Questions and Answers about Dropshipping: Resolve Your Doubts

Questions and Answers about Dropshipping: Resolve Your Doubts

The best way to understand dropshipping is to go through these frequently asked questions. We researched and found the top questions that almost every dropshipper asks before starting a store. We have answered these dropshipping questions and offered insights into the working of this business model. Have a look:

Dropshipping Questions You Should Know

Before we move to questions, let’s shortly discuss dropshipping:

Dropshipping is a model that allows owners to create an online shop containing products from a marketplace, such as AliExpress. Whenever a user places an order from this website, the order is placed on the marketplace and directly sent to the user. The items are marketed with your business branding, but you are not actually manufacturing these products.

DSers dropshipping

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Dropshipping is a beneficial business model requiring low investment, which is why it is preferred by many. However, there are some technical requirements and crucial decisions that you need to take care of for your dropshipping store.

dropshipping model

1. Is Dropshipping a Successful Career Option

Yes. There’s no question in the fact that dropshipping is the right successful career option. Many people become rich with this business model.

In fact, a lot of business experts and specialists also say that dropshipping can be your passive income option. You need to spend some time building your online store, and then it will start making you money in your sleep too.

However, one thing that we can say about a dropshipping business is to stay unique. You need to find unique dedicated products from the marketplace. If it is too common, you may have nothing new to sell to your users.

2. How Much Shipping Time Is Required for AliExpress Dropshipping

Most dropshipping businesses use the AliExpress marketplace for their orders. They source products from China mail or other neighboring regions.

On AliExpress, you usually need 2-6 weeks to get your products.

For this reason, you need to select the seller for the product and plan shipping models. Many shipping options on AliExpress offer paid fast shipping and others offer free shipping (That may be slower).

So, you need to evaluate every shipping option and see which is most beneficial for your business. A lot of dropshipping owners offer different shipping options to users, such as paid fast shipping if you need products in 5-20 days. If you can wait, then you can opt for free shipping that takes 20-60 days.

3. Which Tool Should I Use for AliExpress Dropshipping?

For dropshipping, the best tool that we can suggest is DSers. It is a robust, user-friendly, and valuable solution that helps manage the entire supply chain without hassle. Go through the features of AliExpress dropshipping tool DSers:

  • On the dashboard, you have an option to link your AliExpress account and find products. The listing shows valuable data that allows selecting the right products.
  • The smart AI engine allows selecting the right seller as well. On AliExpress, you can easily find more than one seller for a product. Usually, one would be better than all the other. DSers helps find this seller.
  • On DSers, all your piling orders can be placed at one time. After this, these product orders sync with the dashboard and help you track data.
  • DSers also allows selecting pricing rules. You can add this rule, and moving forward, every product you add to your store will have updated pricing as per this rule.

There are many more features of DSers. Visit our website and know more about the solution.

4. Is It Possible to Start Dropshipping with Minimal Investment

start dropshipping with a minimal investment

If you are willing to understand whether you can start dropshipping business on zero investment or not, then that is not possible.

Every business requires some level of investment. Fortunately, in the case of dropshipping, you have to make very little investment.

Just spend on setting up your store, marketing strategy, and other similar activities. Initially, you can keep the capital expenses as low as possible. If you are a salaried professional, you won’t have issues with this investment.

5. Is Dropshipping Business a Legal Option

Yes, the dropshipping business model is legal.

If it was illegal, then why would you see so many dropshipping stores? However, before starting any business, you should know the following things about the dropshipping business model:

  • Dropshipping is similar to an online e-commerce store. Therefore, every law of online retail in any region also applies to dropshipping, unless mentioned otherwise in the guidelines or laws.
  • Secondly, there are some important compliances that every business should follow to avoid issues. For example, paying taxes regularly. Simply check the laws and taxes that apply for your business and take help from an expert for this purpose.
  • One of the important considerations in case dropshipping is copyright issues. If you are adding product images that are trademarked by brands with specific colors, you should check if you are using these images.
  • Finally, for your website and data collection, you should take care of different laws like GDPR and Cookie Law.

6. How Can I Find the Right Dropshipping Supplier

There are many methods to find the right dropshipping supplier for products:

  • On AliExpress, randomly search and find suppliers for the same product. Evaluate every supplier separately and then make a decision.
  • Once you have shortlisted a few sellers, you can connect with the seller and talk to them about your business model. They can offer you customized packaging options or lower prices for bulk orders.
  • After this, visit Google and check the rating of the seller. Know what people think about this seller.

Remember to avoid falling into the trap of fake sellers. Don’t sign up for monthly payments or any payment model that is not feasible as per the industry standards. It is best to directly order from the marketplace in place of ordering products from a seller you can never meet in person.

Lastly, we have already discussed how DSers helps you. Use the tool to find the right seller for your orders. Based on AI intelligence, DSers helps you place orders with a seller that seems most optimum for your sale. This maximizes your profit margins as well.

7. Do You Need to Get Paid Themes for Dropshipping Business

Ideally, no!

You can always take a paid theme and grow your business. But, in the starting, it is really not required. Just find a theme on Shopify that is subtle and compliments your business model.

Later on, as you grow, focus on purchasing a theme that can be customized according to your brand voice and value. Slowly revamp your website and store to avoid the burden in the starting.

8. Is It Possible to Copyright Products on Your Store

Since you are not manufacturing these products, you can’t copyright these products.

Unless the seller or the manufacturing company has given you a license for the same, you can sell products under your name. You need to add the name of the manufacturing unit to avoid copyright issues.

In the starting, it may even be easier to sell under the manufacturer’s name if the seller has a great brand name in the market. For example, if you are selling Nike shoes on your website, the brand name itself speaks.


So, these were some of the most asked dropshipping questions. Go through these questions, understand the key details of the business model, and then prepare for your new business. Know that even when you need low or no investment in dropshipping, you still need to strategize, manage, and give time to this business model. Therefore, it is best to deeply explore everything there is to know before moving forward.

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