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The DSers customization program is officially launched!!!

Supercharge Your WooCommerce Store with Essential Free Tools like the WooCommerce Email Plugin through DSers! Your Ultimate Dropshipping Solution for Effortless Growth and Scaling!

Why Use DSers WooCommerce Dropshipping Service?

If you have a website based on WordPress, WooCommerce is the best ecommerce platform for you to build online stores flexibly and quickly. For dropshippers, DSers saves a lot of your time and energy on processing, fulfilling and tracking orders. Therefore you can concentrate on creating stylish and fascinating WooCommerce stores to attract more customers to purchase from you.

Add Products to WooCommerce Store with One Click

Managing products on WooCommerce is not the most challenging task but it takes a considerable amount of time of repetitive work, especially when you're running a dropshipping business with a large number of SKUs. DSers enables you to easily import, edit and add products to WooCommerce stores by reducing unnecessary duplication of work.

Process and Fulfill WooCommerce Dropshipping Orders

The automated process to manage your orders can greatly improve your working efficiency. DSers can automatically sync your customer orders from WooCommerce and help you place them to your AliExpress suppliers. You just need to pay for those dropshipping orders and once your suppliers complete the shipment, DSers will organize those orders into the “Fulfilled” order list and update the status in your store.

Manage Multiple WooCommerce Stores in One Place

It’s very common to run multiple online stores for different types of products. How to manage multiple WooCommerce stores without repeatedly logging in and out among your accounts? You can link multiple WooCommerce stores with DSers and manage all orders from those stores in one place or operate orders from one selected store.

Free Order Shipping Notification Email

DSers developed WooCommerce Email Plugin and allows its users to enjoy it for free. This plugin will help you automatically send order shipping notification emails to your customers once an order is shipped out. You don’t have to pay for WooCommerce or third party plugins to use this feature.

DSers E-Commerce Integration

Connect Your WooCommerce Stores with DSers and Get Started for Free!