Best 15 Evergreen Products to Dropship in 2024

Best 15 Evergreen Products to Dropship in 2024

Online sellers keep an eye on the latest and trendy products to boost their sales. People never hesitate to try something new, especially if it promises to be a bit better than what they've been using. On the other hand, evergreen products have a set target audience, so experienced dropshippers rely on them to achieve long-term success. In this write-up, we'll discuss some of the best evergreen products you can start dropshipping.

Most eCommerce stores fail because they need help finding popular items to sell online. With so many products already available in the market, finding one that is trending can take time and effort, especially when there is constant competition and every store is trying to follow the same strategy. What will help in this situation? Being unique, staying alert, and testing more will often do so.

15 Evergreen Products to Dropship in 2024

So, if you're planning to start your dropshipping business, you should know some of the best evergreen products. Here is a list of the best evergreen products you can dropship:

1. Electronic Gadgets

It's been a decade or longer since people have been going crazy over electronic and tech gadgets. With a high market demand, people have been using such gadgets to improve their lives, save time, save money, and even add fun to their dull lives.

1. Electronic Gadgets - DSers
Source: AliExpress

Some of the best examples we can give here are drones, tablets, podcast microphones, and more. The manufacturers keep updating them, and the market is always full of such exciting gadgets.

2. Wireless Phone Chargers

Smartphones are now a part of our lives now, and we don't mind buying gadgets and accessories that make them better for us. One such example is wireless chargers, which have been gaining popularity as people are getting tired of customary charging devices.

2. Wireless Phone Chargers - DSers
Source: AliExpress

Dropshipping wireless phone chargers would be an excellent option as people are always looking for them, and you can easily import them from makers or outsource them to your eCommerce store.

3. Phone Lenses

Smartphones are replacing cameras today as their users are becoming more adept at capturing astonishing photos. Phone lenses improve photo quality, and can be easily accessible in various settings. Phone lenses were introduced recently, have established themselves in the market well, and you can definitely consider them for dropshipping.

3. Phone Lenses - DSers
Source: AliExpress

Phone lenses are known to double the magnification of captured photos and allow photographers to take stunning pictures with just the click of a button. Several stats and surveys have also proven that they are gradually gaining more market share and can be considered as evergreen products to dropship.

4. Luggage and Travel

The pandemic completely changed how people worked and kept them in their homes for a long time. People finally got a chance to travel after a few months and took the opportunity well. With work-from-home options, employees can bring their workstations and choose a different destination to continue work.

4. Luggage and Travel - DSers
Source: AliExpress

As people travel a lot, luggage, and travel accessories are being sold frequently. As you start to dropship luggage and travel accessories, you can consider minimalistic, branded suitcases, neck pillows, laptop bags, and other items people love to buy.

5. Fitness and Sports Equipment

People are always concerned about their health, and it will not change. So, fitness and weight loss products can be considered evergreens because everyone wants to look good and fit. No matter which online store you open, you'll always find sports equipment and weight loss products on sale. As you dropship fitness equipment, you can pick yoga mats, fitness trackers, muscle trainers, rubber resistance bands, and more.

5. Fitness and Sports Equipment - DSers
Source: AliExpress

6. Pet Care Products

Pets are a huge part of our life, and people love them. Pets require proper care, and their owners have to buy the right product, but the thing is, those products always stay in fashion. Dropshipping pet care products are high in demand as they are always ready to be delivered to your customers.

6. Pet Care Products - DSers
Source: AliExpress

There are no delays and complications like shipping products from overseas. This is a legitimate business model, so if you want to earn money online, you should definitely include pet products in your dropshipping business plan. You can choose from pet toys, dog leashes, pet supplements, pet food, clothes, hair-removing tools, and much more.

7. Watches and Jewelry

Dropshipping jewelry and watches are a great option as both of the items can never go out of style. However, dropshippers may have to face a bit of extra competition in the market, as it is full of options and variety.

7. Watches and Jewelry - DSers
Source: AliExpress

Therefore, you should go creative with your options and narrow down the list to the ones that can grab visitors' attention. For example, you can choose wooden watches and personalized silver jewelry.

8. Car Accessories

Selling car accessories is a great way to make some money dropshipping. Many people worldwide love to buy car accessories like stickers, phone holders, seat covers, and LED lights for their cars.

8. Car Accessories - DSers
Source: AliExpress

If you want to succeed in this area, try to be a bit original in your products, since many other dropshippers are likely selling similar products.

9. Mesh Running Shoes

As people are taking care of their health, they need the right gear and outfits for that. Fitness enthusiasts and sportsperson require shoes that are breathable and have a breathable texture. Running too long in bad-quality shoes can affect your performance, and if the shoes are not durable, you may have to spend a lot on them.

9. Mesh Running Shoes - DSers
Source: AliExpress

So, people are more eager to buy durable and breathable shoes and are always looking for them. Dropshipping breathable mesh shoes can be a great option and prove to be very beneficial for the growth of your eCommerce store.

10. Phone Cases

The next on the list of evergreen products are phone cases. Phone cases are cheap and available in many options. However, the marketplace is full of phone case dropshippers and you may find many selling fake or non-genuine products. So, if you want to excel in this niche, you must rely on the best quality phone cases and choose your target audience before you begin with anything.

10. Phone Cases - DSers
Source: AliExpress

11. Non-Toxic Kid Toys

Kids love toys, and dropshipping them can be a good idea, as it is an evergreen niche. Going a few years back, people were unaware of the toxins being used in the toys, so there was no such thing as non-toxic kid toys.

11. Non-Toxic Kid Toys - DSers
Source: AliExpress

Now that people know the benefits of non-toxic kid toys and the harmful effects of toxic toys, the market is overflowing with options. You can start selling non-toxic kid toys for mothers concerned about their children's health and choose the ones made of sustainable and reusable materials.

12. Camping Gear

You can find campers anywhere and anytime; even if it's the off-season or busy times, people love to explore new places, and some of them like to camp. Hence finding the target audience is always an issue when you decide to dropship camping gear.

12. Camping Gear - DSers
Source: AliExpress

The key is finding a way to reach them and place your product in front of them. Compared to women's clothing or cell phone cases, camping gear is not a niche that's saturated with dropshippers. So, you will not face too stiff of a competition.

13. Home Security IP Cameras

Security cameras have been in demand since the day companies introduced them to the audience. With time passing by, people can easily record unlimited footage and access it on their smartphones.

13. Home Security IP Cameras - DSers
Source: AliExpress

Home security IP cameras are easily accessible and are always in demand, especially from the people living in crime-prone zones. Figure out the current market and start dropshipping security cameras.

14. DIY and Home Improvement Items

People get bored with living under the same roof and four walls, so they often think of adding something new to their homes. The demand for such products skyrocketed during the lockdown, when people had nothing to do but sit at home and work. You can start with dropshipping home improvement tools and gadgets, as they're still in demand.  

14. DIY and Home Improvement Items - DSers
Source: AliExpress

15. Sunglasses

Dropshipping sunglasses can be a great option, but it is a saturated market, as you can find a plethora of suppliers online. Apart from the saturated market, sunglasses can be considered a seasonal product. Only a small margin of people love to wear them throughout the year, but their demand in summer is pretty high. You can even take the help of the internet to start dropshipping sunglasses online.

15. Sunglasses - DSers
Source: AliExpress

Attributes of the Best Selling eCommerce Items

As you decide to start to dropship some evergreen products, you can choose from the list mentioned above. If not, you can take care of the following attributes of the best-selling eCommerce items:

  • Eye-Catching - The product must be eye-catching, not just to attract the audience, but to add the factor of genuineness. Ensure that the product does not have any cheap copies or comparable clones.
  • Rare - There's no point in selling something your target audience can easily find at a physical store. Pick the items that are hard to get, and people need help even finding them. However, you'll have to deal with stiff competition as multiple sellers will try to sell the same item in their online stores.

DSers dropshipping

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  • Non-Relocatable Cost - Make sure that the shoppers can only find the item's real cost. Many dropshippers buy evergreen products from online shopping sites and put them in their eCommerce stores. If the target audience is able to track the original price, getting profit from the deal would become a challenging task.
  • Not Sold Within Country - Don't sell any item that is easily accessible in your country; instead, choose the ones that are not. You can select some signature products or unique items sold only in a specific country.

Bottom Line

Evergreen products are always in demand and can never go out of style, but there are many to select from. Finding the most high-profit margin dropshipping products can be a daunting task, but if you're well aware of some suitable for your store, you can easily get on with your eCommerce business.

If you want to gain more knowledge from other helpful blogs on eCommerce, you can read an umpteen number of guides on DSers Blog.

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