Snapchat Ads: How to Double Your Online Store Sales with it in 2022?

Snapchat Ads: How to Double Your Online Store Sales with it in 2022?

Snapchat is amongst the largest social media networks across the globe, with more than 300 million active users. From this huge audience, a multitude of users like sharing posts and achieving more, just like exploring Snapchat stories and news. If you use Snapchat ads for your dropshipping business, you can market your business to this set of users.

Therefore, there’s no doubt that you can market your business to users on Snapchat with the right type of ads. So, in this article, we are going to explore exactly that, and you’ll understand how you can create valuable Snapchat ads for high conversions.

Should You Even Think about Snapchat Ads

The first question that many dropshipping businesses may ask is: “Should I even spend my time, money, and energy on Snapchat?” To answer in one word: Yes! Through this method, Snapchat creates a unique way to spread brand awareness, improve sales, and enhance user acquisition.

A large segment of Gen Z and millennial users make purchase decisions based on social media recommendations. This is why businesses allocate a significant percentage of their ad or marketing budget to Snapchat ads.

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For example, Depop spends 50% of its budget on Snapchat because they have already managed to create a 77% lower cost per acquisition (CPA) on Snapchat. This means that for your dropshipping business, Snapchat ads can be a blessing in disguise. You can earn more than expected with optimized, appealing, and value-driven Snapchat ads.

Strategies and Tips for Snapchat Ads

So, how can you create Snapchat Ads to improve your sales? We have discussed 7 proven strategies and tips for advertising on Snapchat:

1. Make a Poll

Snapchat polls, or polls on any website for that matter, create better views and engagement. When you ask a question users are interested in, they are more likely to react.

For example, a normal post may not create as much traction because the user is more likely to just check the ad and move past it. They may, however, come back when they need the product. But, instant interaction with your brand is comparatively low in the case of a normal ad.

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When you create a poll, the user may interact even when they are scrolling or moving through news or other posts. They may stop for a second, read the question and answer, and open your website page. If your users don’t really visit your website after answering the poll, they may still remember your brand vividly, which will help them revisit when they need the product.

Further, you can use the results from the poll to market the right product to your audience in the right manner. For example, this or that poll helps you know your popular product for different user categories.

Types of polls you can create:

  • Announcements related to your brand or product launches.
  • Trivia questions that put your users to a test.
  • Gather insights with this or that or similar types of polls.

2. Link It

One of the important steps for your Snapchat ads is to generate a call-to-action (CTA). Once you have gained the attention of your users, you need to redirect them to your website or product purchase page, or the landing page of your online store.

If you are not achieving this linking, what’s the point? The possibility of Snapchat users accessing your website will be greatly reduced when they are scrolling through Snapchat stories or news. You need to give this option right in the ad only.

What can you link to?

  • A landing page
  • Website’s home page
  • Product page
  • Discount link
  • Campaign link
  • Retail Giveaway guidelines

3. Focus on Content

To gain conversions from your Snapchat ads, you need to deliver conversion-friendly content. From your graphic copy to post copy to call-to-action, you need to ace your content game. Now, how can you achieve it?

It really depends on the buyer’s persona. If your main audience is Gen Z, you need to have informational content that both catchy and interactive. You can’t create a brand-oriented copy altogether. A self-ad in this case is highly damaging to your brand.

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Your content should be short and sweet, and it should lock in the Snapchat user with just the first few words. Additionally, make it a rule of the thumb to write shorter sentences for your Snapchat ads or other ads. Users don’t have time to read a long copy.

4. Apply A/B Testing

A/B testing is a proven method to convert more users. Why? This is because you can test two types of strategies on your audience base, i.e., the actual audience. Depending on the response, you may receive insights on the engagement levels.

How will this help you make creative and goal-oriented ads? You will know what type of advertisement your audience wants to see. This will help you create dedicated Snapchat ads for better engagement.

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Here, you need to understand that the central idea of the Snapchat ad can be the same for both the A and B ads. However, you can tweak the graphics, messaging format, content length, colors, and other things. Based on the results, you can create dedicated, more personalized ads.

5. Analyze Insights

On Snapchat, you can collect a wealth of data about the users. This can help you tweak your campaign, generate valuable ads, and improve your conversion rates. On the dashboard, you can have a look at the current audience, its preferences, and choices. Based on this, you can also explore new segments of the audience for your brand.

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You can even check the likelihood of your audience purchasing your products. It is called the purchase intent of your audience. You can compare the purchase intent of different types of audiences. These insights can help you improve your Snapchat ads comprehensively.

6. Post UGC Content

User-generated content attracts more audiences. In fact, this trick is more likely to attract an audience than any influencer-generated content. You need to use content generated by users in your Snapchat ad copy.

This helps your users trust your brand and rely on it. Naturally, when we observe that other common users like us are promoting and trusting a brand, we start believing that we can too. Hence, you can get more clicks, conversions, and revenue with this trick.

7. Check the Format

Lastly, you need to work on the right Snapchat ad format, as that will help you achieve your business goals, like:

  • More conversions
  • Brand awareness
  • Improved sales
  • Increased app downloads

What are the Snapchat ad formats that can help us improve conversions and sales?

  • Dynamic Snapchat ads are collection ads, including videos, a single image, or a story. These are great when you need more sign-ups.
  • When you want your users to download an app, you can use app install attachments. These are installed now buttons at the bottom of the ad. You may have seen this in game ads.
  • When you want to retarget your customers, then use story ads to re-engage and revive interest in your product or service.

FAQs on Using Snapchat Ads

Are you still struggling to understand how to create converting Snapchat ads? Here are some FAQs to review:

How can I choose the right format type of Snapchat ads?

You need to understand the motive or goal of your Snapchat ad to select the right one. For example, for product catalog ads, you can use dynamic ads.

But, when you need to increase the number of installs on your app, you can use app installment ads. To understand your goal first, you need to use the right format of the Snapchat ad.

How can I make my ad native to users?

If you want your ad to look like it was native to every user on your Snapchat, you need to follow some unsaid rules.

  • Keep it short, like 6 seconds max.
  • Feature UGC in your ads.
  • Make it conversational.

Do I need sound in my Snapchat ads?

Yes! Most of your Snapchat users view ads and stories with sounds. Hence, you should not forget to add relevant or trending sounds to your Snapchat ads.


Snapchat ads can help you improve your lead generation and sales. You only need to use the right method driven by valuable market recommendations. We have discussed some of these methods, and tips above.

Read these methods and start creating Snapchat ads that convert and generate revenue for your brand.

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