Shopify vs Wix: Which Is Better for Your Business in 2022

Shopify vs Wix: Which Is Better for Your Business in 2022

If you have a brilliant business idea for selling products online, then you may need an e-commerce platform to start. Fortunately, there are some high-quality options such as Wix and Shopify.

The article makes a comparison between Shopify and Wix, to find out which one is better for your business. This article will elaborate their key features on different aspects, allowing you to learn more about each option and decide which one is the most suitable for you.

You are going to learn the following:

What Is Shopify

Shopify is not a singular product, but a platform with a lot of e-commerce features to open your online store, and manage your products. It provides a starter plan with a 14-day free trial, which is a big benefit for people to open their online store on it.

Homepage - Shopify

Shopify, as an e-commerce platform, provides all the business tools you need in one familiar place. Then it makes sure that you can easily access and integrate any other business tools you want or need.

With Shopify, you can sell wherever your customers are. This means you can sell your products on your own website or face-to-face in person, such as your retail store or a trade show event, on marketplaces like AliExpress, Amazon and Ebay and on social media channels including Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram and etc.

Since it cooperates with AliExpress, the most popular marketplace with thousands of suppliers doing dropshipping, you could find reliable suppliers on it. Thus, if you want to start your online dropshipping store, Shopify, with a couple of dropshipping tools, can prove very helpful.

Importantly, Shopify focuses on online store creation and design, management of products, etc. With these e-commerce features, opening an online store is not a big problem.

What Is Wix

Wix is a website builder, it pays more attention to the whole building of the website. There are two optional ways to build your website:

  • Build by yourself using the templates which Wix provides - Start from scratch with a blank template or open one of the designer-made templates. Then add elements such as images, texts, contacts forms and place them wherever you want to display them on your site.
  • Build your website automatically with Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) - Wix ADI is designed for automatically building a website. Wix ADI will create a designed site with custom content and images for you after asking you a few questions about your site and your style preferences.

Also, you can create your online store on Wix, and DSers is now happy to support Wix stores, which means you can manage your dropshipping orders from your Wix store through DSers. For more details about what DSers could do, please check Wix Store Support article.

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Dropshipping Now on Wix with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


Shopify vs Wix: Specific Aspects

Since Shopify and Wix are similar platforms, you can open your online store on both of them, however, the question is which is more suitable

for your online business. Next, the article make comparison between Shopify and Wix from 6 specific aspects: store customization, online store features, pricing, customer support, easiness of use and site plans.

Store Customization

Shopify is a platform that allows you to decorate online store as you like. Shopify provides more than 60 professionally designed and customized themes, allowing you to freely add individual product pages according to your needs.

Free themes:

Free themes - Shopify

And these themes are designed for different categories of your products.

Free themes for different categories - Shopify

On the other hand, Wix doesn't provide you as much flexibility as Shopify does. It provides templates for the whole website building, but not so many for your products or your store.

Templates for website - Wix

💡 TIP: On Shopify, customization also allows you to change page elements quickly. You can move, add, delete or adjust page elements to make your store more brand-specific and attractive. If you are tired of the look of the website, you just need to choose a new theme and you will have a brand new store in a few minutes!

E-commerce Features

Wix provides almost everything you need to sell online. However, in general, it can be said that Shopify provides more advanced e-commerce features because the platform is fully dedicated to e-commerce.

Since Shopify is specifically designed for e-commerce, it provides many useful e-commerce features, covering every small aspect of sales process. It also provides additional advanced e-commerce tools—especially in shipping, reporting, and user accounts. Shopify has multiple payment gateways, inventory management tools, third-party platform integration, shopping carts, and order management tools.

E-commerce features - Shopify

Wix is mainly designed for you to build a website, so most of the tools on it are about website building. Only Wix's business and e-commerce plans provide e-commerce features, while every Shopify plan offers e-commerce features.


Wix is cheaper than Shopify. Wix’s e-commerce plan starts at $23/month, while Shopify’s price starts at $29/month. Whereas Shopify  provides more features. Wix’s business plan will provide you different payment gateways and sale channels with a lower price.

However, when considering the pricing, it’s also important to understand the transaction fees of each platform, which can have a significant impact on the total monthly cost of your website and your revenue.

In the Basic Shopify plan, the transaction fee is the same as Wix — 2.9%, plus an additional $0.30 per transaction. However, as your business grows, when you sign up for Shopify and Shopify Advanced plans, this fee will decrease to 2.6% and 2.4%, respectively.

Plans Pricing - Shopify

Customer Support

Although Wix provides 24/7 telephone support for its US customers, reviewers often complain that contacting a customer service representative is difficult and time-consuming. Instead, Shopify provides 24/7 support in three different ways - phone, live chat, and email.

Easiness of Use

Wix is easier to use than Shopify and can build your store faster. Wix is designed for starters and small businesses, and it provides some steps and videos to help you start.

What’s more, since most of its tools are used to build websites, there are fewer things you need to do when opening your online store. By contrast, Shopify offers more tools for you to promote your online store and more themes to customize the store, the process of opening an online store requires more time. So in terms of building an online store, Wix is easier to use.

And since it offers many templates for website building, when you want to build a professionally designed site, you could start and design one quickly and easily. However, Shopify would need more time and steps to achieve the goal.

Tools - Wix

Wix’s Site Plan

Wix has 5 plans to build a website. And every plan has its unique features that help you to build a well-designed website. What’s more, for its Combo, Unlimited, Pro, and VIP plans, you can get a free domain name for a year, after the year, you only need pay for $14.95 yearly. Shopify, however, do not have specific plans for website building, it provides plans for e-commerce only.

Site plans - Wix

Best Dropshipping Tool to Help You on Different Platforms - DSers

Shopify is indeed a great option for you to boost your business. It offers hundreds of apps like DSers, PageFly, MailChimp to help you start, grow and scale your online store.

DSers dropshipping

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With a lot of unique features, DSers, the most popular dropshipping tool on Shopify makes your online dropshipping business much easier. It will provide you with order management, store management, products import from AliExpress and also some useful online support services.

And now dropshippers are allowed to integrate DSers with both Shopify and Wix, you can manage your store through it on both of the platform. In addition, dropshippers also can use DSers to push order tracking information to their PayPal and find reliable suppliers on AliExpress.

Features - DSers

Final Word

Through the comparison, now you have a better understanding about the two platforms, and both of them have their own pros & cons. However, Shopify, with more e-commerce features, might be better option for your business. What’s more, since Shopify has many tools about starting and operating online store, it will benefit you from store creation and decoration.

Now, if you are trying to find a platform to start online store, choose from Shopify or Wix according to your own needs and go ahead.

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