Best Dropshipping Courses You Wouldn’t Miss 2024

Best Dropshipping Courses You Wouldn’t Miss 2024

Updated by March 18,2024

It’s known that times are tough for a lot of people right now, with losing their jobs and being forced to stay at home. At the same time, however, the e-commerce world is much less affected. Nowadays, dropshipping is still a thriving e-commerce distribution model.

In the same way that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second-best time is now. It’s never too late to start your own online store, but before that, you need to know that dropshipping is not a way to get quick money or turn you into a millionaire overnight. There are many successful dropshippers that you can learn a lot from.

Many dropshippers and brands become successful because they find the right way to start and grow their business. Some of them are creating educational content, for example, dropshipping courses, to teach the followers and audiences the ins and outs of running an online business.

But not all the successful dropshippers or brands are perfect content deliverers, so it’s important to choose the best fitting dropshipping course for your online business.

What Is a Dropshipping Course

The dropshipping course is basically a series of educational classes or courses which are designed to help dropshippers of all backgrounds interested in starting their own online business. There are many types of dropshipping courses like blogs, podcasts, and videos. You can choose what you prefer to learn.

The courses range in length - some last just 1 or 2 hours, others more than 10 hours. However, they all cover fairly similar structures. In essence, they all teach you e-commerce and the steps you need to take to start your own dropshipping business.

Dropshipping Courses 1 - DSers

If you've been wondering how to choose the best products for your store, or you've been looking for some marketing tips to help you expand online sales, you've come to the right place. Of course, some online courses are for beginners, while others are more specialized and focus on certain aspects of e-commerce.

Thankfully, with a wide variety of dropshipping courses to choose from, you can definitely find the one that best suits your needs.

Why Take a Dropshipping Course

For online business novices of all backgrounds, attending a dropshipping course is proven to be a very productive endeavor. If you're a beginner who just wants to dabble in the e-commerce world, or if you're a seasoned veteran, it’s always helpful to learn from others’ dropshipping courses.

For starters, the dropshipping course will teach them how to choose the right products to sell online, build and design their own online store, and launch their first marketing campaign.

Dropshipping Courses - DSers

If you already have some experience running an online business, the courses can still be very valuable, especially if you want to try some new strategies. Those advantageous courses and experience can really take your business to the next level. This is because dropshipping itself allows you to quickly test new products without worrying about inventory.

With valued experience gained from the courses and veterans, you don’t have to pay a heavy cost for avoidable mistakes and errors. Compared with trying again and again to find the right way, dropshipping courses save you time and improve your business efficiently.

What Makes a Good Dropshipping Course

There are different factors you need to consider when looking for the right course that best suits you. Of course, not all business owners have exactly the same needs, but there are some common foundations that make a course the good one.

Not Only Dropshipping

First, the program must teach skills that can be applied to different businesses - in addition to being crucial for e-commerce and dropshipping. This content must be delivered in an intuitive way that you can easily understand and implement. Of course, the content must also be tested and proven to work - not something made up by the author or just based on theory.

Good Investment

Second, the course must be a good investment. That means it shouldn't break your bank while also providing you with skills and nothing more than the courses it offers. This means that you want it to cover different topics in sufficient depth so that everything taught can be used profitably.

Up-to-Date Content

Finally, you want the program to be strongly supported. This means you should make sure the course is still up to date and not abandoned over time like countless other training programs.

This is probably the most complicated factor, as it takes more time to determine than just look at the content. Basically, the course should be supported by different devices like the mobile and desktop. You should be able to visit it for a lifetime until you feel there is nothing to learn from it. Getting access through a one-time payment rather than a monthly subscription is more preferable.

Online Dropshipping Courses - DSers.

Though the course quality doesn’t depend on these criteria, it's still important to keep this in mind when deciding on the course you want. Every low-quality course (and quick-money course) fails to offer at least one of these features, which may be the norm for some courses.

Similarly, it’s easy to get all kinds of training plans on different platforms, but the quality of the content can’t be guaranteed. That's why you need to know how to figure out the bad ones to ensure you're getting your money worth.

Best Free Dropshipping Courses in 2024

When looking for dropshipping courses, you actually need content that do inspire you to try new marketing strategies, teach you new techs or tools, provide you with stepwise guides and more. It’s better to find a course that covers almost every aspect of dropshipping like how to find suppliers (you need to know how to find reliable dropshipping suppliers), buying wholesale goods to sell, how to set up a storefront, some e-commerce business concepts, and so on.

With those in mind, here are the top dropshipping courses:

Udemy - Drop Shipping Products for Beginners

The best free dropshipping course chosen here is Udemy's dropshipping products for beginners. The course is taught by Matt Bernstein, with nearly 15 years of experience in e-commerce and selling on eBay, and he is supported by Skillhance.

Because of its focus on inventory and business information, not just sales, this course is at the top of the ranking. Topics covered include tax and e-commerce business licenses, sourcing international products from wholesale or subscription box suppliers, how to mark products, etc.

Udemy Dropshipping Products for Beginners - DSers
Source: Udemy

There is also a paid version of the course with some additional benefits. First, you will receive a certificate of completion so that you can prove that you are qualified to run your own business.

Second, you can visit the Q&A for answers to the most frequently asked questions about direct selling, sourcing the best direct products, managing delivery times, and more. Even better, the course gives you direct contact with the instructor, so you can ask questions that are relevant to your personal business situation.

Udemy - Best Amazon Dropshipping Course

The best Amazon dropshipping course choice is Udemy's eCommerce Website: Shopify, Dropshipping, Amazon, and more. The course typically costs $129.99, with occasional discounts of up to 90%. It is aimed at beginners who want to learn how to start an e-commerce business or avoid making any mistakes in dropshipping or trying to increase revenue from an existing business.

Udemy - Best Amazon Dropshipping Course - DSers
Source: Udemy

The course is regularly updated to make the information as relevant as possible. More than 72,600 people have taken the course and it is one of the most recommended courses on Udemy. Whether you want to earn passive income on Amazon, learn the basics of dropshipping, sourcing products, and how to use e-commerce marketing strategies and advertising to increase e-commerce sales.

The best part about this course is that it's not just about selling on Amazon, after all, there are some differences between selling on Amazon and dropshipping on Amazon.

There is plenty of good advice on how to buy wholesale goods, market your product, and maximize profit margins. Lifetime access is also available, which means if you feel rusty or want to access any updates to the course, you can go back without having to pay again.

DSers - Dropshipping 101

DSers is an official partner of AliExpress, also the top-ranked dropshipping app on Shopify. Its blog ranges from dropshipping ideas, e-commerce guidance, marketing tips to niche products & market recommendations.

DSers Dropshipping 101 - DSers

The guidance AliExpress Dropshipping 101 covers nearly every aspect of dropshipping that an online business beginner might come across. It not only guides the audience on how to run a successful dropshipping online store but also how to expand dropshipping business.

All the posts are free to read, you can click and jump to any article you’re interested in to get more details and learn from it.

Shopify Learn - How to Start a Dropshipping Business

The best Shopify direct selling course is Shopify's own How to Start a Dropshipping Business. The course is taught by entrepreneur and Shopify education expert Corey Ferreira, who owns his own dropshipping business.

Shopify How to Start Dropshipping - DSers
Source: Shopify

The course is quite comprehensive, covering everything from finding dropshipping marketing to building relationships with suppliers to order fulfillment practices. If you decide to pick Shopify as your e-commerce platform, then this is one of the best resources you can have. Even better, it's completely free to access.

In this course, thanks to dropshipping - you'll learn how to find products to sell without worrying about inventory or shipping, how to validate products and business ideas, how to find suppliers, and how to get your store to make an initial sale.

Dropshipping is a great way to start an e-commerce business because it doesn't require a lot of money or time to get started. All you need is an idea and some guidance.

Dropship with DSers: Free Courses and Guidance

Since Shopify and AliExpress are the first choices for running a dropshipping store, there are many handy dropshipping tools like DSers to connect both platforms together to smooth the dropshipping business journey.

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Now to Grow Your Online Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


With over 4,300 positive reviews, DSers is proven to be an effective e-commerce solution.

Stock Management

This Stock Management feature can help you track the status of each order which is critical for e-commerce online business. It supports ensuring that you know what conditions the order is under.

Has it been delivered yet? Is there a problem with the store or AliExpress? Automatically tracking the status and information of all your orders is the main purpose of the feature.

Multiple Store Management

DSers supports Multiple Store Management among different e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix. You can use DSers to manage all stores on one page with one simple click and switch to any other store faster than ever before.

Bundle Products

Up-selling and cross-selling is an important part of online e-commerce business. Being able to increase the average shopping cart value can be a game-changer for your store! With the feature of Bundle Products, you can create product packages from different AliExpress suppliers.

These product bundles are great opportunities to offer your customers new attractive offers, discounts, and price reductions, while you may not be able to sell more products if you sell them separately.

There are many more valued features of DSers that can ease your order fulfillment process and increase sales. Click here and try DSers for free now!

Final Word

Depending on how much research you do, a dropshipping course can be your best investment or a waste of money.

A bad course will leave you with more questions than answers, but a good one will give you all the skills you need to get ahead of your competitors. As long as you apply the concepts taught and take your business seriously, it will put you on the right path to success.

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