How Can You Find Trending Products to Dropship 2022

How Can You Find Trending Products to Dropship 2022

You have created a dropshipping store and you are trying to successfully make ends meet with this business. But, how can you take over the world?

Is it right to find trending products now and then?

Let's see:

Moving to a trending product when there’s still time can end up making you more money than usual. Most dropshipping business owners earn a lot with seasonal or even short-term hikes in a sale related to a certain type of product.

If you also want to seize such opportunities, check the below guide. We have explained how you can find and sell trending products in your dropshipping store in 2022.

What Are Trending Products

Have you ever experienced hype around a product? If you have not, then think again! We all are a part of this hype. Whether you want to buy this all-new mask chain or use a specific clothing item, we all are a part of the hype. This hype is nothing but a trend.

Find Trending products - DSers

In simpler words, a trending product is a product that people are currently buying a lot. These products emerge out of nowhere and become the coolest and trendiest possession. If you sell these products on your website, you can earn a huge profit.

For example, recently we are experiencing a rise in mask chains. They make your life simpler by allowing you to put a cool chain on your mask. You don’t lose your mask and you don’t need to keep finding it in your bag.

Types of Trending Products

There are different categories of trends that you can look forward to. As a dropshipping business owner, you need to keep track of all these trends and utilize these to make additional revenue. Let’s see what type of trending products you can find in the market at one time:

  • Short-Term Trends are the most favorable. However, you need to know when to get in and out. This means that these trends stay in the market for a certain duration only and it will end in a few months. For example, fidget spinners became very popular around 2017 and now no one purchases them.
  • Mid Long Term Trends is a deal-maker. These trends build up slowly and stay for several years until a new, better product is launched. These products can offer you revenue if you build a customer base for the same at the right time. For example, almost a decade back slim jeans came to trend and they still sell a lot.
  • Seasonal Trends are the last one on the list. These trends come and go with the season. For example, around the new year, we sell more gift hampers.

How to Find Trending Products

If you need to start selling trending products, here are some tips you can use to find these products for 2022, like using Dropispy tool to search. You need to start now to become successful in the coming year. Also, in this list, you should focus on mid to long-term trends, as short-term trends won’t offer you any benefit the next year.


Let’s explore how you can find trending products:

1. Amazon and AliExpress

The best way to find trending products is to search on Amazon and AliExpress. These are two marketplaces that sell a range of products, and as products start trending, these marketplaces are the first to have them.

So, simply open the trending section of Amazon and start looking for products that are trending; look for products relevant to your domain in some manner. Make a list of these trending products and keep reducing or increasing the list throughout the following shortlisting methods.

2. Trending Topics

There is this website named Exploding Topics. Visit this website and start finding products that can help you make money.

The website uses a smart algorithm to analyze conversations, searches, and other factors to find trending topics.

3. Twitter Trending

Over years, we have realized that anything trending in the market will be definitely seen on Twitter. So, every day start checking your Twitter account. Look for trending topics and find trending products.

One way is to take your list made above and randomly search it on Twitter. If you find many people sharing it and purchasing it, you can start selling it now.

4. Influencer Activity

Influencers are the celebrities of social media who help us find trending products. Every product that is trending in the market will first go through influencers. So, find influencers in your field and follow them.

Don’t forget, this is a long-term and consistent activity. You need to keep an eye on trends to grab them at the right time and make money from them. If you are too late, you would only waste your efforts or there would be too much competition.

5. Real-Life Search

The best method on the list is to do a real-life search. After you open a dropshipping store, you need to keep your eyes open for new trends. Once something starts trending, you will eventually start seeing it everywhere.

In your school, college, on your Instagram, or everywhere. If you pick these clues fast and manage to source these products quickly, you can catch up with the trend.

💡 TIP: Every activity discussed above is a consistent effort. You need to keep doing these things to keep finding trending products. The worst part of trending products is that many times you don’t even know if something will be long-term or not. So, you just need to swoop in and make money before it’s too late.

Use Dropshipping Tool to Immediately Include Trending Products on Your Website

To improve your dropshipping margin and feasibility, you can start using a dropshipping solution. For example, DSers is a leading dropshipping tool that helps you streamline your entire dropshipping supply chain. From allowing you to find optimum sellers to importing your product list, you can achieve so much profitability with this tool.

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Now to Grow Your Online Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


Some benefits of DSers tool are:

  • DSers tool is designed keeping dropshipping feasibility in mind, which is why you can easily find optimum sellers for products through the tool. It has an AI-powered seller optimizer engine that we can use to find sellers.
  • With the help of the DSers tool, you can place bulk orders with one click. We are talking about hundreds of orders that can be placed together.
  • Once you place orders, these numbers integrate into your DSers dashboard. This means now whenever you need to evaluate an update of an order, you can visit your dashboard and get the data.
  • It is amazing that you can easily import a list of products to your DSers tool directly through a computer-made file.
  • You can take care of more than one store with the tool. Whether you have a store of Shopify or WooCommerce or both, you can integrate it to DSers for a unified view.


The new year is just around the corner and you have all the opportunities to find those trending products and start selling them. To maximize your profit margins and improve your dropshipping productivity, use the DSers tool.

We have various features that ensure dropshipping feasibility and help you achieve success sooner than later. To know more about DSers, visit our website, check out the valuable features, and start using the tool.

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