Best Thanksgiving Products to Dropshipping in 2023

Best Thanksgiving Products to Dropshipping in 2023

Thanksgiving is a national holiday that is celebrated by the people of the US and other countries on the fourth Thursday of November. The day is surely special as it unites people of different cultures and allows them to share their traditions and food with each other.

In addition to this, this holiday brings a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and eCommerce store owners as people love to shop during this festive season prior to Christmas. Hence, being an online store owner, you can consider the best Thanksgiving products for dropshipping stores to fetch a good return.

So, this write-up will help you choose the best Thanksgiving products in 2024 to make the most out of this holiday. But before delving into that, let’s learn a bit about Thanksgiving and its impact on sales.

When Is Thanksgiving in 2024

Thanksgiving in 2024 falls on November 23rd, marking a cherished tradition of gratitude and togetherness. This prestigious festival gives us a chance to be thankful for our blessings and the people who have always been there. Apart from its cultural significance, Thanksgiving comes up as a blessing for businesses as well.

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If you're an entrepreneur, you must prepare for the holiday season in advance. For example, understanding the trending products and services can help you prepare better and target a specific audience base. Moving further with this write-up, you'll find Thanksgiving dropshipping product categories to embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving and maximize your business potential during this festive season.

Thanksgiving Dropshipping Product Categories

When it comes to Thanksgiving or any other auspicious festival, choosing dropshipping for your business boost never goes out of style. However, you must be aware of the variety of Thanksgiving-themed products that may capture the attention of your target audience.

That said, let's take a look at some delightful product categories to consider for your dropshipping venture:

Home Decor

During the festive season, the first thing that you switch your focus to is your home. Hence, you can choose from any of these products and add them to your store.

  • Thanksgiving-Themed Wall Art and Prints: Transform homes into festive havens with Thanksgiving-themed wall art and prints. From meaningful quotes that perfectly define the feeling of togetherness to pictures that reflect autumn, you can choose from my lot of variety to give a completely new theme to any space. Help your customers create a warm ambiance that resonates with the essence of Thanksgiving.
  • Fall Wreaths and Door Decorations: Welcome guests with open arms by offering fall wreaths and door decorations. Christmas decorations wreaths and other stylish door decorations can enhance the entrance of your house in the best possible way. So, fall in love with the rustic allure and help your customers embrace the cozy atmosphere of Thanksgiving.
  • Seasonal Table Runners and Placemats: Elevate Thanksgiving gatherings with seasonal table runners and placemats. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, adding these accessories to the dining table can surely enhance the experience and give a touch of sophistication.

Cooking and Kitchen Accessories

No festival is complete without delightful dishes and cuisines that bring people together. Some cooking and accessories that fit well for your store would be:

  • Turkey Roasting Pans and Utensils: You'll find Turkey in almost every home during Thanksgiving. From flat roasting pans to oven-friendly utensils, you can offer a lot of items to your customers. So, let your target audience fill their houses with perfectly roasted turkey, resulting in a memorable meal!
  • Pumpkin and Leaf-shaped Cookie Cutters: Cookies are the next fan favorites after turkey. And, there's nothing better than cookie cutters that transform your dough into charming autumnal shapes. Adding these items to your online store can surely attract your customers who prefer to add a layer of festivity to their Thanksgiving treats.
  • Gravy Boats and Thanksgiving-themed Serving Platters: Gravy boats and service platters can surely enhance the quality of any dinner presentation. So, opt for themed platters adorned with harvest motifs, so that your customers can turn every serving into a visual feast.

Gifts and Hostess Gifts

With the food ready and a well-decorated house, you can offer a variety of Thanksgiving gifts to your customers.

  • Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts: Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts can surely attract customers as it gives them the freedom to add a personal touch to the items that they'll give to the guests. Gifts like cutting boards, photo frames, and DIY kits are always in demand, and you can add them to your store so your customers can have an unforgettable Thanksgiving.
  • Gourmet Food Baskets and Wine Gift Sets: Gourmet food baskets and wine gift sets are part of almost every celebration, and people love to gift them to their guests. Food baskets full of different fruits, candies, chocolate, and natural juices, are always great to add to any online store. Moreover, wine gift sets are sophisticated offerings that allow your customers to savor the finer things during the holiday season.
  • Thanksgiving-themed candles and Scents: Give a chance to your customers to infuse homes with the cozy ambiance of Thanksgiving-themed candles and scents. You can also go for fragrances like spiced pumpkin, warm vanilla, or cranberry cinnamon, enveloping spaces in a comforting aroma.

Fashion and Apparel

People need to dress well when they're entertaining their guests, and your online store can surely help them choose the right apparel on Thanksgiving. Some of the best options would be:

  • Fall and Thanksgiving-Themed Clothing and Accessories: The first thing would be fall-inspired clothing and accessories. Allow your customers to explore a range of cozy sweaters, scarves, and stylish hats adorned with autumn motifs. You can also add Thanksgiving-themed jewelry or handbags to increase a bit of sales.
  • Thanksgiving-Themed Pajama Sets: After a cheerful festive evening, people prefer to relax and unwind in festive style, and you can offer them Thanksgiving-themed pajama sets. The sets that offer comfort and have a Thanksgiving touch, can surely attract your customers to add a playful and cozy element to their Thanksgiving celebrations.
  • Matching Family Thanksgiving Outfits: Everyone loves to create heartwarming memories with matching family Thanksgiving outfits. You can add Thanksgiving-themed outfits to your store for parents, children, and even pets! Whether it's matching T-shirts, hats, socks, or shirts, these outfits bring families together in a spirit of unity and togetherness.

DIY and Craft Supplies

Most people love to experiment and unleash their creativity during Thanksgiving celebrations. Hence, you can offer a helping hand and provide a selection of DIY and craft supplies through your online store.

  • Craft Kits for DIY Thanksgiving Decorations: By offering DIY Thanksgiving decoration kits, you can target customers of all age groups. Adding charming centerpieces, fabric ornaments, paper crafts, DIY wreaths, and table adornments to your dropshipping list is always a feasible option.
  • Thanksgiving-Themed Scrapbooking Supplies: Most family gatherings include heartfelt moments like scrapbooking. So, you can dropship Thanksgiving-themed scrapbooking supplies, decorative papers, stickers, and embellishments featuring autumnal designs.
  • Sewing and Knitting Materials for Handmade Holiday Crafts: When it's about DIY, sewing and knitting materials always get a mention. Being a dropshipper, you can choose a variety of materials tailored for handmade holiday crafts. There are other options like festive fabrics, yarns in autumn shades, and embroidery threads to craft custom-made table linens, cozy blankets, and decorative pillows.

Food and Cooking Ingredients

No Thanksgiving feast can be prepared without the selection of premium food and cooking ingredients. Hence, dropshipping these would be a viable option:

  • Premium Spices and Herbs for Thanksgiving Recipes: Fill your online store with premium spices and herbs carefully selected for Thanksgiving recipes. From aromatic cinnamon and nutmeg to savory sage and thyme, these exquisite seasonings are always in demand during the festive season.
  • Specialty Food Items Such as Organic Cranberry Sauce: Offer the goodness of specialty food items to your customers, the most vital one would be organic cranberry sauce. This tangy and perfectly sweetened sauce is always preferred by several people to add a touch of sophistication to their holiday meal.
  • Baking Mixes for Pies and Desserts: Desserts complement every dinner and if they're quickly made, it's a piece of good news! Adding high-quality baking mixes to your store can help a lot of customers willing to experiment with innovative dessert recipes.

Pet Products

People always include their furry companions during the celebrations, and you can offer them a delightful selection of pet products like:

  • Thanksgiving Pet Costumes and Accessories: Let the pets join in the fun with adorable Thanksgiving-themed costumes and accessories. From tiny turkey outfits to festive bandanas, you can dropship a lot of similar accessories so that your customers add the holiday spirit to their pet's wardrobe.
  • Turkey-flavored Pet Treats and Food: Pets deserve treats too! Hence, you can offer specially crafted turkey-flavored pet treats and food to the customers. Whether it's crunchy treats or savory canned food, customers are always keen to put in extra effort for their pets especially when it's the festive season.
  • Cozy Pet Beds and Blankets: Ensure the pets of customers stay warm and comfortable during the chilly autumn nights by providing cozy pet beds and blankets. You can dropship plush beds and soft blankets in fall-inspired hues to match the season.

Finding Reliable Suppliers

Any dropshipping business relies upon the service of suppliers. With the right supplier, you'll be able to deliver the items safely and promptly.

1. Strategies for Identifying Reliable Dropshipping Suppliers

First of all, you need to search well for the right suppliers, as there'll be a lot of options. The trustworthy ones mostly have a proven track record, positive customer reviews, and a robust inventory management system. In addition, you must verify their shipping times, return policies, and customer service responsiveness.

2. The Importance of Communication and Negotiation with Suppliers

You must establish the perfect communication between you and your suppliers. The discussions involve what your expectations are, what will be the shipping procedure, and product quality standards. Moreover, you need to negotiate with the suppliers regarding bulk discounts, shipping costs, and delivery schedules.

3. Ensuring Product Quality and Fulfillment Reliability

There's no way you can compromise the quality when it comes to shipping products. When it comes to choosing the best suppliers, you can always ask for product samples and monitor customer feedback to ensure the reliability factor of the supplier. Moreover, you must prioritize suppliers who have efficient fulfillment processes, minimizing order processing and shipping times.

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Hence, by keeping these points in mind, you can surely find the right supplier for your store. However, you can also use the Supplier Optimizer feature of DSers. With this tool, you can ease up the process as it will analyze their performance data for you to make a decision. Moreover, it also provides insights into shipping times, product quality, and customer service, helping to make the right decision.


Thanksgiving is a celebration of unity and thankfulness that not only unites cultures but also offers the opportunity for businesses to thrive. Being a dropshipper, you can choose from charming home decor and essential kitchen accessories to heartwarming gifts and cozy fashion choices.

So, after making the choice, you can focus on offering the right Thanksgiving 2024 products and delivering them on time, which will enhance the level of your business. The suppliers, undoubtedly have a vital role to play in your growth as an eCommerce owner. You can seek help from online tools like Supplier Optimizer by DSers to find, analyze, and choose the best suppliers. Happy Thanksgiving!

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