season factor limits their sale, you'll find no lack of hoodie lovers who wear the hoodies to the gym or just love them for their comfort level. Remember, you can set a price according to the complexity of the design, so choose carefully. Recently, all-over printed hoodies with digital prints and vibrant colors have been very popular among customers.

7. Face Masks

Every business owner knows the impact of COVID-19 on every industry. A majority of market sectors had to suffer huge losses, but the ones that were into health-related products grew. Similarly, face mask manufacturers benefited greatly from the pandemic, so they were also included in the print-on-demand section. Manufacturers also tried to give a funky look to the masks, and it worked. With that said, face masks can surely be the best-selling print-on-demand products if you're about to start a print-on-demand product line.

8. Engraved Jewelry

Jewelry is available in multiple shapes, sizes, and designs. Apart from that, it can be easily shipped due to its lightweight. You can start your selling process with well-customized designs and engravings on necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pendants. People love to gift these items, they're always in demand, but selling customized jewelry can be expensive. So, if you're just about to start, it would be better if you skip jewelry items.

9. Poster

If you want to sell your art online, you don't have to limit yourself to only selling paintings or abstract canvases. Selling posters at competitive prices can be a better idea as all you need to do is convert your designs to posters rather than creating paintings. Posters have been in the market for many years and will stick to their place for many more years to come. Posters are preferred by art lovers that need to display a piece of art in their room or want to go creative with a blank wall.

10. Socks

If your dropshipping store deals in footwear or apparel, you can include print-on-demand socks to improve sales. Socks with cute prints are very popular as people like to wear them at home and get comfortable as they like. Using vibrant colors and good quality material increases your store's credibility, and you can even add unique themes to stand out from your competitors. Socks are just like any other regular clothing item, so their demand will be constant for a lifetime.

11. Phone Cases

Can you name someone your age who is not a smartphone user? No, right? Smartphones are a necessity today, and users like to buy phone cases for protection or to add a unique feel to their gadgets. Adding print-on-demand phone cases to your dropshipping store can be a great idea as you can help people to stylize their phones. You can offer trendy designs or sell cases with the user's name written in an amazing font.

12. Yoga Pants

Yoga pants with all-over prints have boomed in popularity in recent years due to their loud and graphic designs. They're one of the best print-on-demand ideas to include in your inventory. They're a great way for people to show off their personality via their clothes, as yoga pants first show that you're a fitness freak and unique designs all over them make you a fashionista too!

13. Cushions

Cushions are very popular home wear with which people love to experiment. Cushions with unique prints grabbed users' attention about a decade ago. The introduction of smart homes and interesting wallpapers helped in the rise of the demand for print-on-demand cushions. You can use funky designs or get them customized as per the customer's style.

14. Towels

Over the past few years, more and more people have been interested in buying towels online. This print-on-demand product is a great option for customers who like to express themselves through their personal items and get creative with them. When creating towel designs, be sure to use high-resolution images to avoid pixelated prints.

15. Backpacks

People love to get their bags customized or buy customized backpacks. School-going children love well-customized backpacks as the parents get their favorite cartoon character or superhero on their backpacks. In addition, backpacks are very durable and easy to print, which makes them best-selling print-on-demand products if you like to start a dropshipping store.

Bottom Line

If you're also thinking about creating a print-on-demand product strategy, you must make sure that you're up-to-date with the trends. You can choose from any of the products mentioned above and decide on the one with the highest demand to boost sales and revenue. Focusing on products that will help drive traffic and sales to your business is important. Ensure your profit margins are high enough to cover advertising costs and invest in long-term marketing and business strategies.  And if you're looking to sell custom print products, consider using a print-on-demand service to ensure your products fit your customers' unique needs.

It may take some time to figure out which designs and products your niche market will respond to, but it's important to be patient and test out multiple ideas. So, learn from your failures as well as your successes, and if you would like to read more about print-on-demand drop shipping or need any kind of useful marketing tips, you can visit the official website of DSers to get relevant information.

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