8 Small Business Challenges and Their Solutions for Dropshippers in 2024

8 Small Business Challenges and Their Solutions for Dropshippers in 2024

Updated by March 18,2024

The internet has created several chances for doing small business. Among these, dropshipping is thought to be one of the most intriguing. This small business strategy is used by a huge number of small businesses, resulting in a $162.44 billion sector (2019 statistics).

The surprising quantity of dropshipping store sales is frequently directly related to the expanding number of internet buyers. Nonetheless, either small or extended, not every business is simple & easy to run and make profits.

8 Challenges Dropshippers Has to Face & Solutinos

As you may have noticed, dropshipping is not all glitz and glory. There are significant hazards that, if not anticipated, might jeopardise your achievement. The following are some much-needed to-know small business challenges, along with their solutions, a dropshipper highly needs to be aware of:

1. Establishing Your Own Identity While Selling Third-Party Products

Many dropshippers are comfortable opening one-product or limited-time small businesses, which they cheerfully close down after the craze has passed.

However, because social media advertising is growing more expensive by the day, small businesses can no longer afford to lose clients and start over every time. Therefore, one of the secrets to developing a successful dropshipping small business is to engage in the establishment of your own private label or brand.

But how can you build a brand if you never interact with the items you sell?


First and foremost, creating custom-made items may be highly costly and complicated, especially if you work with Chinese suppliers and have limited investment resources. However, at least in the early stages of your small dropshipping business, customising your product packaging may be an option.

This form of private labelling is not expensive and can be accomplished with very minimal MOQs; if you are ready, you may even consider applying your own brand to your items. However, in order to do so, you must first overcome the next dropshipping difficulty.

2. Identifying a Reliable Supplier

Finding a dependable supplier is another issue in the drop-shipping industry. Finding a decent one may be compared to looking for a needle in a haystack.

Private dropshipping suppliers are on the rise these days, thanks to increased awareness and profitable small business performance of dropshipping. However, not all of them will satisfy your quality or financial expectations.

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The entire process is centred on three entities: customers, stores, and suppliers.

You and your selected supplier are responsible for delivering the product to the consumer as a dropshipper. But what if your cooperation with the provider is insufficient? Your company will suffer immediately as a result. As a result, locating suitable suppliers is sufficient.


Selecting a supplier is the first of many critical decisions you must make, and it has the power to decide the success or failure of your small dropshipping business. Get as much information as possible on the suppliers you're considering, such as specifics about the items they sell, the quality of their products, their shipping, and return policies, their price, their industry expertise, and even their reviews.

A good supplier may help your company build a reputation for speed, quality, and efficiency, but a lousy supplier can wreck your reputation and budget. Because your small business's success depends on your supplier, take your time and make an informed decision.

3. Establish Customer Trust with High-Quality Products

Have you ever heard the phrase "sell the right item to the right audience at the right time"?

If you aced the last drop shipping challenge, this one should be a piece of cake. As long as you offer high-quality items, you can be confident that your customers will be satisfied and will return to your business to buy more!


Present your adverts and products in an interesting manner, using high-quality photographs and videos that showcase your wares in the best light possible!

4. Shipping & Processing Timing

You won't be able to get your items delivered the next day unless you ship them in quantity through trusted shipping methods. So here's one of the most difficult aspects of dropshipping.

Shipping and processing times should be nicely managed!


The key here is to be reliable with your consumers; do not lie about your shipment timings, and make sure you mention the actual time frames of your parcels in the shipping area. Your customers will be thrilled and appreciate your honesty, and you will receive fewer complaints and refunds.

Provide satisfying customer service and keep your clients updated on the progress of their shipments. This will assist you in gaining their faith in your company.

5. Handling Customer Returns

Suppliers heavily influence dropshipping return policies, and the vast majority of them do not provide return services. Customer refunds inevitably become more complicated when a third party is engaged in the process.

Different dropshippers have different refund policies. Some suppliers will not accept returns for all products, and the price of handling returns varies by provider. Customers will eventually expect to return items to you rather than your suppliers.


Make contact with your preferred source to learn more about how they provide the service.

Also, provide a return policy on your dropshipping business so that you can limit your customers' complaints to a minimum because if you receive too many complaints or negative reviews, your ad account may be prohibited and payments stopped.

6. Dealing with Facebook, Shopify, and PayPal bans

If you want to start by opening a small dropshipping business, Facebook, Shopify, and PayPal will most likely be your closest friends. A large number of dropshipping entrepreneurs use these technologies in their businesses.

The unfavourable news is that if you do not follow their rules and do not keep your customers pleased, you may have your accounts suspended.

So, what are your options if you are banned? To be fair, prevention is preferable to treatment.


The following tips are the key to overcome from this vital issue:

  • First of all, make sure you completely adhere to the recommendations offered. This will assist in lessening the likelihood of being blocked.
  • Provide accurate information about your items and do not mislead your customers.
  • Make certain that you do not over-promote your items, as doing so may result in a suspension.

7. Running out of Stock

This is one of the difficulties you may encounter in exporting at particularly popular times of the year, like Christmas and Chinese New Year.

However, there are often times you sell the most, which is why you should plan before jumping into the ocean of this dropshipping business and stock up on your best-selling things. You don't have to acquire hundreds of them, but you should have enough to ensure that your orders are delivered without a hitch.


Having access to different providers may be quite beneficial. Why? Because having many suppliers with overlapping inventory is the most effective strategy to increase the order fulfilment ratio. If Supplier A will not be able to provide you enough stock for your orders, Supplier B most likely does. Furthermore, relying just on one supplier to source your goods is dangerous. If they refuse to deal with you, raise their pricing, or go out of business, your company's future is jeopardised.

You'll never discover two suppliers that supply the same products, but if they're in the same dropshipping area or sector, they'll likely stock the popular items—these are your main concern.

8. Immense Competition

Most small dropshipping businesses fail because they are not distinctive. There are a lot of individuals getting started with dropshipping right now.

But do you know what's really sad?

The majority of them put little effort into their dropshipping shop. Instead, they open their small business, import certain items with no changes, and begin promoting. This means that several dropshippers are selling the same items with information obtained from the same dropshipping suppliers. Having the same product is not always a negative thing, but having the same photographs, descriptions, and so on will not assist you!

How do you overcome the disadvantage of dropshipping?

So, how can this disadvantage of having a lot of competitors be overcome?


It's too Easy!

Take smarter steps than they do! Also, don't try to duplicate everything just to save time. Instead, invest some time and effort into your dropshipping store, since you are creating a genuine business!

💡 PRO TIP: You must understand at the outset that you may pay more to the supplier, but you will not incur additional expenditures such as warehousing the items and sending them to all of your clients.

Bottom Line

A dropshipping store may be quite profitable. We addressed some of its obstacles in this essay, but there is no business in the world without challenges! So keep your good attitude up since every issue has a solution, just as every lock has a key. All you need is the perfect partner to help you and be invested in your success.

We hope you learned something from these drop shipping problems so that you may overcome them and achieve your goals.

If you want to learn more about being distinctive and outperforming your dropshipping competitors. In that case, we recommend reaching out to the DSers and reading all their helpful blogs associated with the dropshipping business.

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