6 Best Ways to Increase Brand Awareness for Your Business 2024

6 Best Ways to Increase Brand Awareness for Your Business 2024

A successful and mature brand will immediately be recognized, loved, and cherished by customers, and sometimes even the whole world. Strengthening brand awareness can bring more traffics to your website and also more sales.

How can you increase your brand awareness among your target audiences? Sometimes, it might be a little difficult. So the article will introduce you to the 6 best ways to achieve this goal.

Here you will find all the information about improving brand awareness, including brief definitions and strategies about brand awareness improvement.

What Is Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is how consumers recognize and remember your business. The higher your brand awareness, the more audiences may be familiar with your logo, message, and products.

Brand awareness can integrate brands into consumers' lifestyles and buying habits so that they don't have to think twice before becoming customers time and time again.

The definition is broad, but brand awareness is just an all-encompassing term that indicates how well people understand and know about the products your brand offers.

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Why Brand Awareness Matters

Brand awareness is incredibly significant for business success and overall marketing goals. It establishes trust with your customers, creates positive associations, and builds valuable brand equity, making your brand a well-known name and consumer necessity. Let’s take a look at these aspects one by one:

1. It Fosters Trust

Once consumers have established a connection with your brand, they are more likely to repeat purchases with little foresight, which helps to fill the gap between trust and loyalty.

Brand awareness builds brand trust. When your brand has higher brand recognition of consumers, they will be more likely to trust you. Brand awareness strives to provide your brand with a personality and outlet to be sincere, receive feedback, and tell stories. It has nothing different from human relationship building.

2. It Creates Association

Brand awareness associates actions and products with particular brands, subconsciously encouraging us to replace common words with branded terms.

For example, Adidas is a famous sports brand. If people have high brand awareness of it, when they do some exercises or want to buy something about sports, such as sports shoes, they will associate these activities and products with Adidas. That’s what brand awareness can bring to a product or brand.

Adidas - create association

3. It Builds Brand Equity

Building brand awareness and consistently promoting positive experiences with the brand can increase brand equity. Brand awareness is the foundation of brand equity. It is why brand awareness is so important.

And once consumers are aware of a brand, they will start to identify it without assistance. What's more, they would look for it to make a purchase and start to like it more than other similar brands. In addition, brand awareness helps you build loyalty. It not only promotes other purchases but also inspires recommending relatives and friends. Brand awareness might be a great way to help to build valuable brand equity.

How to Increase Brand Awareness

Since brand awareness can benefit your business a lot, how can you increase it? Here you will learn the 6 best ways you can start now.

1. Advertise on Social Media

Instagram is a powerful social media platform. Everyone knows: a picture is worth a thousand words, and Instagram allows you to create a story through the images you post and the text you narrate. It is a powerful tool for friends and family to keep up with each other, and it is also helpful for brands to reach consumers.


After your consumers purchase a product from you, and they can still  see what you promote on their social platform, they will have a higher recognition of your brand. To get more details, check Instagram Shopping 101: A Step-by-Step Guide of How to Sell with Shopify article.

Except for Instagram, Facebook is another popular social platform. Just Like Instagram, Facebook can also help to increase brand awareness and create a community. In the community, you can browse the same product or brand. Also, you can share your brand to strengthen brand awareness.


For more details about selling on Facebook, please check on the How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace 2021 article.

💡 TIP: There are still other alternative social media, which can help you, such as TikTok, Twitter, Youtube. When you choose to increase your brand awareness, please use the most suitable tools for your brand.

2. Make Use of Influencer Marketing

Inviting influencers from your niche market is a great way to increase brand awareness and hopefully drive sales. When these persons have established audiences that know and trust them, once they mention your product and discuss your brand in their content, it will expand your niche market and increase people's awareness of your product.

It’s easy to understand that the power of influencers is great. Just like the celebrity effect, people always like to purchase something that their idols promote and recommend.

However, these influencers are not only celebrities. They also can be your friends who have an extensive social circle. They are always popular and trustworthy in their social network. Cooperating with them is still beneficial.

3. Apply Email Marketing

Email marketing is also a good tool when you are going to strengthen your brand awareness. Just think about it, when you purchase a product from Adidas. After the sale, they send you emails from time to time. These emails may include coupons for their products, the products launched recently, and other promotional activities. You will know more about the brand, including the products, promotions, and even the brand.

Email marketing is popular and powerful to increase brand awareness. For details about email marketing, please check on What Is Email Marketing article.

4. Create Free Content

Content is an incredible way to increase brand awareness because it is the easiest way to show personality, share opinions, and positive issues.

Blogs are a great type of content form and it’s a great tool to catch the visitors' attention.

While browsing a website, if it showcases dozens of articles about its products and brand, will you remember the brand after visiting its website? Maybe not after only one or two visits. But there’s a possibility that most visitors will recognize your brand when they’ve seen it many times.

free content - blogs

Besides the blog, content includes other forms such as videos, Infographics, podcasts, and more. Of course, written content like blogs and downloadable guides can be the easiest, but they are definitely not the only option.

What’s more, the content does not necessarily exist only on your website. Guest posts and sponsored content provide opportunities to reach new audiences and diversify the types of content you create.

5. Cooperate with Other Brands

Establishing partnerships with other brands that share values, opinions, or visions with you is another great way to get more attention and increase brand awareness. These partners can be local companies in the community you want to participate in and support.

The benefits are obvious. You can share their traffics, their audiences, and even sometimes their good reputation. They have their own established audiences and trust, and once you cooperate with them, the customer will trust you a lot. And when they think of these brands, they will also think of yours.

6. Improve Customer Experience

It’s incredible how much a bad customer experience can do to your brand. Many people say that they will never have anything to do with a brand responsible for a bad experience.

That’s why providing the best customer experience is of significance. It should be one of the missions of your business.

But how can you achieve it? If you mess up something or provide substandard service - make up for it by giving away something for free, replacing the product, or offering a huge discount.

And if you receive a bad review, contact the customer immediately. Learn the problem and solve it. Also, you could make some compensations for the customer. In the long run, your brand will have a good reputation, which would bring more sales for your store.

💡 TIP: Keep in mind: Although today everything in the world is about internet, you should not forget to go offline. Offline activities, such as sponsor events and trade shows, are also powerful methods to strengthen your brand awareness.

Pro Tip for Starter

You are a starter, and you don’t have a well-known brand now. What should you do? Start to build one and promote it through many publicity methods, such as publishing one on social media, and attending trade shows. For more details about promoting your brand, check on the How to Get the First Order for Your New E-commerce Site article.

Your successful publicity methods might bring you sales. Receiving these orders might be simple, dealing with them may be time-consuming and complex. However, if you are running a dropshipping business, you can use dropshipping tools, such as DSers to help you.

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For more details about the process of dealing with your dropshipping order, please check on A Step-by-Step Guide To Deal with Your First Dropshipping Order article.

Final Thought

Brand awareness is so vital that most businesses now are struggling to increase it. You might be one of them. After learning the 6 best ways, you might have a brief understanding of what brand awareness is and how to increase it. It’s time to take actions.

Don’t forget that you can measure brand awareness through different metrics and at all levels. It means you track it not only at the general levels but also at your target audience level. And don’t forget to measure the brand awareness of your competitors.

The outcome will help you to set up your own goal and know what to do next. Then it might be easier for you.

💡 TIP: These ways are not a complete list. There are still dozens of ways for you to increase your brand awareness. However, these 6 methods are good places you can start now.

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