DIY Business: How to Sell and Make Money Online

DIY Business: How to Sell and Make Money Online

My friend Jenny is going to run a business of DIY on an eCommerce website, but she doesn't know what to do.

Luckily, I have found some professional experts in this field, and I have asked them for the essential guide as well as tips to be successful in selling handmade crafts. Therefore, keep reading my whole post once you have a goal in mind like my friend!

What Is DIY Business

The business of DIY is a store that sells hand-made products. These items can be accessories, clothes, hand-made bags, and so on. The owner of this store will take responsibility for all processes from making items to getting commissions after finishing orders.

When you sell your handmade crafts, you can completely control your business from brand to the quality and the number of products. Many sellers have to pay a lot of fees to maintain their physical stores. They may have to pay additional upfront costs such as rent, repairs, store design, etc.

What is DIY business - DSers

With their own online businesses, sellers can reduce the cost of store maintenance. Compared with brick-and-mortar stores, selling online is affordable and requires less investment. It's also a great opportunity for individuals and small sellers who want to generate income but don't have the start-up capital they need. Also, there are more chances to show your inspiration and earn money from what you love!

Best eCommerce Websites to Sell DIY

These days, DIY businesses are very popular on many eCommerce websites due to the demand for buyers. Buyers always want to purchase unique things that companies that produce mass-produced goods and follow the chain can't do.

Before exploring how to sell handmade crafts, I would like to show you the 5 best places to sell them online.


Etsy is a "must-have" online website on this list. It is created to mainly help artisans and craftspeople increase their income with what they have made.

Etsy Main Page - DSers

You can sell hand-made things on this platform with a free seller account. However, you will need to pay a small fee and a percentage for each finished order.


The second choice for you is eBay. This website has a variety of DIY categories for both homemade and handmade things. Besides, you can also use eBay to find more ideas about your products.

eBay Homapage - DSers

With a large number of customers using it every day, eBay is a good place to begin earning money online.


Do you not have many budgets to set up a DIY business? Try out Shopify right now! This website is not only an online marketplace but also a free store builder platform just like eBay. Shopify is now in cooperation with DSers, one of the biggest dropshipping platforms.

Shopify Main Page - DSers

Once you choose this platform, you can take advantage of an interesting CSV feature of DSers that allows sellers to manage products and order listings. After uploading products, you can turn on Auto Sync Tracking Numbers to follow tracking numbers on your store and Paypal.

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Now to Grow Your Online Business with the Best Shopify Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


Moreover, you are free to select the shipping methods you want to deliver orders to buyers. Last but not least, it lets you manage many stores, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix, with just one DSers account. Sounds interesting, right?


You can see that SpoonFlower is a bit different from other websites. It has a more specific category. If you are a designer, you can experiment with it to create your own patterns, such as wallpaper, gift wrap, etc.

SpoonFlower Homepage - DSers

Then, you can sell them to other handmade sellers or use them as material for your ideal work.


Folksy is also a popular online website to sell handmade items, with a lot of positive feedback from the community. This eCommerce platform is based in the United Kingdom. Jewelry, apparel, art, and materials are all available on the website.

Folksy Homepage - DSers

DIY Business of Stepwise Guide & Tips

If you are confused about what you should do to get money from handmade crafts, read all the information in this part! I am going to share with you how to be a professional DIY seller.

Before Selling DIY Online

Now, we should begin with preparation and decide what we will sell. These are 5 former steps to do:

Step 1: Prepare Handmade Crafts

This is the most important step in the whole setup process. You should choose the items that will assist you in earning money. Some people think that they can do a lot of handmade crafts to create more selections for buyers. However, it can be an ideal idea for producers rather than homemade individuals.

Step 1: Prepare Handmade Crafts  - DSers

Simply create one or two things by yourself, such as a beautiful scrunchy or necklace. Plus, you can ask your relatives and friends to provide some feedback before selling. Ensuring the quality of items will help you build your brand and succeed.

Step 2: Develop a Selling Plan

Both beginners and professional sellers always need a strategy to bring their items closer to buyers. Put yourself in the customer's position to understand their feelings with each strategy. As a result, you will know what way to approach them but still make them comfortable.

Step 2: Develop a Selling Plan - DSers

You can search for more information and tips to help create a strategy on many websites, such as the post about Facebook Retargeting on DSers Blog. Another tip is to write and practice the things that you have learned to check their actual results.

Step 3: Research the Latest News about Selling DIY

Updating the trends or sales revenue of famous homemade online stores is also helpful for your journey. With this news, you are able to refresh your items and marketing strategies while selling. And before you hit the creative block and start visualizing some blurry names, this shop name idea generator can help you continue your hunt.

Step 3: Research the Latest News about Selling DIY - DSers

Furthermore, keep an eye out for customer feedback on other stores, as this information can give you the chance to improve the quality of your products and services.

Step 4: Choose eCommerce Platforms to Sell

You should consider an e-commerce website that has a large number of customers daily. Additionally, look for more information about it to ensure that it is a safe place to build your store.

Due to its high trustworthiness, you can choose one of the five platforms I have introduced to you above. After deciding where to sell, you should read carefully the policy that helps you avoid complaints and disputes later.

Step 5:  Set up Your Store

If you are building a store from scratch, a free account is a good choice for you to begin with. Create your online store with a lively background to show off your DIY items. I have a pro tip for you! You can write a short story or description about your passion for handmade crafts to attract customers when they visit your store.

Earn Money from DIY Crafts

Making money from a business of DIY is not as easy as you thought. However, don't worry because I'm here to assist you! Check the 5 steps below!

Tip 1: Take effective product photos and write an attractive product description.

No matter how perfect your products are, your sales revenue is hard to increase if your product's photos are not good. In fact, nice pictures with a good description can make a big difference in your sales.

That is because it not only grabs the customer's attention but also enhances their belief in its quality. A short, funny description can increase interactions with potential customers. Besides, attractive pictures will make your marketing strategies easier than ever.

Tip 2: Set up appropriate pricing for your DIY products.

Do not set the price too high to get more commission! Keep your items at a reasonable price from the start, which suits your target customers.

For instance, if you sell handmade scrunchies and your target customers are students, you should spend time searching and considering how much they are willing to pay for a scrunchy. In addition, you can give them discounts or special offers on their first purchase.

Tip 3: Update your product to your online store regularly.

And, here we have products with nice pictures, an attractive description, and a suitable price! It's time to upload all of them to your store, right?

Tip 3: Update your product to your online store regularly. - DSers

After updating them, you can share the link with information on your social media account or fan page if you have one. Then, begin to run your selling plan with the marketing strategies that you have prepared.

Tip 4: It is very essential to build your brand strong.

Making your brand become popular is very vital to increasing sales revenue and developing your DIY business.  Depending on your budget and products, you can select the best way to build your brand. For instance, you can contact an influencer to advertise your handmade items on social media, such as Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, and so on.

Tip 5: Provide customers the best service.

Customer satisfaction is always a priority element of successful businesses. Therefore, you should ensure your service makes them happy before and after buying it. And of course, great customer service is also an effective strategy for brand building.

Tip 5: Provide customers the best service. - DSers

Check the customer’s feedback and reply to them politely. Last but not least, always be side by side with them when they need help.


I think all the information above is great guidance for you to start an online business of DIY. However, you should not miss these extra tips to ensure your startup process happens perfectly.

  • You should check and refresh your online store regularly by inserting images or backgrounds to keep customers' attention.
  • Examine the results of the marketing strategy and, if necessary, switch to a different method.
  • Create a to-do list every week to follow the tracking of sales and orders.
  • Pack your items carefully and do not forget to stick a thank-you card with each order.
  • Calculate your sales revenue and plan for discounts or promotions to attract new customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate anymore and begin to create a detailed plan to earn money from your online DIY business. If you find my post helpful, just share it with your friends to let them know more information. Good luck!

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