A Complete Guide to Wix Dropshipping 2024 & Everything You Must Know

A Complete Guide to Wix Dropshipping 2024 & Everything You Must Know

Updated by March 18,2024

You've probably heard of dropshipping whether you're already active in eCommerce or just starting. In the past couple of years, it's certainly maintained its place as one of the most hotly discussed topics.

Nowadays you can find several available platforms for opening an online store, one of such platforms is Wix. Many users prefer the ease of use that Wix provides. This platform is suitable for all beginners who have no previous experience in using online store platforms.

Is Dropshipping Possible on Wix

The answer is yes. It is possible to run your dropshipping business with Wix. With your Wix site, customers can order all the products they love. These orders are then sent directly to your suppliers. Upon receiving your order, they will send out the products to your customers.

If you dropship through Wix, it is very easy for you to manage all aspects of your online store from your Wix dashboard, including creating your store and customizing your product details.

You can start your dropshipping business with Wix even if you aren't an expert. With Wix, you can create beautiful storefronts and get access to business tools through the dashboard. Managing your store's settings and details is very easy. However, one difficulty that you are likely to meet is that it’s time-consuming and ineffective to proceed a large number of customer orders. To combat with this issue, a smart dropshipping tool like DSers does really help a lot to save you time and energy. It is worth mentioning that DSers is perfectly compatible with Wix to guarantee a secure dropshipping online.

DSers dropshipping

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A reliable server can guarantee your online store's best performance. Your customers can also use multiple payment options with Wix. The merchant accepts most credit cards, PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree, and debit cards as payment options.

How to Dropship with Wix

1. Sign up for Wix

To start dropshipping on Wix, simply create an account on Wix.com. Upon registering your business at Wix, you can provide all of its details, including business name, address, telephone number, etc.

2. Create a custom dropshipping website

You can easily customize the design of your store. The Wix dashboard lets you access over 80 online store templates after registering your business. As well as accessing powerful online business tools, Wix offers a range of other features that are useful for your online business. It is easy to add videos, photos, and text to the store.

3. Choose products for dropshipping

The preparation of this is another important step that you must take before you begin your dropshipping business on Wix. On your online store, you can post all of the products you favor. For your store, it's a good idea to have compelling content, beautiful images, and an appropriate price.

4. Manage your orders 

Upon completion of your store, you can begin selling to customers. From your dashboard, you can manage all of your orders. Tracking the fulfillment status, setting up the confirmation status, sending thank you emails, and tracking shipping progress is very easy. Just log into your dashboard and you can monitor everything.

Pros and Cons of the Wix Dropshipping Store


  • With Wix, you can easily create an eCommerce store. The dropshipping process can also be made easier by using one of the Wix apps.
  • It is cost-effective to use Wix. Wix has a $23 plan that is the cheapest. Also, this platform is offered at a discount by Wix for its customers. Typically, Wix offers a 50% discount for its customers. This makes Wix the most affordable platform.
  • In Wix's app store, you can find amazing dropshipping apps. It has fewer dropshipping apps as compared to other platforms, but the Modalyst, Printful, and DSers dropshipping apps that you can find on it are pretty good.


  • Among the best eCommerce platforms, Wix is not as flexible as others. Easy-to-use platforms come at a cost, as they are less flexible. Wix provides automatic translations in some places, but they might not work correctly if your online store is in a language other than English.
  • Like other eCommerce platforms, Wix does not offer a lot of dropshipping platforms. There are not many good dropshipping apps on Wix.
  • For dropshipping, Wix provides no proper guidance. Wix does not have many dropshipping guides in comparison to other eCommerce platforms. For individuals who are new to dropshipping using Wix, this can be a big issue because they are not able to maximize their business' potential.

Reasons Why You Should Dropship with Wix

· You don't need an inventory

Since Wix allows you to upload images of your inventory, there is no need to register inventory upfront. Stocks remain in the supplier's hands until the product is sold. Customers receive it directly from the supplier after they buy it. Before listing products in your Wix online store, thoroughly check out the product.

· It is easy to manage

Managing your products and sales is very easy with Wix because you won't have to do it yourself. Modalyst lets you do that. In the same way, by automating price updates on your website, you will not need to monitor price fluctuations.

· Shipping management isn't needed

Picking, packing, and shipping your products to your customers isn't your job. Suppliers handle this task. Creating your online store is your only responsibility.

· You'll only need a small investment capital

As an eCommerce platform, Wix doesn't require as much investment as others. It takes less than $30 to start dropshipping. A website provider is the only cost that needs to be paid upfront - no upfront inventory is required. To start your business for free, you can dropship with Amazon or eBay.

· No real estate costs

Dropshipping on Wix does not require you to keep inventory in a warehouse. Your dropshipper handles everything. Several products can even be sold from the comfort of your own home. Small companies often operate out of their living rooms or kitchens.

· A wide range of products to choose from

With more than a million products and thousands of suppliers available on AliExpress, it's easy to get started. Just choose the products you like and get started.

· An opportunity for a global market

The eCommerce sector is expanding rapidly and transnational commerce has become more convenient. With your business, you can reach people around the world. Finding suppliers in specific regions or ones that deliver globally is all that's needed.

· Easy to get started

An advanced degree or previous knowledge is not necessary to start your online business on Wix. A little bit of knowledge will be enough. E-commerce websites do not have to be created from scratch. Wix is a tool that anyone can use to create websites.

· Available suppliers

Many suppliers seek different strategies for expanding their channels of sales. Online dropshippers are aware of how profitable it can be to work with them. This makes finding a supplier for your eCommerce store easy.

Final Words

If you want to start a dropshipping business, Wix may be the perfect solution for you. You can easily promote your business online with this platform. If you want to start a dropshipping business, Wix is one of most popular e-commerce platforms to get started.

Meanwhile, you have to think about how to scale or grow your dropshipping business in a short period of time. There’re many aspects that you should take into consideration like marketing strategies, work efficiency, dropshipping tools such as DSers.

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