18 Best Secret Websites to Make Money and Earn Extra

18 Best Secret Websites to Make Money and Earn Extra

We are part of a generation that seeks financial security regardless of the income source. Every working professional agrees to the fact that you cannot stay dependent on your regular income. Hence, a side hustle is necessary to provide you with some extra income.

Fortunately, the internet provides enough opportunities for established players and for ways to make money online. Be it affiliate marketing or artistic platforms; there are endless options. However, you may not be aware of the lesser-known websites out there. Hence, this write-up will enlist some of the best secret websites to make money and shed some light on the lesser-known ones. That said, let's start with the first one on the list.

Microtask Websites

First, in this list, we have microtask websites. If you've been seeking opportunities that help you earn money online by completing small and quick tasks, look for microtask websites.

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Microtasks encompass a wide range of simple activities that you can perform online. As the name suggests, microtasks are of bite-sized nature and require minimal effort and expertise, making them suitable for anyone with a computer and internet connection.

Examples of Microtasks:

  • Image Tagging: Identifying objects or people in images for machine learning algorithms.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Evaluating the tone and sentiment of a piece of text or social media post.
  • Categorization: Sorting products, articles, or information into specific categories.
  • Surveys: Providing quick responses to survey questions on various topics.
  • Data Verification: Checking the accuracy of data and correcting errors.

You can choose any microtask that fits your skill and efficiency and start earning online.

Some Lesser-Known Microtask Platforms:

Survey Junkie Homepage - DSers

  • Clickworker: Free signup and perfect for candidates looking for jobs like data categorization, web investigations, app testing, and more.
  • Swagbucks: A versatile microtask site perfect for beginners where you can earn through playing games, references, installing apps, and more.
  • Survey Junkie: Just complete simple surveys and earn easy money.

So, microtask platforms host a variety of tasks that you can choose according to your interest and skill set. From playing games to fixing a piece of content, you can easily earn an average of $9 per hour. Although individual earnings may vary depending on task complexity and time invested, consistent participation can lead to a steady stream of supplementary income.

Remote Freelance Gigs

Most people want unparalleled flexibility and freedom when they work, and remote freelance gigs can surely be the best option for them. Freelancing allows you to take charge of your career and work on projects you prefer to work on.

Moreover, Freelancing gives you a chance to work independently for multiple clients on a project basis rather than being tied to a single employer. As you can work remotely, you can even choose the working hours and days according to your convenience.

Unveiling Websites for Finding Freelance Opportunities:

Contra Homepage - DSers

  • Contra: Contra is surely one of the best secret websites to earn money as it is lesser-known and charges $0 in commission. Just set up your profile and start taking freelance gigs easily.
  • Daily Remote: With a database of over 2,000 remote companies, Daily Remote seems perfect for you if you want to work remotely. You can find jobs related to software development, data entry, content writing, and more.
  • Speedlancer: If you're a bit experienced in your field and need a freelance work website, Speedlancer is just for you. However, it charges a 20% platform fee.
  • Growth Collective: If marketing is your strong suit, Growth Collective is where you may find success. The platform connects you with companies with marketing needs, giving you a more streamlined client selection. If you want to be part of their exclusive network of marketers but without the typical agency setup, check them out.

As platforms like Upwork and Freelancer are widely known in the freelance community, several lesser-known websites like the ones mentioned above can help you to stand out and secure projects.

5 Essential Tips for Building a Freelance Career Through Hidden Platforms

If you want to build your career through such hidden freelance platforms, considering these tips can be helpful.

  • Identify your strengths and expertise to select a niche for yourself in the freelance market. Then, switch your focus to a specific area to polish your skills and attract clients.
  • Develop a network by connecting other freelancers and industry professionals to make collaborations, management, and taking gigs easy.
  • Create a compelling online portfolio showcasing your best work and accomplishments. Then, you'll be able to impress potential clients and boost your chances of selection.
  • Take care of deadlines even while you work remotely, and always commute well with the clients. Reliability and consistency in your work will build trust and a positive reputation.
  • Leverage social media and personal branding to promote your freelance services. Highlight your unique selling points and value proposition to attract clients.

By keeping these tips in mind and strategically choosing the best lesser-known platforms, you can unlock a world of possibilities and build a thriving freelance career.

Passive Income Streams

Passive income gives you financial freedom and helps you earn with minimal effort. Unlike active income, where you trade your time for money, passive income allows you to earn money even while you sleep. The traditional passive income sources include investing in rental properties, but as technology slowly takes over every earning method, some unconventional avenues are also a part of the topic.

However, you can also get numerous ways to for your passive income that include selling digital products, affiliate marketing, peer-to-peer lending, etc.

Some secret websites that facilitate passive income generation:

Impact.com Homepage - DSers

  • Wealthy Affiliate - Being one of the best websites that allow you to generate passive income. Even if you don't have any online business knowledge or skill, you can take advantage of the training and resources provided by the website to run a business effectively.
  • Impact.com - If you're interested in earning money through affiliate marketing, Impact.com is the best option for you. This secret website allows you to generate income by promoting products that you didn't even create.

Key Strategies to Set Up and Maximize Passive Income Streams:

If you're planning to generate passive income, you must know these strategies:

  • Identify Your Strengths: Leverage your skills and expertise to select passive income streams that align with your interests. For example, you can try writing eBooks if you're a good writer.
  • Diversify Income Sources: Relying on a single passive income stream can be risky. Hence, you must try your hand at multiple options to find one or more to provide you with a steady income.
  • Invest in Automation: Passive income is all about reducing active involvement, so invest in automation tools and processes.
  • Continuous Learning: Stay updated with the latest trends and techniques in the passive income space. Keep learning and let the new ideas explore the different ways to generate passive income.
  • Patience and Persistence: Building a sustainable passive income stream takes time and effort. Never let obstacles demoralize you, and focus on consistency to achieve more.

Hence, passive income streams offer a pathway to financial independence and the potential to break free from the constraints of a traditional nine-to-five job. You can try the websites mentioned above, find new ones, and start earning without putting in too much effort.

Online Research and Surveys

Nowadays, customers never buy an item online until they see a bunch of good reviews on it. Hence, online businesses have to depend on consumer insights and market research. It gives way to online research and survey opportunities. The best thing is you can get paid by completing online surveys and participating in studies. Earning through online research and surveys is a cost-effective and efficient method to simply earn from the comfort of your home.

Some Lesser-Known Websites for Earning Through Research and Surveys:

Idle-Empire Homepage - DSers

  • MOBROG: If you're looking for a reliable but less-popular survey website to earn money, MOBROG is worth your attention. The website connects individuals to businesses needing proper product or service feedback. Also, you can easily get paid around $0.50 and $3 per survey.
  • InboxDollars: InboxDollars allows you to earn decent money by completing surveys, playing games, and even reading emails.
  • Idle-Empire: One of the easy-to-operate websites where you can easily earn money by taking surveys and completing simple tasks. In addition, you can withdraw your earned money in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Some Tips to Optimize Your Earnings by Leveraging These Platforms

  • Complete your profile on survey websites thoroughly and accurately. It confirms that the survey invitations you receive fit your demographics and interests, which increases the chances of qualifying for higher-paying surveys.
  • Consistent participation is key to earning on survey platforms. Set aside dedicated time each day or week to complete surveys, as some platforms offer loyalty rewards for regular users.
  • Some survey websites offer additional activities like product testing, online focus groups, and referral programs.
  • Join multiple survey websites to access a wider range of surveys and increase your earning potential. However, be cautious of scams and only sign up for reputable platforms.
  • Many survey websites offer various redemption options, such as cash, gift cards, or charitable donations.

By focusing on these strategies and choosing the right website, you can surely earn extra income and contribute to the development of products and services.

Virtual Assistance and Odd Jobs

Remote work has always been a matter of discussion since the COVID-19 epidemic shook the world. Businesses often look for freelancers and professionals to handle tasks that can be easily done remotely.  

Virtual assistance tasks can test your creativity and technical knowledge as well. The tasks include data entry, customer service, social media management, graphic designing, etc. In addition, odd jobs require specific skills, such as voiceovers, video editing, and more.

Some Secret Websites Offering a Variety of Virtual Gigs

Zirtual Homepage - DSers

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk - Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the secret websites to make money through completing virtual assistance tasks that require human intelligence.
  • Zirtual - If you're seeking a job as a virtual assistant, Zirtual is the best. In addition, you can get full-time and part-time virtual assistance jobs.

How to Utilize Your Skills for Odd Jobs and Earn Money on Hidden Platforms?

  • Figure out what type of virtual tasks you'll be able to handle. Whether you excel in designing graphics, coding, or any other tasks, you must know your strengths.
  • You must set competitive rates to attract clients and build your portfolio accordingly as you start working for different clients.
  • Make sure that your profile is professional and attractive enough to grab the client's attention. There, you must showcase your talent through previous work samples.

Hence, by keeping these points in mind and choosing the right website, you can explore the world of virtual assistance and odd jobs on hidden platforms.

Niche Selling Platforms

When you start a business venture or target your customers, the niche is the first thing that comes to your mind. Even when you're looking for jobs online, you can still get some through reliable websites.

Niche selling platforms serve distinct markets and look for specific passions for their growth. You can choose some of the best lesser-known niche-based websites to make money. Some of them would be:

Flippa Homepage - DSers

  • Flippa - If you're good at creating websites that specifically serve one niche, Flippa is a must-try. You can also purchase poorly performing websites at good rates, work on them to make them better and sell them at good prices.
  • Teespring - Teespring allows you to sell custom t-shirts and apparel, a niche that never goes out of style and is always in demand. The website provides designs and tools to create customized products and even allows you to sell them on it.

Best Strategies to Capitalize on Niche Selling Opportunities

  • Market Research: Thoroughly research your niche market to understand customer preferences, trends, and pain points. Keep an eye on the latest trends and demands so that you can tailor to a specific set of customers.
  • Quality and Uniqueness: Emphasize the quality and uniqueness of your products or services. Niche customers are often willing to pay a premium for specialized items that can't be easily found elsewhere.
  • Optimize Product Listings: Create eye-catching and engaging product descriptions and use high-quality images to showcase your offerings effectively.
  • Leverage Influencers and Collaborations: Collaborate with influencers or complementary brands in your niche to expand your reach. It can simply help you spread the word about your brand.

Hence, selling on niche platforms offers a way to focus on one type of market and audience that can help you grow as an entrepreneur. However, you must understand the niche market first and work hard to develop the best strategies to help you succeed.

Language and Tutoring Platforms

The demand for online tutoring has skyrocketed in the past few years. Also, there are multiple cultures around the world; individuals prefer to learn new languages or improve their language proficiency for personal and professional development.

You can take an example of a student who wishes to study in a foreign country or a working professional who's seeking a job opportunity abroad. In both cases, language proficiency plays a critical role.

Uncovering Hidden Websites that Connect Language Enthusiasts and Tutors

Preply Homepage - DSers

  • TutaPoint.com - At TutaPoint.com, you can teach middle school through high school students and earn $50 to $95 an hour.
  • AmazingTalker - Being one of the least popular websites, AmazingTalker gives you the opportunity to choose from more than 80 languages to teach.
  • Preply - Preply allows tutors from 180 countries, and they can teach either subjects or languages. So, if you can teach both, it is the best online platform.

Steps to Offer Language or Tutoring Services and Make Money

  • Master the Skill - Choose the right subject or language you can each. The more perfect you become at a specific subject, the better you'll be able to teach.
  • Choose the Right Platform - With competition being extremely tough, you must choose the right platform that aligns with your teaching style and target audience.
  • Offer Trial Sessions - Provide trial sessions or free consultations to potential learners. Doing that will give your students a taste of your teaching style and allows you to assess their language level and learning goals.

Hence, making yourself better as a tutor and choosing the right platform can help you share your expertise with learners around the world and build a rewarding career in this field.

Creative and Artistic Endeavors

Creativity is required in almost every task that pays you, but if you're an artist, writer, or creator, there can be a plethora of options to earn money online. The internet is a vast canvas that welcomes diverse creative expressions. You can easily find some lesser-known websites that can pay you for your artistic contribution.

Highlighting Lesser-Known Platforms for Creative Individuals

Artwork Archive Homepage - DSers

  • Artwork Archive - Artwork Archive allows artists to publish their work in a well-drafted portfolio. Then, viewers can simply go through your work and buy if they want.
  • Artfinder - Artfire employs an application-based procedure for artist participation. You just have to submit some files for approval and give proof of your online presence somewhere else. The platform encompasses a no-cost option, allowing artists to retain 60% of the sale price, followed by standard and pro alternatives, both yielding 67% of the sale price, albeit with associated monthly charges of $5 and $12, respectively.

Tips for Artists, Writers, and Creators to Thrive on Hidden Platforms

  • Stand Apart - You must find your unique set of skills to set yourself apart from other artists seeking work online.
  • Be Versatile - Don't stick to a single style; experiment with your art and try to offer a variety of creative products or services on lesser-known platforms.
  • Engage with Your Community - Actively engage with your audience and fellow artists on the platform. You can join groups and other online communities to build your network.
  • Continuously Improve - Strive to improve your craft and keep evolving as an artist or creator. Take feedback constructively and seek opportunities for growth.

So, by choosing the right online platform and adopting effective strategies, artists can turn their creativity into a valuable asset and earn from it.


Undoubtedly, the digital age has revealed many hidden opportunities for individuals seeking online jobs. Whether it's about freelance gigs, tutoring, artistic endeavors, and other tasks, you can always find some lesser-known platforms to earn.

As this write-up has already mentioned some secret websites to make money across various domains, it also provides useful tips that can help you grow in the selected niche. So, embrace the possibilities, seize the opportunities, and embark on a financial empowerment journey through the unexplored avenues of the online realm.

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