How to Use Paraphrasing Techniques in Your Marketing Content for Boosted Sale

How to Use Paraphrasing Techniques in Your Marketing Content for Boosted Sale

In these advanced times, marketing experts have acquired various ways to market their products and services. People are bombarded with advertisements and marketing content every single minute. We haven’t made up this statement out of thin air. It’s a proven fact.

According to a study, an average person witnesses almost 4,000 to 10,000 ads in a single day (numbers can vary according to your region.)

In all this haste, to make an impact and ensure that your marketing content influences people, you have to make it unique, simple, and effective.

Copywriters are those superhuman who know the art and magic of words. They craft marketing content, especially slogans, in such a way that creates a powerful impact on the audience. They do the magic by paraphrasing multiple times until they reach the best version of the content.

Copywriters can be a costly resource to hire for a startup, but you learn the art of paraphrasing to create impactful marketing content to boost sales.

In this article, we are going to walk you through different paraphrasing techniques that you can use in your marketing to boost your sales.

But before we do so, it’s important to understand what paraphrasing actually is.

What Is Paraphrasing

The term paraphrasing refers to a writing technique in which you rewrite something in a way that the structure and wording of the content change, but its real meaning stays the same.

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To understand this better, let’s take a look at an example.

Let’s say you are writing about the benefits of using sunscreen in summer. Instead of writing…

Sunscreen usage in summertime confers protection against harmful UV radiation, mitigating sunburn, premature aging, and the risk of skin cancer.

You write…

Using sunscreen in summer shields against UV radiation, preventing sunburn, premature aging, and skin cancer.

This is what paraphrasing is. You identify your content’s difficult and weak words and replace them with easy and effective synonyms.

Besides switching the words with synonyms, the following methods are also used for paraphrasing:

  • You can change the structure of the sentences.
  • Merge multiple sentences or deconstruct a long sentence into short ones.
  • Change the voice (active/passive) of the sentence.

By bringing these changes, you not only make your content simple but also make it more effective.  Now, keeping this information in mind, we are going to discuss how we can harness the techniques of paraphrasing in marketing to boost your sales.

Understand Your Target Audience

Understanding your audience is the first thing you must do. That is because marketing is a psychological procedure. You have to know the people before telling them how your product will improve their lives. Telling them in their language, in the words they are emotionally attached to, can connect your content with your audience, and such content can bring more sales. So here again, you will have to paraphrase to add such connecting words and phrases in your marketing content to create an impact.

Understand Your Target Audience - DSers

Let’s understand this with the help of an example.

You conduct research on your audience and find out that a major part of it consists of busy people who want to discover convenient ways to do a particular task. You can market your product in the following wording:

With our time-saving software solution, you can streamline your workflow with total convenience!

Understanding your audience enables you to know what they are expecting from your product.

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Imagine your product is an energy drink named “A” and you have to market it for the youth. You find out, through your research, that most people in your sample are gaming lovers. So, you paraphrase your slogan from this…

“Stay energized with the brand new “A” energy drink!”

into this…

“Unleash your gaming beast: Power up with “A” energy drink!”

See how it makes a difference?

Let’s move on to the next technique.

Know Your Key Selling Points

Highlighting your unique selling points will help your content stand out from the crowd. You just have to identify your strong and key selling points. What makes you different from other brands? It could be your prices, your quality, or your variety.

Know Your Key Selling Points- DSers

Knowing your audience and keeping in view your unique selling points will take your marketing content impact to the next level. Paraphrase the conventional or dull marketing content in a way that may highlight key points in the most impactful manner.

Let’s say you are selling a beauty product, soap, for example. Its specialty is that it is made of natural products. Guess what point you will highlight to promote the product? Take a look at the following slogan:

Experience the beauty of nature and stop harming your skin with chemicals by using our soap, which is made with 100% natural ingredients.

Although the selling point is highlighted, how can paraphrasing help in this? Here’s the answer:

Nature lives within you! Cure it by using our soap made with 100% natural ingredients.

Use The Story-Telling Method

Listening to stories has always been one of the favorite things for human beings. Its effectiveness also applies in marketing. To market your product, you can promote it in a storytelling mode.

Use The Story-Telling Method - DSers

For example, if your business is about providing fitness coaches to people, you can paraphrase one of your client’s testimonials in a story-telling way. In this method, the client will tell his story about his struggles in finding a fitness coach and how he found what he was looking for through your company.

Marketing in this way creates an emotional connection between the brand and the audience that helps you boost your sales.

Now that we have discussed some basic and important paraphrasing techniques that you can use in marketing, let’s discuss how you can perform effective paraphrasing.

Simplify Your Solution for the Pain Points

Pain point is a term used in marketing to express a specific challenge a person faces in the marketplace that is relevant to your product. Your goal, in order to boost your sales, is to eradicate this difficulty for your customer so that they buy your product without facing any inconvenience.

Tackling these pain points is not going to work unless you clearly express how your product will eradicate them for your customers.

Simplify Your Solution for the Pain Points - DSers

Paraphrasing techniques can be helpful in doing so.

For example, let’s suppose the pain point of a customer is: “I find it hard to keep my weekly tasks well-managed.”

Now, when you are going to express how your product can help you in this case, stating…

“Our product helps manage tasks.”

…will not make the required impact.

Instead, writing something like…

“Our product helps streamline your tasks, making sure that you are always crossing the items on your to-do list to stay productive.”

…has a higher chance of grabbing the customer’s attention. This will also help you demonstrate well how your product can eradicate the difficulty they are facing in their lives (AKA the pain point.)

If you are able to make this happen, people will definitely try buying your product. If it actually does perform as your marketing states, your product sales will skyrocket.

However, make sure not to get too conceited while writing these types of marketing slang. This might annoy your audience and backfire against your sale-boosting campaign. Always use a moderate and sensible tone while performing this tactic to get the best results out of it.

How to Paraphrase Effectively

Paraphrasing is something that is both easy and hard to do. It’s easy because all you have to do is substitute the words with synonyms, change the structure of sentences, or change the voice of the sentences.

How to Paraphrase Effectively - DSers

It is hard to do because it can be a struggle to decide what kind of words would be both effective and simple that you can use in your writing.

There are a few things to keep in mind while paraphrasing:

  • Make sure to use only those synonyms that provide the actual meaning of the original content.
  • Keep the wording short to make a quick impact.
  • Do not use words that are too difficult for people to understand.

Although you can paraphrase your marketing content manually, it can be difficult and time-consuming. To overcome this hurdle, you can take the help of technology. There are many tools available on the Internet that can help you paraphrase online.

These tools use algorithms to identify the words that need to be changed or replaced and substitute them with effective and simple words. This can boost your marketing and, hence, sales in no time.


Marketers are creating a lot of content to persuade people to buy their products or services. To stand out in this hustle, you have to be creative. The technique of paraphrasing can help you with that.

By using its potential, you can make sure that your content is influencing and easily understandable to people. In the information given above, we have comprehensively described how you can use paraphrasing techniques in marketing to boost your sales.

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