How to Delete AliExpress Account Easily: Full Guide 2024

How to Delete AliExpress Account Easily:  Full Guide 2024

Although AliExpress is a leading China-based eCommerce platform that allows merchants to source a wide range of products from its suppliers and supports global shipping, there are some people who want to stop using it for whatever reason. If you are one of them, you may want to learn how to delete an AliExpress account in case there are any security issues with your account.

In this article, we will discuss reasons, considerations and steps on how to delete an AliExpress account and explore some other platforms that may be to your advantage.

Why Someone Might Want to Delete An AliExpress Account

There can be a couple of reasons why a person wants to delete their AliExpress account:

Privacy Concerns

Some AliExpress users might be concerned about their personal information being stored and used by the platform. Deleting the account can help mitigate these privacy concerns.

Security Reasons

If a user suspects that their account has been compromised or they've experienced unauthorized activity, they might choose to delete the account for security reasons.

Unsatisfactory Experience

Negative experiences with the platform, such as receiving counterfeit or low-quality products, poor customer service, or issues with shipping, might lead users to want to discontinue their relationship with AliExpress.

Platform Switching

People may have found an alternative for AliExpress. As a result, they leave AliExpress and turn to a new one.

Considerations before You Delete an AliExpress Account

It's important to note that deleting an account is often irreversible, so you should carefully consider the decision. Before you delete an AliExpress account, there are several important considerations to keep in mind:

Account Data

As there exists personal or transactional data in your account, you’d better make sure to review any important information associated with your account, such as order history, tracking information, and communication with suppliers and keep backups for valuable information if necessary. This is because once the account is deleted, this information might be inaccessible.

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What’s more, remove any stored information such as credit card information, payment details and saved shipping addresses from your account to enhance security and prevent unauthorized use.

Open Orders

One big part of your business is processing orders. Before you leave AliExpress, you must check the status of your orders to see if you have any pending orders or ongoing transactions. It's advisable to wait until all your orders are completed before deleting your account.

Also, if you have ongoing disputes or are awaiting refunds for any orders, it's best to resolve these before deleting your account to ensure a smooth resolution process.

Alternative Solutions

If your reasons for deleting the account are related to specific issues, consider reaching out to AliExpress customer support first. They might be able to help resolve your concerns without deleting the account.

Account Recovery

You need to understand that once your account is deleted, you'll lose access to any special offers, discounts, or rewards associated with your account.

If you change your mind later, there is no possibility to reopen your deleted AliExpress account and you may have to register for a new one.

Since account deletion is often a permanent decision, so take the time to assess your needs, review your account, and consider the potential consequences before deleting your AliExpress account.

How to Delete an AliExpress Account Step by Step

If you have made up your mind to delete your AliExpress account, you can check the guide below to learn detailed steps.

Step 1: Log in to AliExpress

Go to AliExpress and log in to your account using your registered email address and password.

How to Delete An AliExpress Account Step by Step - Step1: Log in to AliExpress - DSers

Step 2: Access the Edit Member Profile page

Once you're logged in, click on Account in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to access the Account page.

How to Delete An AliExpress Account Step by Step - Step2: Access the Edit Member Profile Page 1 - DSers

Click on Settings and click Edit profile under the Personal information part.

How to Delete An AliExpress Account Step by Step - Step2: Access the Edit Member Profile Page 2 - DSers

Step 3: Select "Deactivate Account"

On the Edit Member Profile page, click on Deactivate Account on the top right of the page.

How to Delete An AliExpress Account Step by Step - Step 3: Select "Deactivate Account" - DSers

Step 4: Select "Delete my account"

Once you are redirected to the Delete my account page, read the texts carefully and then click on Delete my account.

How to Delete An AliExpress Account Step by Step - Step 4: Select "Delete my account" - DSers

Step 5: Confirm account deletion

On the Confirmation page, read the instructions carefully and enter Agree in the Input box and click Delete.

How to Delete An AliExpress Account Step by Step - Step 5: Confirm Account Deletion - DSers

Step 6: Verify account email

In the Pop-up, click Get code and go to your AliExpress account email box to copy the verification code in the email named "Your AliExpress verification code". Then paste it in the box below and click Verify.

How to Delete An AliExpress Account Step by Step - Step 6: Verify Account Email - DSers

Step 7: Confirm account deletion again

Click Delete account to delete your AliExpress account.

How to Delete An AliExpress Account Step by Step - Step 7: Confirm Account Deletion Again - DSers

Alternative Platforms You Can Explore

In case you want to switch to a new platform to source products, you can look for other platforms that have similar services as AliExpress to help with your business. Let’s have a close look at them in the following content.

1. Tmall

Alternative Platforms You Can Explore - 1. Tmall - DSers

Tmall, also known as Tmall Marketplace, is a popular online marketplace owned by Alibaba Group. It provides well-known and trusted brands to showcase and sell their products directly to consumers. If you're looking for branded products that are likely to be authentic, Tmall can be a good option.

As for the benefits of the platform, it offers a wide selection of products ranging from electronics, fashion, and beauty to home goods. What’s more, its products are rich in SKUs, which can meet merchants’ various requirements for their businesses.

What‘s more, it has partnered with DSers to enable one-click dropshipping sourcing for dropshippers.

2. DSers

Alternative Platforms You Can Explore - 2. DSers - DSers

If you embark on dropshipping business and are looking for suppliers to source products, DSers could be one good option. It is a top-notch dropshipping tool for product sourcing that seamlessly integrates with product importing and pushing and order processing.

With its Find Suppliers tool, you can access not only a lot of products that are selected from multiple supplier channels like Tmall but also high-standard and profitable products in a few clicks and seconds.

What’s more, by using its Supplier Optimizer feature, you can compare and rank suppliers by sales, price, shipping time and more. This gives you great convenience in finding the best suppliers that sell the same or similar products.


Having read this article, we hope you have learned the reasons and considerations on how to delete an AliExpress account clearly and can successfully delete your account by following the stepwise guide.

If you have any other issues about how to delete your AliExpress account, you can check the FAQs below or ask AliExpress customer support for help.

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AliExpress Account FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to deleting an AliExpress account:

1. Can I reactivate a deleted AliExpress account?

It's important to note that account deletion on AliExpress is usually irreversible. Once you delete your account, you may not be able to reactivate it or retrieve any associated data. Be sure to back up any important data before deleting an AliExpress account.

2. Do I need to contact customer support to delete my AliExpress account?

You typically don't need to contact customer support to initiate the account deletion process. You should be able to do it through the account settings or profile section on the AliExpress website.

3. Can I receive email notifications after deleting my AliExpress account?

No, once your AliExpress account is deleted, you will no longer get email notifications.

In conclusion, when contemplating how to delete an AliExpress account, it is vital to approach the decision with caution, given its irreversible nature. Safeguarding your personal information and financial security should be paramount. Prior to initiating the deletion process, consider exploring alternative options like account suspension, which may address your concerns without permanent closure. Ensure all pending orders or issues are resolved before proceeding. If you are resolute in your decision to delete your AliExpress account, carefully follow the steps outlined in this guide. By making informed choices, you can ensure a seamless transition while maintaining control over your online presence.

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