WooCommerce Dropshipping: Everything You Must Know 2024

WooCommerce Dropshipping: Everything You Must Know 2024

There's been a boom in dropshipping over the last few years, partly due to the ability to sell without carrying inventory, and partly due to the ease of getting started.

One of the easiest ways to launch a dropshipping store is through WooCommerce. This is an effective way to start an online store if storage isn't an option.

What Is WooCommerce

WordPress is the platform that powers WooCommerce. No matter what type of website you want to build, WordPress is by far the most popular option. Almost 39% of all web pages on the internet are powered by WordPress (yes, that number is as outrageous as it sounds).

Content management systems like WordPress are popular because they are incredibly flexible. Simply put, it is a tool that helps non-technical people manage websites. You can post anything, including eCommerce products.

While WordPress serves as the foundation for creating an eCommerce store, the popular WooCommerce plugin can be added to create an eCommerce store as well.

A WordPress plugin developed by Automattic, WooCommerce, allows users to sell products online. Automattic runs WordPress.com, the world's largest blogging platform. You have plenty of resources backing your store's platform because it's a billion-dollar company.

The Benefits of Using WooCommerce for Dropshipping

With WooCommerce dropshipping, site owners and wholesalers benefit from a revenue-generating partnership. Due to its affordability, flexibility, and profit potential, dropshipping is becoming a preferred business model across many industries.

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress, so entrepreneurs don't have to worry about the restrictions, terms, or policies that may apply to other platforms. They are also able to rank higher on search engines page results thanks to WordPress' SEO capabilities.

DSers dropshipping

Manage Multiple Stores In One Account

Multiple Stores Management - Link and manage multiple stores on different platforms in one place


Your relationship with your suppliers must be mutually beneficial since dropshipping success depends on this. Wholesalers or suppliers save money if you sell their products since they no longer need to spend money on marketing to find customers, and it cuts your store's startup cost significantly since you do not have to warehouse stock. Dropshippers' performance directly affects your business, so you need to invest in relationships with them. Here you will learn how to find reliable suppliers with DSers.

You may be looking for specific examples now that you understand dropshipping.

Dropshipping with WooCommerce: How to Set It Up

We're going to start with some basics on how to set up a WooCommerce store. Then we'll explore three example stores in detail.

1. Set up a Website And a Domain

You can build your site as simple or as complex as you like with WordPress. WordPress powers more than half of all websites on the internet, and it is flexible enough to provide the features that your business needs.

Once you've purchased a domain, you'll need to register it. There are several low-cost domain providers such as Google Domains that can be used for this.

2. Select a Hosting Provider

The next step is to choose the right hosting provider. It is your hosting provider's responsibility to keep your site running smoothly despite fluctuations in traffic.

3. Download And Install the WooCommerce Plugin

Your WordPress site's eCommerce functionality is provided by the WooCommerce plugin. In the next few sections of our first example store, we'll show you how to set up the store. Afterward, we'll walk you through adding the WooCommerce dropship plugin to connect you to suppliers.

What Is the Best Dropshipping Plugin

There are currently many dropshipping plugins available. They may be limited to certain platforms. WooCommerce has several plugins available, and we will go through the most popular one here.

WooCommerce dropshipping plugins like DSers, connect to your online store and provide you with a marketplace of products that you can select and add to your store.

By eliminating the need to contact suppliers directly, the best WooCommerce dropshipping plugins reduce phone calls and email exchanges. You can sometimes find ratings and reviews for merchants when using these plugins, helping you to make the right purchasing decision.

DSers is one of the most used dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce to help you start and scale your Woo stores. It pulls all product information from suppliers and display it as product pages on your website.

With DSers, your store is automatically updated with new information when an item's price changes or it goes out of stock. Additionally, when a purchase is made through your online store, orders are automatically sent to the supplier.

Providing a Great Shopping Experience

Small businesses have a lot of options for setting up value-added dropshipping businesses online today, including several convenient means. Your WordPress website can be up and running quickly with WooCommerce and a few handy plugins.

As soon as you've found and loaded your Aliexpress suppliers, and you've uploaded product details in CSV, automated, or PDF formats, remember that your job isn't done. Dropshipping sales can be supported with the right tools and plugins like DSers.

Since the world of eCommerce is becoming increasingly competitive, it's vital to find a strategy that allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Providing your customers with a great experience is usually the easiest way to achieve this. To do this, you should ensure that your WooCommerce store provides:

· Various payment options:

Provide your customers with the option to choose the payment method that is best for them during the checkout process.

· Efficient order tracking:

The ability to track dropshipping orders is helpful since orders can take weeks to arrive. You can also use email alerts with to let your customers know when their orders are shipped. DSers Wordpress Email Plugin enables you to send emails on WooCommerce stores for free.

· Outstanding customer support:

To perform well, you need great customer service from your hosting provider and dropshipping company, just as your customers need great customer service. Consider allowing live chat and email contact through plugins if possible.

· A website that's easy to use:

Make sure your eCommerce website is set up with a dropshipping plugin like DSers and WooCommerce setup that makes it easy for customers to browse different products without any hassle. Taking advantage of your website's product search functionality might make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.

· Additional features:

You and your customers will both benefit from features that make their lives easier. How would an image editor improve the matching of dropshipping products to your brand? Would it be helpful if your dropshipping service designed packing slips for purchases that included your company's branding?

WooCommerce doesn't provide a perfect solution for building a dropshipping business. To find out what works for your business, as well as your customers, you'll have to take some time.

It is good news that businesses can build the perfect website for their clients by using the open-source nature of WordPress and WooCommerce. The more you learn about your clients, the more you can update and enhance your website's design.


Finding the right products is the first step in launching your WooCommerce store. Know who your customers are and who your competitors are. It's important to know your ideal customer - the one who will eagerly watch a package's unboxing on Instagram.

The great thing about WooCommerce dropshipping is that you get everything WordPress has to offer combined with the flexibility. Besides, with the power of DSers, a useful WooCommerce dropshipping app, it’s no more a tough task to reach thousands of reliable suppliers and manage a large number of orders. In addition to that, dropshipping can be quite profitable if you follow the trends.

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