6 Best Dropshipping Christmas Products to Earn More

6 Best Dropshipping Christmas Products to Earn More

With the winter holiday season just around the corner, dropshippers may already be thinking about what to sell in their online stores. As a dropshipper, you need to plan your sales for the holidays.

Christmas is the busiest shopping season in the world, and this is the time for you to increase sales at the end of the year. Join us today as we explore award-winning Christmas dropshipping products. But first, let's look at why Christmas is so important to dropshippers and why you should dropship Christmas products.

Why Dropship Christmas Products

With the rise of e-commerce, about half of consumers have opted out of retail shopping in the United States. According to the National Retail Federation, overall holiday shopping sales, online and in stores, are also expected to hit a record high of $843.4 billion to $859 billion, up 8.5% and 10.5%, respectively.

Over the past few years, consumers have started preparing for Christmas earlier and earlier. With retailers' holiday promotions and more people turning to online shopping, people are shopping early to make sure celebratory merchandise arrives before Christmas.

DSers dropshipping

Dropshipping and Sell Christmas Products to Earn More with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


As a dropshipper, you should also start your sales plan early to capture as many early consumers as possible. Christmas sales are usually associated with light gifts and decorations. These items are perfect for transportation. Therefore, you have a great opportunity to increase sales.

There's never been a better time to start a dropshipping business if you haven't already. We are entering Q4, the best time of year to be a seller. Starting now will help promote your first sale and develop your new e-commerce business.

Best Dropshipping Christmas Products

Every year, winter has a very specific list of products that it supplies on demand. Now is the time for consumers to look for classic upgrades, stylish clothing, and fun gift options. If you choose such types of products for a dropshipping website, there is always room for success.

The Supplier Optimizer feature of DSers offers a range of trustworthy suppliers that will provide you with high-quality Christmas products. Sign up and try DSers for free now and discover the best products available for direct sale in your Christmas outlet.

Christmas Clothing

As we can see, clothing is the second most popular Christmas product category after gift cards. It's a big niche and offers a lot of options. You can sell Christmas-themed fabrics in classic patterns and colors, as well as seasonal winter clothing (fashion sweaters, cardigans, elegant dresses, gloves, etc.).

You always need to consider the buyer's country and season. For example, if you're dropshipping in Australia, you should know that December is the start of summer there. As a result, winter clothing like cardigans and warm socks is not in the same demand as it is in Germany or the UK.

Christmas Clothing AliExpress Dropshipping - DSers
Source: AliExpress 

It’s a basic selling strategy to break it down into micro-niches to find hidden gems that will become bestsellers. Product research is key to seeing what sells well and looking for similar products.

Christmas Kitchen Products

The idea of the Christmas kitchen niche is good for online entrepreneurs who run relevant niche stores and own general stores. In this category, you can sell a wide range of goods, from tablecloths and decorations to cookie cutters, cutlery, and kitchen equipment. For example, one niche product idea would be baking supplies.

Christmas Kitchen Products AliExpress Dropshipping - DSers
Source: AliExpress 

In case you haven't noticed, baking has been all the rage since the arrogance pandemic began. Remember when your local grocery store completely ran out of flour? Now add all the traditional holiday baking families that do this time of year. Bread, biscuits, cakes, and pies will be the most popular seasonal goods.

By offering baking ingredients in your online store, you can spare customers the worry that the flour rack might be empty. If everything is on your site, they don't have to deal with going to more than one store to find spices and condiments.

Christmas Decorations

The must-have item on Christmas day is definitely home decor. As you can see, the popularity of people googling Christmas decorations peaked last year. This is not surprising. Last year, the pandemic kept people at home, so household items were in high demand. The 2021 pandemic is not yet fully over, so demand is expected to continue.

Christmas decorations Google Trends - DSers
Source: Google Trends

What would Christmas be without some vibrant decorations? No matter how many decorations people have in their garage, there's always room for more. So don't forget to add some ornate decorations when you're Christmas source products for your online store.

Some trending and attractive Christmas decoration products are:

Christmas Tree. Search interest for Christmas tree ornaments has been growing since early October. Christmas tree decorations must be pre-Christmas bestsellers. So why not choose some unique and outstanding Christmas tree decorations for your store.

Christmas Tree AliExpress Dropshipping - DSers
Source: AliExpress

Christmas LED Light. Almost everyone celebrates Christmas by buying LED lights as decorations for trees or rooms. There are some amazing Christmas LED lights from AliExpress. They're not made of glass and are dropshipping-friendly. It will be attractive to more customers if you add these beautiful and cheap little things to your store.

Christmas Outdoor Decor. According to Google Trends, the popularity of outdoor Christmas decorations was seen cliff growth last year. In early November, the heat almost surpassed 2019.

Christmas Outdoor Deco AliExpress Dropshipping - DSers
Source: AliExpress

It is expected to continue growing until Christmas. At the same time, the Christmas inflatable decoration is gradually heating up, as it is perfectly suited as a large outdoor decoration.

Christmas Jewelry

When it comes to Christmas products for girls and women, it has to be Christmas jewelry. About 50% of American women expect to receive jewelry as a Christmas gift. AliExpress sells fine Christmas-themed earrings, rings, and hair bands. If you paint jewelry in the United States, you may have good sales this year. So don't forget to add some Christmas-themed jewelry to your store.

Here's a Christmas niche idea for jewelry:

Jewelry Advent Calendar. The advent calendar is used to count the days until Christmas. A jewelry advent calendar filled with jewelry products. A new gift corresponds to a new day. It helps set the holiday spirit in early December.

Jewelry Advent Calendar AliExpress Dropshipping - DSers
Source: AliExpress 

This kind of dropshipping product is popular for selling before Christmas. In most cases, it is a high-ticket dropshipping product. However, you can find a lower price supplier on AliExpress with dropshipping tools like DSers.

Couple Bracelet. The couple bracelets are once again popular. Shoppers want to share their feelings with their loved ones. One of the ways they chose to show their love was by buying the couple's bracelet. It could be a good dropshipping product for the Christmas season.

Man Watches. Men also accept Christmas, especially jewelry products for watches. What do you think are the most searched results, men's watches or women's watches? Men's wristwatches are the right answer. Don't forget to include some of these in your dropshipping store before Christmas.

Christmas Pet Products

If you are in the pet niche segment or you have a general store, then it’s a great idea to dropship Christmas items for pets. You'll be surprised to know that you can sell many Christmas-themed products online. It's always good to take good care of your pets, just like how much they care for you. Christmas is the perfect time to show them your love and appreciation.

Christmas Pet Products AliExpress Dropshipping - DSers
Source: AliExpress

There has been a lot of interest in pet adoptions and animal shelters during the COVID-19 lockdown. That's why you should consider dropshipping pet products for Christmas. Don't forget to include animal- and pet-friendly items in your shopping cart. People want to adopt pets, but high-quality and affordable pet products are hard to find. So prepare those pet products in your dropshipping store for your customers.

Those products should include pet grooming products, toys, and other pet-friendly products from your online store. Such products can be dog kennels, dog swimming pools, dog beds, and toys. Animal lovers have so many products, so do your research and see what your customers like.

Christmas Gifts

More than 60% of U.S. consumers prefer to buy holiday gifts online. As an online seller, you need to sell the products that people are most likely to buy as gifts. Consumers expect to receive mostly clothing and accessories and gift cards.

Christmas Gift Cards. Gift cards can be used as an accessory to other gifts or given separately. This is the perfect Christmas gift for all ages. Unique pop-up cards are the most popular. There is a good idea for customizing and inserting Christmas thank-you cards that you can offer to your customers. This will make your customers feel valued.

Christmas Gfit Card AliExpress Dropshipping - DSers
Source: AliExpress

Christmas Gift Package. It may be strange to sell gift wrapping separately. But you can use these products as links to other Christmas products in your store, and your customers may buy them together. Decorations, ribbons, gift packages, etc. are good choices for gift wrapping. If possible, you can also wrap gifts for your customers as small gifts.

Dropship with DSers: Earn More Profits

Finding suitable Christmas products for your store is always a headache task for dropshippers, as AliExpress has too many suppliers and manufacturers there. It’s time-wasting if you don’t find an effective way out. DSers Supplier Optimizer feature helps you find well-performed product suppliers on AliExpress.

DSers dropshipping

Dropshipping and Sell Christmas Products to Earn More with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


DSers AliExpress dropshipping tool is designed for business efficiency. It is the top-rated dropshipping app on the Shopify app store. With over 5,000 positive reviews on Shopify, DSers helped about 150k users start and grow the dropshipping business more easily.

It offers services for Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix store owners to manage multiple stores in the app. DSers offers dozens of useful features like Bulk Order, Automatic Order Sync, Auto-Pricing, etc. Those highlighted features help many dropshippers like you automate their dropshipping work.

Final Word

Dropshipping Christmas products doesn't mean you need to replace everything in your e-commerce store. Instead, it allows you to ensure that your outlet stores have the best-selling Christmas items.

For dropshippers, Christmas is one of the best last sales opportunities of the year. The above dropshipping Christmas trending products are sure to push your sales chart to new heights.

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