Top 5 Thanksgiving Products for Dropshipping Store to Fetch a Good Return

Top 5 Thanksgiving Products for Dropshipping Store to Fetch a Good Return

Thanksgiving is another popular holiday celebrated with a whole heart and enjoyment, following Halloween and Christmas. Online retailers are delighted by the festival because it allows customers to dodge the last-minute store rush. As a result, dropshipping companies make considerable profits at this time. If you're an entrepreneur experimenting with dropshipping over this holiday season, read the piece and gain some knowledge.

Thanksgiving is observed as a national holiday in the USA every year on the fourth Thursday in November. When customers avoid going to stores and instead shop online, especially when they need to send gifts to far-off places, a drop shipping business can increase revenues during the holiday season. Dropshipping can make a good profit if you know what to sell and consumer demand trends.

What and When Is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a festival to offer devotion for a good harvest and to pray for the year just past. A successful harvest signifies wealth and prosperity, which people celebrate and thank God for bestowing upon them. Thanksgiving ritual is celebrated with family and friends in many nations, including the United States, Germany, Canada, Australia, Grenada, Liberia, the Netherlands, Saint Lucia, and others. The world will see such a joyous event this year on November 24.

How can you upscale your sales on the occasion of Thanksgiving?

Dropshipping provides easy shopping with quality products. Buyers are happy to receive the item at their doorstep. Every celebration has its own significance and based on the value, you can select your dropshipping store products lay out and decide what Thanksgiving related products to sell. Here we'll show you the top 5 dropship products that can fetch you good returns.

Top 5 Dropship Products to Sell for Thanksgiving

The top 5 products can attract buyers, and you can do good business. The list contains the following:

Thanksgiving Holiday Clothes

People prefer wearing various clothes with customized paintings and graphics on shirts, gowns, dresses, etc. For example, buyers can buy attractive clothing and gifts for their near and dear ones to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. In addition, you can cross-sell hats, socks, designer hankies, etc., as gift items with selective clothing items.

As winter is knocking, you can display fur coats, jackets, cardigans, fashionable sweaters, etc., allowing your buyers to pick the best quality item from your store. Warm clothes demand will increase in the coming days. You can exhibit various sizes, colors, and designs for your buyers.

Thanksgiving Kitchen Gifts

There are plenty of kitchen items you can make public at your dropshipping store. It's an essential product people need to buy for personal use or gift purposes. Show the items including:

Crockery Items: Stylish kitchen crockery items are suitable for this occasion of Thanksgiving. Glass items, bone china, and earthen items are in high demand. If you follow the recent trend, you’ll notice that Eco-friendly items attract buyers across the globe.

Baking Accessories: You can unveil different sizes and price labels for baking equipment. For example, baking accessories like bowls, gloves, spatula, toppings, and knives to decorate Thanksgiving cakes attract buyers. Put on show them in your store so that your buyers can place the order.

Thanksgiving Gift Items

The festival is to celebrate with your loved ones. Your buyers may want to surprise their loved ones by sending them gifts. Add in the dropshipping carts to set forth various gift items for people of various ages. You can include the following:

Home Decor:  To welcome guests at home or arrange prayers and parties at home, people prefer to decorate their homes with designer stuff such as designer candle stands, colorful curtains, designer tabletop covers, customized cushion covers, etc. Flower vases and corner lamps are also trendy items buyers can buy this festive season.

Table Decor: Colorful table clothes, hand-painted napkins, and designer table scarfs are the best things buyers can gift their near and dear ones. As it's a harvesting celebration, food will be a significant part of this occasion. Table decorations can be a good product that buyers will buy.

Chocolate and Toys: As Thanksgiving is to celebrate a good harvest, people prefer to gift chocolates to the little members of the house. Various flavors and sizes of chocolates favor small kids and even adults. And again, the holiday means playing games with the kids can be a good time pass. Different toys for children and grown-up kids for indoor games attract buyers to place orders to spend quality time with the little family member.

Thanksgiving Jewelry

Jewelry always attracts female buyers, and even male buyers prefer to gift the best design to their loved ones. A massive jewelry catalog is available in dropship stores, setting out them after categorizing male and female sections. You can include the following:

Female section: There are varieties of female jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bangles, hairbands, etc. AliExpress offers discount prices on some selective pieces available for your buyers. Show the unique designs and glue your customers to your store.

Male Accessories: As males, accessories are less than females, but AliExpress, like suppliers, focuses equally on female buyers. Expose to view various watches and bracelets with trendy designs for the men buyers. Even you can arrange fashionable couple watches pair for couples that can attract couple buyers.

Pet Products

There's a massive number of pet lovers surfing online for items for their pets. Because pets are also treated as family members, buyers want to buy stuff for their little paws. Designer clothing, belts, caps, and coats can present and experience how your buyers place orders on Thanksgiving occasions. Further, you can add exciting games for pets to your cart that buyers rush for them. Remember that quality products with affordable prices during your selection of pet products for the Thanksgiving occasion can earn good profit and a loyal customer base in your dropship business.

You can publicize these top products on your store page and select branded items to win buyers' hearts and smiles. If you're new to this business world and thinking with whom you can start the dropship, start with DSers. Let's understand more about it.

DSers Dropshipping Tool: Best to Try for Your Dropshipping Store

If you're new to e-commerce and looking for the best AliExpress Dropshipping tool, try DSers. AliExpress is the giant sourcing platform in the dropshipping business, and being the official partner of AliExpress, DSers let you enter into a great online business opportunity. You can start dropshipping with DSers on leading e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, etc., and provide quality products to your buyers. DSers offers extended benefits to its users that help to establish your credibility among your buyers. So let's check it now.

Why do we recommend DSers Dropshipping Tool for your e-commerce startup?

  • It offers quick and bulk order placement.
  • You can always opt to the best suppliers for different products with various price tags
  • You can avail of auto sync tracking number for better locate the exact location of your items
  • Auto-update of the order status is available, so that you can track them easily
  • Auto stock update from AliExpress helps you to organize your store
  • Pre-set price rules will flash once you publish products on your store site
  • Manage multiple stores at a time
  • You can place Buy One Get One (BOGO) Thanksgiving offers
  • You can hide products if you don't want to sell or if manufacturing delay

How does Thanksgiving earn good profit in the Dropshipping business?

As online buying is convenient and buyers can purchase items from home comfort, dropshipping at buyers' doorstep would be an excellent opportunity to increase your sales. With DSers, you can provide them with a vast product list and allow them to select from an extensive catalog. Furthermore, you'll get resources, 24 x7 online support. In addition, DSers can guarantee quality products, bulk orders, easy tracking and more. So what else do you want?

Integrate with the amazing e-commerce tool DSers and start sailing your profit in this Thanksgiving celebration.


Thanksgiving is the celebration of prosperity. People enjoy the festival with great enthusiasm. Gifts are exchanged to mark the day as remarkable. To observe this excellent business opportunity, we suggest you start dropshipping with DSers, and upscale your growth through dropshipping. Additionally, if you succeed in impressing your buyers, you can turn them your loyal customer and can earn a healthy profit on upcoming festivals.

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