How to Find Trustworthy Crystal Wholesale Suppliers: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Find Trustworthy Crystal Wholesale Suppliers: A Comprehensive Guide

Online business now is the first option for people who plan to have a business. Selling jewelry online is popular, especially crystal. Why? Crystals are on the rise in popularity. More and more people are keen on purchasing different types of crystals and collecting them at home.

So starting a business selling crystals is an excellent idea for a small business in a market segment that is becoming much more popular. But questions might come, for example, is selling crystals online still profitable in 2021? How can I find qualified crystal wholesale suppliers? Keep reading this article, you will get the answers.

Before starting, figure out answers to the following questions:

Why Sell Crystal

Jewelry is becoming more and more popular since an increasing number of people are willing to buy something that brings happiness or relax to them. Crystal ware is one of them, which can reduce the anxiety of people and bring beauty and confidence to people. According to News Channel Nebraska, the global Luxury Crystal Ware market size reached USD 7051.2 million and is forecasted to reach USD 8518.1 million in 2027, growing at a CAGR of 3.2% during the 2020-2027 period.

Thus, selling crystals online is a popular business idea at the moment. Here is why it’s a great idea to start a business selling crystal online.

Growth Trends: A significant aspect of online sales is to ensure that there is potential growth for your market. Let’s check out how the searches for crystals are trending online firstly.

Find Crystal Wholesale Suppliers - Growth trends of crystal - DSers
Source: Google Trends

You can see here that over the past five years, 'crystal' searches have remained steady and slightly trended up in the latest months. It is a great sign. The sign shows that interest in crystals is stable over this time period. Besides, there is no sharp rise and fall, so its market will not be easily eliminated by the competitive market. It indicates crystal can be a perfect product to market.

Shipping: Shipping is a vital factor, too. It’s easy to handle and pack crystals since they are small in size and light in weight. Besides, you do not need to pay much for the shipping cost to ensure your benefits.

Needs: Unlike other markets such as electronics, food, which are bought only when there is a need, customer might purchase a crystal for different purposes. Anyone who is interested in their beauty and quality of life tends to use crystals to symbolize their characteristics.

Besides, a large number of people use crystals for decorative purposes. Crystals can be used in art projects, placed into the bottom of glass bowls and vases, or used in other artistic ways. Thus, the target customer group is large.

DSers dropshipping

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Selling crystal online is profitable. However, if you are planning to sell wholesale crystals, you must take responsibility to deal with inventory, orders, etc. So dropshipping is a great way to start your online crystal business. In the dropshipping model, you will not deal with the stock and the products. Also, with dropshipping tools such as DSers, you don't have to manually deal with your orders. It can reduce risks and save you time and money.

💡 TIP: You should keep in mind that you need to be able to get good quality crystals at a wholesale price from reliable suppliers firstly.

How to Find a Wholesale Supplier for Crystal

It is very important to find a reputable crystal wholesale supplier, especially when there are so many to choose from. If you are looking for crystal wholesaler in China, Crystal Wholesale USA company might be a good option. When starting, take the time to go through these tips one by one to learn how to choose a crystal wholesale supplier for your online business.

1. Use Google

Whether a newcomer or an established crystals business, Google is always a perfect method for you to search for something. By simply searching crystal wholesale suppliers on Google, you should be able to find wholesale suppliers you can work with.

Find Crystal Wholesale Suppliers - Google search "Crystal Wholesale suppliers" - DSers

Before making any decisions, you’d better do some research to ensure they are suitable for you. You can take the price, quality of crystal, and regions of the suppliers into consideration. You must remember that good quality can bring loyalty and trust to your business.

2. Attend the Local Trade Shows

Attending the local trade shows is an extremely effective way to meet crystals wholesalers you may work with. Trade shows allow you to connect with people whose business has similar aspirations/interests to yours.

If you happen to find a crystal you like during the exhibition, you can exchange contact information with the wholesaler and use the suppliers’ details to request samples.

If the products and suppliers are exactly the ones you are looking for and suitable for attracting your customers, go ahead and establish a business relationship with the suppliers.

3. Search on Famous Marketplace

Another alternative way for you to find suppliers is making use of these big marketplaces, such as AliExpress , Amazon, etc.

AliExpress is one of the most popular and reputed online marketplaces with more than 100 million products ready for sale. Most AliExpress suppliers are overseas manufacturers and wholesalers selling their goods at lower prices. It can be a good place for you to find suppliers.

Find Crystal Wholesale Suppliers - AliExpress Crystal - DSers

If you want to dropship crystals, AliExpress is an excellent marketplace since it allows you to dropship items to any location in the world. Moreover, using the DSers app, you can find, import, and sell AliExpress products on your store with only a couple of clicks.

4.Purchase from International Companies

If you are just getting started or have a limited budget, purchasing from international companies is ideal. Large companies always sell products at pocket-friendly prices. But you should ensure that you have enough time to wait for your stock to arrive since it may take a lot of time.

Before purchasing from big companies, confirm that the crystals you will receive are of the best quality and it is the product you have a passion for, not just because they are cheap.

💡 TIP: Although recommendation letters available on the Internet and suggestions from other entrepreneurs may be helpful, you should always commit to working with suppliers good for your business/brand. It is worth noting that the business model is indeed different. Therefore, what works for one entrepreneur may not work for another entrepreneur.

Best Practices to Sell Crystals

Following are three best practices to sell crystals, learn them and get inspiration, it might be useful if you want to sell crystals online.

1.Rare and Unique Crystals 

Selling something rare and unique is really a perfect way to promote sales. Everyone wants to be different, so we are all interested in something that is not common. Maybe you already have a wide variety of crystals in stock. However, you should put more effort into building the display around rare or unique pieces.

Find Crystal Wholesale Suppliers - Rare and unique crystals - DSers

It will help you raise the apparent value or intrigue possessed by the smaller stones. Try your best to use extraordinary crystals to catch your customers' attention. It can help you get more sales and build brand awareness.

2. Benefits and Properties

Often, most people who come to your store to buy crystals may not know the benefits and/or properties of the products you display on the product page. If you can tell your potential customers directly what the benefits and properties might be, things will be much easier.

They will be more willing to buy the crystals if they know the basic benefits. For example, if a crystal can help people build confidence, recommend it to people who regularly speak in public. In this way, you may find the exact potential customers.

3. Great Photos

As your goal is to sell minerals and rocks online, you have to use great pictures. The pictures should clearly show the color band or crystal structure. Then your customer might have an understanding of what your products look like and how attractive they are.

Find Crystal Wholesale Suppliers - Great photos - DSers

You should spend more time finding a better camera or a better stage with great lighting techniques. It can help you generate great photos which may be eye-catching. While it may cost you a lot of time and cash, great photos may bring more back to you.

Pro Tip to Sell Crystal - Dropshipping

Dropshipping crystals can be a brilliant business idea bringing benefits to your online business. Here’s why.

1. Inventory

What makes the dropship model an ideal option for selling crystals is that it helps you reduce the risks of buying your inventory upfront and handling the stock of the products. In a traditional e-commerce business, you would need to buy your inventory in bulk at wholesale prices. That means you must invest start-up cash into a large number of products that you may or may not be able to sell later on.

You would then have to store your inventory in your home or pay for the storage in another place. Dropshipping eliminates such starting costs. When you find a good dropshipping supplier, you can purchase your products at wholesale prices. It means there is a larger profit margin for you.

2.Products Management

Once you find your dropshipping suppliers, you can sell all the items that they hold through your store. You can use their products images and descriptions. Moreover, you can import as many items as much as you want. When a customer buys a product from your store, your suppliers fulfill the order, what you should do is to place the order from your store to your suppliers. And with dropshipping tools such as DSers, you can find reliable suppliers and place your orders easily.

3.Easy Work

During the checkout process, you enter the customer’s shipping details. Then, the dropshipping supplier will ship the goods to your customers directly. All of the hard work is done by the supplier, as you are a dropshipper. Your main job will be to market and promote your store and product, which makes your online business much easier and more time-saving.

Final Word

Crystal is a great niche to get into as they have a huge potential for profits. If you plan to start your online crystal wholesale business, you should find a reliable supplier. Online, there are a large number of reputable and popular crystal suppliers you can trust. It is always a good idea to research a supplier to determine whether it is trustworthy or not. Also, conducting research beforehand can help you avoid making mistakes.

What’s more, if you are tired of dealing with the stock and orders, choose dropshipping business model to help you. But, researching before taking action is still vital and necessary.

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