Product Selection Strategy For Newbie Dropshippers In The Confusion Stage

Product Selection Strategy For Newbie Dropshippers In The Confusion Stage

For a newbie Dropshipper, one of the biggest challenges is the lack of experience.

The lack of experience can leave us aimless and lacking in courage, and in this situation, choosing the right products and making the right product selection decisions will be a huge challenge, let alone profitability later on.

My experience is that when we lack experience, we should focus our attention on the local market we are more familiar with.

Advantages of newbie Dropshippers focusing on the local market

1. High level of geographical familiarity. As a local, you have a deeper understanding of the local culture, customs, and consumer preferences, which helps you uncover unique product needs.

2. Narrower competition scope. Most Dropshippers focus on the mass market, while overlooking some niche local markets. You can focus on these neglected areas and avoid fierce homogeneous competition.

3. Obvious differentiation advantage. Products designed for local features often have distinctive regional characteristics and uniqueness, which are difficult for other merchants to directly copy, and helpful in building brand influence.

How to Identify Products with Competitiveness in the Local Market?

As a Dropshipper, you can take the following steps to gain a deeper understanding of the local culture, customs, and consumption habits, and identify local trending topics and hot demand:

1. Browse Local Social Media and Forums

Carefully observe the interests and consumption tendencies shared by local people on social media, which can help you understand their consumption habits and preferences.

For example, if you want to sell maternity and baby products in Brazil, you can search for relevant local Facebook groups of mothers and observe their daily discussions and shopping behaviors. You can even proactively conduct surveys to inquire about their needs. All of these can greatly help you understand your target audience and the market.

Facebook Group

2. Check Local E-commerce Platforms

Browse the best-selling product categories on mainstream local e-commerce platforms, and read product reviews - this will provide you with valuable market insights.

For example, if your target market is Brazil, you can observe the trending products in the current Brazilian market through Mercado Livre - Brazil's largest e-commerce platform.

Mercado Livre

3. Refer to Local Holidays and Customs

Understand the local festivals, traditional celebrations, and related cultural customs, and seek out potential consumption demand opportunities associated with them.

For example, if you were a Brazilian, when the Carnival - Brazil's most famous festival - is approaching, you can start selecting apparel, cosmetics, and celebratory items to capitalize on the shopping frenzy around this time.

Dive into Information about the Target Market and Desired Product Selection

After observing a potentially hot market, don't rush into decision-making just yet. We still need one more step - to delve deeper into the information about that market.

1.Check if the Selected Product Has Market Potential

We can evaluate a product's market potential through the following dimensions:

- Social media attention: Use DSers’ Product Research funtion to observe the discussion heat and interaction volume of the target product on Tiktok.

- Search volume trend: Use Google Trends to analyze the search volume trend of the target product and gauge its popularity.

- Product reviews: Check the user reviews of the target product on e-commerce platforms to understand its reputation.

- Competitor ad heat: Use Adspy function to detect the advertising activities of competitors.

For specific ideas and steps, you can refer to this article: How to find more market-popular dropshipping products

DSers dropshipping

Find The Trending Products On TikTok

DSers Product Research - Find out the TiktTok trending products in 1 sec


2.Read Relevant Industry Reports to support your decisions

By reading industry reports, you can learn about the size of the target market, growth trends, major participants and their market share, and other important information, which will help us further optimize our product selection decisions.

In addition, the DSers platform not only helps Dropshippers improve their store management efficiency, but also regularly publishes information related to dropshipping and emerging markets.

DSers Blog

The blog section of DSers not only covers basic e-commerce skill tutorials, but also involves strategies in product selection, market trends, supply chain, and other aspects, which can provide Dropshippers with timely information and a broad perspective to help us choose more potential products.

In the next article, we will discuss how to reduce startup capital by selecting lower-priced products when facing a lack of funds as a new entrepreneur.

If you are seeking inspiration for product selection, please follow my blog as I will continue to bring you exciting articles.

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