10 Best TikTok Trends You Should Leverage to Boost Your Online Business

10 Best TikTok Trends You Should Leverage to Boost Your Online Business

Utilizing trends on TikTok is a key step in leveraging the platform’s organic reach and getting your brand in front of thousands, even millions of audiences. However, it might be challenging for you to explore the most recent trends, especially if you plan to create TikTok videos for your business or brand. Hence, I pick up 10 popular TikTok trends in this guide where we cover:

TikTok has been well-known for many years. In the past, it was mainly used for entertainment. However, there are more and more people starting selling on TikTok. Traffic is vital for the TikTok business. If you want to reach more customers, it’s crucial to know what they are concerned about most. Trends on TikTok show the popularity of something. But what are they? Let’s keep reading to know.

What Are TikTok Trends

What are trends on TikTok? The answer is quite simple, the trends are how TikTok groups together its popular songs and hashtags. How can you find the biggest trending elements on TikTok within the app? Just click the 'Discover' magnifying glass and select Trends at the top of the screen.

While the best trending hashtags on other social platforms like Twitter will disappear after a day, they can hang around for months on TikTok. It doesn’t mean TikTok is boring. The fact is that it highlights how creative the creators are, and new ideas that expand and develop memes keep appearing.

These TikTok trending things have impacted users' thinking and life a lot. With these trends, a business can know what is going on in the world and scale the market accordingly.

Why TikTok Trends Matters

These popular things on TikTok are vital. Let’s cover why it matters together.

First of all, TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform in the world. And it has become truly global. There are 75 languages and 155 countries available on TikTok. However, TikTok is banned in India, and there's a walled-off local version in China.

What’s more, it‘s the best app reflecting real-life human experiences. And, it has about a billion users, who might be your potential customers when starting your business on TikTok.

In addition, TikTok can promote cultures, ranging from the songs that become global hits, to fashion, lifestyle, and even political trends. TikTok also influences other social platforms like Instagram who is desperately trying to ape its functionality.

💡 TIP: Trends are significant for branding. Thus, you need to understand the culture you’re serving. Otherwise, what you deliver will fail to connect with your audience.

10 TikTok Trends You Should Know

TikTok is not only a platform for fun but also a selling platform. Knowing the these trending contents on TikTok can help you catch the attention of your customers. Let’s look at some examples of TikTok tending contents you need to leverage for your business:

1. 3D photo

The 3D photo trend is going absolutely viral on TikTok right now and is a great way for photographers or video-makers to showcase their excellent work coming to life. You can transform your photos into 3D moving photos that bounce off the page with the help of the app CapCut. It also can be a good way of capturing your audience’s attention. People are turning their images into super cool 3D montages in this popular TikTok trend.

3D photo trend

As a business, it’s quite easy to gain users’ attention with the 3D photo since it can make your product immersive and appealing. You only need less than 15-minutes to make your own 3D photo montage video. There might be fewer returns and refunds.

2. Makeup

Makeup now has become an essential part of most young people. Thus, you can create videos showing how to make up. You can show how to use cosmetics, like Eye shadow, blush, lipstick, etc.

Makeup trend

If operating a business selling these products, you can cooperate with beauty bloggers in this market who can promote your products. You can gain traffic and a potential audience by sharing the makeup video. It’s also an excellent way to get sales. How? When using these products, the advertisers test the quality of the products. Your brand might be more trustworthy for your viewers.

3. Tell Me Without Telling Me

The main content of this TikTok trend is that you create a video performing what you are going to say without actually saying the words. The TikTok trend is famous for showcasing your lifestyle, culture, race, ethnicity, and habits.

tell me without telling me trend

Therefore, it’s a popular trend for businesses to deliver their aesthetic, values, and products of course by showing their audience videos. In other words, you may use facts to tell your audience something, not through words. For example, you make a video delivering your plastic-free processes and packaging to indicate that you’re a sustainable business.

4. Album Cover

The 'anything can be an album cover' TikTok trend is both innovative and entertaining. The purpose is to take a screenshot of your video. Then you crop it into a square and add an "explicit content logo" to turn it into an album cover. It is perfect for all the incredible shots of your videographer out there, or your graphic designer with a phone full of video, which you can whip into amazing album covers.

Album cover trend

Then, you can use this TikTok trend to display your best-selling/hero products or BTS from a campaign shoot. With these shots, it’s much easier for you to achieve a higher customer satisfaction rate, and building your brand might be simple.

5. Picture

Synthesizing video with photos is a simple task and is now a beloved video trend on TikTok. You can do it without any code or technique skills. You can use well-shot, hi-res images of yourself or your work if you’re a creator.

Picture trend

The TikTok trend is good for businesses since you can use it easily and freely to use the picture of your products to showcase how they look like. For example, if you are selling clothes, you can make a video including pictures of you wearing these clothes. And with powerful picture editors, you can make these pictures more beautiful to attract visitors.

6. Where I’m from

‘What I mean when I say I’m from…’ on TikTok is a trend in which creators show pictures from where they live. Creators around the world use the trend to show the special places, local food, and experiences in their country or town.

Where I am from trend

For a business, it’s a brilliant way to get customer loyalty and trust. For example, If you’re a coffee business, tell your audience the coffee fields you source from by recording a video. With it, your customer may know where your coffee raw materials come from. Then, they may be more likely to trust the quality of your coffee.

7. Google Earth

The Google Earth Video is currently a hot spot on TikTok. Creators may use Google Earth to show people an interesting place they have been to in this video. It works very well visually. You can keep zooming in to the spot. Then, you can open photos and videos of the special place.

Google earth trend

Google Earth is the best TikTok trending content to showcase your store if you are a business. It can direct potential customers to your store literally by using high-resolution and cinematic photos of your store. Moreover, if you are running offline stores, it helps your audiences to find out your store’s location.

8. Main Character

With the main charter TikTok trend, creators show they are still one of the equally loveable supporting characters although they may not be the main character of a movie or tv show. This video will illustrate your personality through examples of the popular character you are associating yourself with. The main character trend is an impressive way to get your audience to know you better.

main character trend

Also, it’s a brilliant method to highlight your products. When selling mobile accessories, you can get sales by making a video in this way. For example, display a video of a phone-like iPhone with a text caption that says ‘I am not the main character but…’ at the first part of the TikTok video. Then, you exhibit images of the accessories you're selling for the iPhone like Bluetooth earphones, phone cases, stickers, etc.

9. I’ll Never Forget You

It’s easy to understand that you can call out people who have made a big impact on your life by using this popular TikTok trend. To do this trend, you may need two things. The first one is an introduction video, and the second is multiple videos or just one video of persons you’re going to introduce.

I'll never forget you trend

With this trend, you could a video about your first customer, your biggest sale, or a memorable event. For example, in the introduction part of the video, you can simply create a video lip-syncing the words - ‘I’ll never forget you’ and adding a text saying ‘To the customer who emptied our inventory’. Then, you follow a video of a person with a lot in their shopping bags or you scroll through a long list of orders on the screen in this video.

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10. Vogue

Vogue is simply about the edition of your pictures. With the Vogue TikTok trend, creators edit their favorite photos to make them look like the photos are on the cover of a Vogue Magazine. The Vogue magazine cover photo may come first in the video with the words: I’m going to do the vogue challenge. Then it will be followed by some awesome images of you that you think would be displayed in the Vogue magazine. You also can post it on other social media platforms like Instagram without a watermark.


Using this trend, you can do:

  • Exhibit your best selling products
  • Showcase your latest campaign photos
  • Display photos of people using your product

By doing so, people may know what is the most popular trending in your store and what products have the most favorable ratings. It’s a great way to build your brand awareness and market your products.

Bottom Line

TikTok trends can help its users to know what is happening around them. Also, they are showing what is the most popular thing right now. Thus, making videos with these trends will bring a large volume of traffic to you.

If you are selling on TikTok, using the trends can help you gain audiences and increase sales. Moreover, just like other social media apps, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube, if you don’t want to deal with the inventory, you can dropship on TikTok. Here, I have to say getting a dropshipping solution like DSers can help you run your dropshipping business properly.

When you start, check out the above trends and try one that is suitable for you. Then you will notice the TikTok trends might be amazing.

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