Check these Best Wix Dropshipping Apps to Double Your Sales!

Check these Best Wix Dropshipping Apps to Double Your Sales!

For those willing to start a dropshipping business, Wix can prove to be a helpful store builder. It offers excellent SEO tools and comes with in-built marketing features for promotion. It also offers e-commerce functionality, making it a popular choice for those looking to start a dropshipping business.

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store product is sold by a store, a third party buys it first and then it reaches the customer directly through a well-tested shipping method.

Wix allows users to easily set up an online store and integrate with dropshipping platforms to import and sell products. However, if you want to operate your dropshipping business smoothly, you must know some Wix dropshipping apps to double your sales.

10 Best Wix Dropshipping Apps to Double Your Sales

Below is a list of the best Wix dropshipping apps so that you can make your decision and choose the one that fits your business needs.

1. Modalyst

Modalyst is a dropshipping platform that allows online retailers to import and sell products from various suppliers and brands. It is owned by Wix, which allows retailers to easily import products from Modalyst into their stores and fulfill orders automatically.

1. Modalyst -  wix dropshipping apps

It is a platform that enables retailers to import products from various suppliers and brands, therefore offering a wide variety of products to their customers. Some features that Modalyst offers include automated order fulfillment, inventory syncing, and real-time shipping rates.

Modalyst is also known for providing print-on-demand products with smart pricing rules. Currently, Modalyst is preferred by more than 350K online businesses, and more than 50 million customers get their products with its help. It also offers automatic product info updates and allows you to import products from Alibaba and AliExpress. The platform takes about fifteen days to deliver the products internationally and less than 7 days to deliver within the US or Europe.

2. DSers

Established in 2018, DSers is the best option if you're searching for a free dropshipping app to import AliExpress products to Wix. The benefits are not limited to importing the products; you can edit the information and place multiple orders in bulk. There are plenty of features; from shortlisting the best suppliers to selecting the right shipping method, you get a lot of options. In addition, you can even split or map product variants with DSers.

2. DSers - wix dropshipping apps

Moreover, you can process multiple customer orders from AliExpress as it is the official partner of AliExpress. If you're not willing to depend on Wix, Dsers is also connected with Shopify and WooCommerce, which adds more to your dropshipping experience. DSers is currently catering to more than 20 million visitors every day and serving more than 18-0 million users worldwide.

3. Wix Stores

As the name suggests, Wix Stores is specifically designed for the Wix eCommerce platform, which comes with a plethora of customizable options. It is known as an excellent built-in e-commerce platform that allows users to create an online store and sell products directly from their Wix website.

3. Wix Stores - wix dropshipping apps

The app provides users with a range of tools to manage their store, including inventory management, payment processing, and shipping options, without knowing how to code. Additionally, Wix Stores also allows users to integrate their store with external marketplaces like Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram. With Wix Stores, retailers can easily create and manage their online store and have the flexibility to customize their store's design to match their brand.

You can manage inventory, shipping, fulfillment, etc., and get automated emails to improve your dropshipping experience. However, if you're using the platform as a free trial, you won't be able to receive payments. And you cannot switch the templates as well. In addition, Wix Stores are free to install, but you need to subscribe to the Wix platform, which is paid.

4. CJDropshipping

CJDropshipping is known for its proficiency as a well-reputed Chinese dropshipper you can integrate with Wix. It offers a wide range of products at affordable prices as there's no mediator involved between them and manufacturers.

4. CJDropshipping - wix dropshipping apps

The company has warehouses in many Asian countries, the USA, and Europe. The only thing that helps CJDropshipping stand out from its competitors is dropshipping branding services. A user can ship items in a variety of personalized packages and effectively add their own logo, sticker, or even a thank you card.

Relying on CJDropshipping gives you free quality check services and excellent product recommendations. In addition, you can integrate an umpteen number of platforms with it, and some of them include Shopify, Squarespace, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc. However, you may have to compromise with the quality in some cases, and every product comes with a small service fee.

5. 365Dropship

365Dropship is a dropshipping platform that provides you with 70 unique suppliers and has been active in more than 150 countries. It provides a wide range of benefits as users do not need to purchase inventory upfront, and the financial barrier to entry is low.

5. 365Dropship - wix dropshipping apps

As a user, you can choose from a variety of suppliers and manufacturers, which gives you a wide range of options to choose from. It has a simple but sophisticated user interface, and 365Dropship doesn't offer a trial period or a free plan.

Overall, 365Dropship is a good platform for people who want to start a business but have limited resources. It gives them the opportunity to start a business with low startup costs and low risk but with the possibility of scaling it up.

6. Printful

For those willing to design their products, Printful can prove to be the best dropshipping supplier of print-on-demand products. There's no hard and fast rule for integrating it into your Wix dropshipping store, and it offers a number of benefits.

6. Printful - wix dropshipping apps

As Printful ships more than a million items every month, you can clearly claim that it is a reliable print-on-demand supplier. You can use its product mock-up generator tool to create POD designs, and there's no doubt that it ships quickly to the customers.

However, some dropshippers may find Printful more expensive than other options, and the users do not much appreciate its product return policy. The good news is you can integrate Printful with Wix for free and instantly access the best print-on-demand products in the market.

7. DropCommerce

DropCommerce is one of the best Wix Dropshipping Apps that allows users to easily import products from various suppliers and sell them on their Wix website without having to handle inventory or fulfillment.

7. DropCommerce - wix dropshipping apps

It connects your dropshipping store to over 400 original USA brands that need more quality and fast shipping. DropCommerce comes with an extremely easy user interface which makes importing products and managing orders pretty simple.

Now, coming to the pricing, its prebuilt store option gives you access to all features for three months, and it also comes equipped with trending items and high-converting descriptions. If you have any issues, you can report them to their customer support, and they'll always be ready to help. So, if you want a seamless, efficient, and profitable dropshipping experience, go with DropCommerce.

8. Importify

Highly compatible with a profound online store builder Wix, Importify can help you import products in bulk. With a good user rating and more than 300 customers on Shopify, it provides an umpteen number of well-reputed suppliers. In addition, it comes with semi-automated order fulfillment, flexible pricing rules, and excellent support.

8. Importify - wix dropshipping apps

To use Importify, you have to install the Chrome browser extension and get on with it.

Coming to the benefits, Importify is very easy to use and allows you to choose from over 50 suppliers. When it comes to importing the products in bulk, you'll be fine with editing titles, descriptions, pricing, and any other detail. In addition, some dropshippers find Importify very affordable as you only need to spend $14.95 per month, and you can import unlimited products to your store.

9. BigBuy

Hailing from Spain, BigBuy is a well-known Wix wholesale dropshipping supplier that has been active for more than a decade in this domain. With several logistics warehouses in Europe, you can rely on its shipping process as dropshippers from all over Europe and North America have been doing so.

9. BigBuy - wix dropshipping apps

BigBuy offers a variety of dropshipping products that include clothes, electronics, toys, kitchen items, and about a hundred more. It is known for offering products at a very competitive price, and the fact that it supports consolidated shipping.

Coming to the benefits, you get real-time synchronization for your stock, orders, and tracking. Its catalog is translated into 24 different languages so that people from different countries can use it well. You not only integrate it with Wix but with about 200 more marketplaces. However, many dropshippers feel like they need to pay too much for the shipping and subscription as well.

10. AppScenic

AppScenic is a dropshipping app that allows users to import products from various e-commerce platforms, such as AliExpress. It's considered one of the best dropshipping apps for Wix because it offers a wide range of features that make it easy for users to import and manage products, fulfill orders, and track their performance.

10. AppScenic - wix dropshipping apps

Some of its key features include automated order fulfillment, real-time inventory and price updates, and the ability to customize product details and pricing. Additionally, AppScenic provides detailed analytics and reporting tools to help users optimize their store's performance. However, not all vendors can ship their items worldwide, and some have to pay a lot for the delivery.


So, considering the list of best Wix dropshipping apps mentioned above, you can make your choice and settle with the one that you find the best. Many factors can help you choose the right app, like product prices, product quality, payment methods, automation, customer support, shipping speed, shipping rates, branding options, etc.

With the best dropshipping app, you can easily build a sustainable and profitable online store and watch it grow as you've been expecting on Wix.

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