Copywriting for the Dropshipping: the Ultimate Guide

Copywriting for the Dropshipping: the Ultimate Guide

It is essential for dropshipping online stores to tell customers about products and promotional offers. To do this, they use product descriptions, blogs, posts on social networks, etc. But they are useless if the main thing is missing - clear and easy-to-read text.

This article discusses how to write content for your dropshipping online store and what to consider when writing texts for blogs, social media, advertising, product descriptions, etc.

Rules for Writing texts for the Dropshipping Store

When starting your dropshipping online store business, some key rules exist to effectively communicate with your audience and drive conversions.

Bring Value to the Clients

All texts should help the reader. For example, if the online store sells clothes, the blog should review new collections, select outfits for seasonal events like graduation or New Year, talk about new trends, etc. And immediately provide links to suitable products in the online store to increase sales.

In social networks, you can give tips, announce articles from the blog, tell about new discounts and promotions, hold contests, etc. This allows users to learn about new activities, win prizes, and take advantage of promotional offers.

Make Sure the Text Is Structured

This advice applies to everything from large blog posts to short Facebook ads. Continuous text is less understandable, and readers are generally reluctant to start reading.

Readers see text that seems huge without indentation and know they're not ready to absorb it. To cope with this, helps to use the structural parts of the text: the headings H2 and H3, paragraphs, introductions, conclusions, etc. They visually break up the text into small parts.

Check Texts for Errors

After writing a text, it's a good idea to:

  • Reread it several times
  • Give the text to someone else to check it to avoid mistakes; if you reread the text many times, you stop noticing mistakes
  • Use specialized services for checking

For example, Hemingway helps to remove unnecessary words, phrases, and superfluous epithets and increase the information content of the text. Hemingway helps to improve the readability of text and make it easier to understand.

If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to turn to the writing service Essay Writer, which will check the text for a small fee.

Don't Write Unnecessary Details

If you can drop a word from a sentence, and it doesn't change its meaning, feel free to do so. If you can throw out an entire sentence, do it too. Among copywriters, such uninformative words and sentences are called “fluff”. It is difficult to find important information in texts with much fluff.

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Avoid introductory phrases like "everyone knows", "as of today", "in our time", etc. They do not carry any semantic load and are disorienting for users because the material can be read several years after it was written.

Writers of texts for dropshipping online stores are trying to sell products, so they often overdo it with adjectives. They write that the product is beautiful, attractive, and pretty. More often than not, it's worth having just one adjective; sometimes, you can leave them out altogether. If the user sees the product in a high-quality illustration, video, or 360-degree review, he or she can decide whether the product is attractive.

Do not use too figurative expressions. If you go overboard with them, they can irritate people. Also, try not to use brackets in the text. Most often, they can be removed from the text. Brackets show the reader that the information is irrelevant and can be skipped.

Unify Terms and Punctuation

It is worth unifying the terms and punctuation marks to make the text look neat. If you start using these quotation marks "", continue until the last comma. If at the beginning of the article you wrote "Facebook" in quotation marks, continue to do so until the end. By the way, the use of Caps Lock is not recommended in principle.

Also, do not use a hyphen instead of a dash in the text. This is a prevalent mistake.

Don't use Pictures for the Sake of Pictures

Pictures should serve a function: to prove a claim, to illustrate what you've written, to visualize a guide to action, etc. Unnecessary illustrations from photo stocks only distract attention from the text.

Don't forget about captions under the photos - they should relate directly to the illustration. It's okay if the caption repeats what's already been said in the text.

How to Write Dropshipping Texts for Different Communication Channels

When writing dropshipping texts for different communication channels, it's important to tailor your message to your specific channel. By the way, texts are a powerful tool for your dropshipping store's conversion rate optimization (CRO). Here are some general guidelines for writing effective dropshipping texts for different communication channels.

Texts for the Dropshipping Store Homepage

Do not use a too-long description of the company at the bottom of the main page of the online store. Even if it is interesting, users are not prepared to waste time on a huge text about the company. It is better to limit the text to a few paragraphs about your store's objectives and the main features of the products. Writing effective commercial texts for the website will increase your sales.

Text for Product Descriptions

Product descriptions tell users details they wouldn't know from photos. Technical specifications listed in the product card can be repeated in the description, but it's worth tying them to reality. For example, write that a dishwasher of these dimensions will fit on the countertop under the sink or that a necklace has a quality clasp that won't break after a few uses.

Texts for the Blog

Blog content should be useful to readers: tell them about the use of products, their varieties, new collections, etc. Don't forget to link articles with the products you write about. This will help in optimizing the site and increase sales.

Try to visualize what is written in the articles. If it's about a new collection of clothes, place a selection of the best models in the article.

Think about the first paragraph of the article. It is the second most important element of the article, right after the title. If the title conveys the general idea, the first paragraph briefly explains why this article is worth reading. This is significant, especially in today's highly competitive environment.

Divide articles into sections and subsections. If you can put something in a bulleted list, do it. A clear structure makes large materials easier to read and helps the narrative flow smoothly from one thought to the next.

The conclusions should summarize what you've written, for example, in the form of a list of main thoughts from the material. Also, invite users to share their opinions about what they've read in the comments. This will help get feedback on the article.

Texts for Social Media

It's best to keep your posts small and unofficial. While writing, imagine that you are telling this information to your friends. Social media users are inclined to communicate informally, so a post with an official vocabulary will stand out from the general feed and be annoying.

Try to adhere to a "one thought, one paragraph" structure. Keep links short, motivate users to share their opinions in the comments, and leave feedback about your dropshipping store.

Do not forget about vivid illustrations. The post's main idea can be placed on a picture or a 2D animation clip. This will increase the chances that the post will be seen and interested. After all, social network users often look at the illustration first and only then read the text.

Texts for Advertising

The text should be informative and not too big. Immediately explain how the user will benefit by clicking on the link.

The main idea of the advertisement can be placed in the first sentence and the illustration. Attracting the attention of people to your advertising is not easy. A bright picture is one way to do it.

If you target ads for different audiences, you can use different texts for posts. For example, if it is advertising gifts for Valentine's Day, you can emphasize popular gifts for men and women in different texts, respectively.

Texts for Email Marketing

Writing effective email marketing text involves several key elements to capture your audience's attention and drive engagement. To write selling email marketing content, you must understand your audience, craft a compelling subject line, hook with an engaging opening, use concise and conversational language, focus on benefits, and include a clear call-to-action (CTA).

You can also create a sense of urgency, add social proof, and keep text scannable. Remember, email marketing is a continuous process of experimentation and refinement. Be creative, test different approaches, and learn from the results to optimize your future campaigns.


Texts for dropshipping online stores must meet 2 requirements: easy to read and useful. To achieve this, you need to:

  • Think carefully about the topics of the texts
  • Delete unnecessary words from sentences and unnecessary sentences from texts
  • Check texts for errors
  • Structure the texts
  • Properly design links

We hope that our article was useful. Remember that regardless of the communication channel, it's important to understand your target audience and adapt your writing style accordingly. Always aim to create engaging, informative, and persuasive texts that effectively convey the value of your products and drive conversions.

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