Sustainable Marketing: Boost Your Sales But Still Save the World

Sustainable Marketing: Boost Your Sales But Still Save the World

Sustainable marketing is becoming more and more popular today due to its profits. But many businesses do not know much about this eco-friendly strategy and how to apply it properly in reality. I am confident in saying that this post will include all the information you need. Therefore, come with me to find out.

What Is Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable marketing is a strategy that relates to environmental or recent social issues. To be more specific, the producer can make their products from materials that are friendly to the environment or 100% recyclable. Thanks to sustainable marketing, it is not hard to attract customers’ attention.

Impressive Benefits of Sustainable Marketing

For those who do not know, there are three outstanding benefits of sustainable marketing. What are they? Come with me to delve into them!

Assert Your Brand & Create a Competitive Advantage

Assert Your Brand & Create a Competitive Advantage - DSers

People nowadays pay the most attention to the environment. A survey shows that 72% of customers will consider the impact of a product on the environment. They tend to prefer products that can save the environment or are recyclable.

That is why sustainable marketing helps businesses to assert their brands and get more potential customers. As a result, creating a competitive advantage is not difficult for your business.

Save Cost

An interesting fact is that developing sustainable marketing in businesses will save costs. Toxic pollutants used to make products and packaging will be eliminated. Besides, the penalties and taxes for using harmful waste products are reduced if you choose a green production line.

Reduce the Impact on the Environment

Reduce the Impact on the Environment - DSers

Through sustainable marketing, a business can minimize the damage to the environment by changing its products. For instance, they use environmentally friendly materials for products that allow users to recycle. Moreover, the business also focuses on the footprint and monitors it properly.

5 Critical Principles of Sustainable Marketing

It is a big mistake if you skip the principles when mentioning sustainable marketing. With these factors, your business can understand this strategy clearly and know how to apply it effectively.

Consumer-oriented Marketing

This principle means the company produces products relying on its customers' demand. As a result, the number of customers will increase naturally instead of running many campaigns to push sales.

Consumer-oriented Marketing - DSers

Besides, it will promote building a good relationship with customers because it focuses on them and provides exactly what they need.

Customer Value Marketing

Customer value marketing is to let clients know the value of your products. If they understand what they get in your items, they will purchase that thing even though there is no promotion or offer at that time.

Take Apple, as an example. Apple launched its iPhone 13 in many versions, such as 13 Mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max. The more options they give, the more value they show their customers. That is why this company is becoming more and more successful.

Innovative Marketing

As its name suggests, this key focuses on how to create and innovate products to satisfy clients. Instead of improving everything in your products, simply change some elements to surprise the clients, including packaging, adding new flavors, etc.

Did you know why Coca-Cola is always one of the top market leaders in the soft drink area? The secret belongs to their marketing strategies! They advertise their products with great experiences with customers, not just a kind of drink.

Sense-of-mission Marketing

Sense-of-mission Marketing - DSers

It encourages businesses to identify their target while running any marketing strategy. As a result, you will convey the right message to customers. Besides, it also shows that you are concerned with the profit from selling and the desire to give something to the community.

Social Marketing

Social Marketing - DSers

Sustainable marketing also consists of social marketing. To be specific, it mainly focuses on the profits of your business, clients, and even society. This principle is very essential due to the image of the company that is presented to the public. Moreover, it also helps you build the company's image as a great solution provider rather than a place to earn money.

What is Emotional Marketing? Look at this article for the answer: Why Emotional Marketing Is Important: Examples and Tips

4 Real-Life Examples of Sustainable Marketing

There are so many successful businesses that choose sustainable marketing to sell their goods. To be more specific, I would like to show you 4 famous examples. Check them now!


Many Lego products are created from many small plastics, which makes customers not much like them. But, when Lego chose sustainable marketing, everything changed.

Lego - DSers

They do not ignore the fact that their small plastic is inconvenient, but they do improve other aspects of their products. The Lego brand has come to produce its items with friendly materials and reduce the amount of CO2 in their production processes. By being truthful in its actions, Lego improved its public image and earned more profits than ever before.


O'Neill might not be a popular surfing label with many people until their sustainable marketing in 2016. They encouraged people to be concerned about the presence of plastic bottles and how they damage the environment.

O’Neill - DSers

In their advertising videos, they simulated plastic bottles in the same position as other expensive things like sunglasses or mini surfboards. Their message is a reminder to save the world. That campaign helped O'Neill reinforce its brand and become famous over the years.


Patagonia - DSers

It would be a big mistake if I forgot Patagonia on this list. Patagonia did a great job of reinforcing its brand's image with sustainable marketing. What did they do? They shared stories, newspapers, and videos about recent environmental and social issues via their media. They were successful in making clients trust their brand.


Microsoft - DSers

Microsoft persuades customers with practical numbers. They let people know what exactly was happening with the earth and what they should do to solve these issues. Thanks to their campaigns, they make their sustainable story more reliable.

Pro Tips to Do Sustainable Marketing Properly

What should you notice when running this eco-friendly strategy? You know, tips are also important to support you in running any campaign smoothly. That is why you should pay attention to this part and take note of useful tricks to apply in real life.

Celebrate Webinars

Celebrating webinars is a smart tip for businesses that are running sustainable marketing strategies. There is a great chance to educate clients about the benefits that your company can do for the environment.

DSers dropshipping

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Thanks to trade shows and webinars, you can persuade customers to purchase your friendly items and make a connection with them.

Advertisements for Your Products

Advertising is a must-have factor in a successful business because it directs customers to pay more attention to its goods. You can show your buyers your concentration on environmental issues with practical solutions.

Advertisements for Your Products - DSers

In the advertisement, you can display your eco-friendly production process as well as the number of pollutants emitted from it. A tip for you: let them know the truth!

Prefer Eco-friendly Signage

Prefer Eco-friendly Signage - DSers

You should prefer public signage that are friendly to the environment. The materials you can choose are post-consumer waste papers, honeycomb, natural ink, etc. When you throw decomposable signs away, it will not negatively affect the environment.

Focus on Your Target

Before implementing any strategy, it is very important to set a target and focus on it during the whole running process. You can try targeting lucrative sales and extending what you need to do to reach that target.

Focus on Your Target - DSers

For instance, if you sell water bottles on AliExpress dropshipping, it is better to make customers aware of the usefulness of your products to the environment. Understanding your products is more important than wasting resources trying to connect with customers.

Create Reusable Trade Show Displays

Similarly to eco-friendly signage, you should pack up your trade show display and store it for future events. And about the design, I recommend you create one that can be reused over the years. By simply making a change for each show, you can save a lot of money instead of buying a new unit.

Final Thoughts

You can change the world with your practical actions. Sustainable marketing not only helps you to push the revenues but also educates more people about the awareness of environmental protection. In addition, there is a chance to create trust and relationships with customers via sustainability.  

If you want to create a dropshipping shop, consider your products that can use this marketing type due to íts benefits. Hope you succeed!

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