4 Best Wholesale Gift Baskets Suppliers for Retailers

4 Best Wholesale Gift Baskets Suppliers for Retailers

We have more possibilities to select the perfect present every year. Gift baskets are always fashionable and emphasize brands since people always value thoughtfulness and essential skills for parents and consumers.

If you're looking for the best wholesale gift basket suppliers for retailers, read this article! This post will present some tips, criteria, and top suppliers for your gift.

Criteria for Selecting Wholesale Gift Baskets Suppliers

Criteria for Selecting Wholesale Gift Baskets Suppliers - DSers

When selecting wholesale gift basket suppliers, several criteria must be considered to ensure you choose the right supplier for your business. Here are some key factors to evaluate:

Quality and Variety of Gift Basket Products

The customer won’t highly appreciate your business when they receive a low-cost gift, even if it's free. Therefore, companies must be the suppliers of that variety of products. With more commodities, you have more choices. However, that's not all; if you decide to offer, you should consider many places before deciding.

Pricing and Discounts Offered by the Suppliers

Sometimes the listed price is low, but when the product is finished and delivered to the customer, it adds many other costs. You should find out about many pricing and discount policies.

Minimum Order Quantities and Shipping Policies

Before ordering, you need to make sure with suppliers. Will any other costs be incurred? Should be clarified, such as delivery, exchange, and warranty costs. You should remember that more and more detailed, more and more had benefits with you. A reputational supplier never refuses these questions.

Supplier Reputation and Customer Reviews

An honor company will be transparent with their information, from the product's origin, payment, etc. They are disposable explanations for all questions. Primarily, they must provide all identification and images that demonstrate the equality of outcomes. Besides, it shows many aspects, like the review of customers and the collaboration they are fostering.

Customization Options and Branding Opportunities

A study shows that 80% of business revenue is from our old customers, so taking care of them is essential. By creating a loyal customer system by taking care of and giving gifts, they will recommend their own business to new customers through their relationship.

Therefore, corporate gifts should be carefully selected and invested in terms of exterior design and quality inside.

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Top 4 Wholesale Gift Baskets Suppliers for Retailers

Now, let’s check out the top 4 best wholesale gift baskets suppliers for retailers:

1. Nashville Wraps

1. Nashville Wraps - DSers

Nashville Wraps is a wholesale distributor of packaging items for the gift, gourmet, and retail industries, specializing in original designs, eco-friendly packaging, and custom-printed solutions. Since 1976, they have worked hard to supply the highest quality products at the lowest possible costs and to send them within one business day.

Pricing details and available customization options:

Prices of gift basket products from Nashville Wraps are between $5 to $30.

Everything you need to make the perfect gift basket is available in Nashville! If you need unique and beautiful gift baskets, they will help to develop your gift basket business.

They can provide unique and beautiful gift basket supplies to help you grow your business. Look through themed basket boxes, market trays, nested boxes, paper shreds, shrink wraps, cellophane wraps, ribbons and bows, and other packaging goods.

Notable features and benefits for retailers:

Their wide variety of gift basket boxes, nested boxes, market dishes, and pallets will make the ideal boxes for any gift basket. Let's discover why you should choose them for your basket company:

  • There are a range of options! For specific holidays and special events, these boxes come in a lot of colors, patterns, and themes.
  • Reusable and affordable, the recipient can reuse it for archiving or re-gifting.
  • These bulk basket carriers are cheaper than regular baskets and arrive flat or collapsible for simple storage.

2. Paper Mart

2. Paper Mart - DSers

There is a vast market of gift basket supplies, including everything you need to assemble the perfect gift. Even other kinds of gifts, such as handmade gift baskets, are entirely unique and can be customized as you want.

Whether you find out about the suppliers making a single gift basket for your significance or 50 gift baskets for a company raffle, Paper Mart has everything you need. Gift baskets can even be used as marketing materials for new business ventures. There are numerous exciting possibilities!

Pricing information and bulk order discounts:

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Paper Mart offers various product options with various prices (from $1-$100).

Every day, they work hard to provide an exceptional experience. How do they manage it? Well! It's straightforward to answer:

  • You can order and assist with an excellent Customer Care team from Monday to Friday.
  • Approximately 26,000 commodities are stocked.
  • Shipping progress is quick and cheap.

Notable features and benefits for retailers:

If you purchase with them, your company will get a high-quality product at a low price and over 100 years of industry knowledge.

Every day, they work hard to supply a diverse selection of high quality products at competitive costs for you and your business. They guarantee outstanding quality and the best prices when you shop with them.

3. Lucky Clover Trading

3. Lucky Clover Trading

Lucky Clover Trading started as a home-based basket business that served the San Francisco Bay Area more than 30 years ago. The demand for baskets increased dramatically thanks to the good feedback about the exceptional service and high-quality products. A few years later, they moved their headquarters to Benicia, California, where they could better serve customers nationwide.

Minimum order quantities and shipping policies:

They provide multiple types of gift boxes, including:

  • Small: 1 - 6 inch
  • Medium: 7 - 12 inch
  • Large: 13 - 18 inch
  • Extra Large: over 19 inch

Notable features and benefits for retailers:

Still can't find the color, shape, or size basket that suits you? Personal shoppers are handy sometimes! If you are planning a particular project or celebration, speak it out, and the personal shopper will recommend the perfect basket for you.

They are more than simply a gift basket company; thus, they aim to give you the finest choice of baskets and displays. They provide everything you require, from chic home décor items to hip retail displays for stores, all hand-selected by their buyer with the house and business in mind.

4. Burton + BURTON®

4. Burton + BURTON® - DSers

If you want to put together something unique to your home. burton + BURTON's wire baskets and wicker baskets are more than just storage solutions. Mix and match textures and materials. Check out the wire baskets, which are a specific design feature that is both lovely and reasonably priced.

Notable features and benefits for retailers:

They have a wide range of basket party supplies to satisfy all of your retail holiday demands. They provide much more selection than the customary beige and white baskets.

Whether business or your clients require a storage container for biscuits or bakery items, burton+BURTON has an aesthetic that is fitting for both the gift and the occasion.

Bonus Tips for Working with Wholesale Gift Baskets Suppliers

Bonus Tips for Working with Wholesale Gift Baskets Suppliers - DSers

After having some suppliers to choose from, these tips below will help you make the best choice on the most suitable scale and budget.

Establishing Clear Communication Channels with Suppliers

When evaluating the suppliers, an honorable supplier is the first factor as well as the central aspect to consider when deciding on whether to choose them or not. Here are some parts to evaluate:

  • Clarify information: Suppliers that actually exist? Address, contact information, business license, or not?
  • Transparency in cooperation: Do suppliers ensure the origin of materials and maintain long-term cooperation terms?

Requesting Product Samples to Assess Quality and Presentation

Kindly submit a sample of the product before getting a request for large-scale manufacturing for testing before putting it into production. Suppose that you obtain an order from suppliers. When you unwrap the package and see the wrong color. To get rid of it, you’ll mostly chat with your collaborator to tackle this.

Negotiating Favorable Terms for Long-term Partnerships

Contracts, fees incurred, exclusivity, minimum order quantities, and payments should all be discussed. You should consider long-term collaboration at that time. Are they truly viable long-term spouses for you?

Staying Updated on New Product Releases and Seasonal Offerings

When dealing with a potential customer, seek out whether they can create your design. Also, do they alter their items monthly based on the season? You must ensure that even if they cannot design a unique product, it must match trends and the season.

If you can not take a tremendous amount of time to track every supplier directly, some e-commerce tools with Supplier Optimizer will help you out! They will help you automatically compare the prices and filter any requirements you need on the list of gift basket suppliers.


You have read some information about "Best Wholesale Gift Basket for Retailers" and tips for working suppliers. Hope this guide will help you pick suitable suppliers to scale up your business successfully. Read more e-commerce tips on DSers Blog.

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