How to Apply One Page Checkout on WooCommerce to Boost Your Store Sales: An Ultimate Guide 2022

How to Apply One Page Checkout on WooCommerce to Boost Your Store Sales: An Ultimate Guide 2022

More businesses have shifted to e-commerce stores as more and more people prefer to shop digitally every year. WooCommerce, as a popular selling sites, has over 80 million users. If you’re one of them, you know how hard it is to stand out and get more sales. According to Geckoboard, the average cart abandonment rate is 74.52%, which is really high.

Therefore, optimizing your checkout page with higher conversion somehow helps you get more sales. WooCommerce one page checkout is an effective way to fasten and simplify the checkout process. How can you get the most of it and sell more on WooCommerce? Let’s see in the post:

The most important thing for e-commerce store owers is to create an online experience that is enjoyable, convenient, and efficient, from browsing to checkout for customers instead of stocking shelves and designing aisles.

It’s recommended to turn the traditional checkout model into a one-page checkout model. This checkout model helps you reduce multiple steps and clicks throughout checkout to save customers time. However, how can create a great checkout process on one page? The post will introduce the 5 best WooCommerce one-page checkout plugins. Let’s keep reading to know.

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What Is WooCommerce One Page Checkout

Before exploring the best checkout plugins for this checkout method, let’s learn what one-page checkout is. The answer to this question is quite simple: One page checkout, also known as one-step checkout, is an approach for an e-commerce website to design a simpler and faster entire checkout process on one page. Compared to other checkout methods, checkout on one page aims to get the customer through the process as simply and quickly as possible.

The most obvious pro of one-page payment is that it’s quick and simple to complete. Your customers can complete the entire payment process in a single step without navigating through multiple pages. The checkout method then creates an excellent buying experience for consumers.

Why Use WooCommerce One Page Checkout

Why should you use WooCommerce one-page checkout? To make your customers enjoy buying from you and  improve your customer retention. If you are selling on WooCommerce, the checkout model can help you sell more no matter what you are going to sell. For example, whether you are selling services, like personal training, or physical goods, like a monthly candy subscription box, fulfilling payment on one page can benefit you a lot. Let’s look at some benefits of it:

  • At first, it makes your customers purchase on a single page providing them with a faster checkout experience with less interruption. It means you can get more sales and more happy customers for your online business.
  • Moreover, one-page payment shortens the purchase funnel. It’s convenient for consumers since they can fill in the purchase form and buy products on a single page. Therefore, it creates a better customers shopping experience.
  • This method can save time. It often means fewer order fields, which not only saves time but also makes customers feel safer with this model.
  • Last but not least, one page-checkouts reduce sales abandonment by making the checkout simple.

Checkout on one page is great for online businesses since a simpler checkout process can make visitors more likely to finish their purchase and help you boost conversion rates.

Best WooCommerce One Page Checkout Plugins

When online store owners plan to create a checkout page on one single page for their users, plugins for checkout on one page always work well for these sites. Here are 5 top one-page checkout plugins on WooCommerce, let’s check them out one by one:

1. WooCommerce One Page Checkout

WooCommerce one page checkout is the first king among the top list. When selling online, no matter which selling platform you choose, one of the key factors resulting in cart abandonments is a long checkout process. Thus, WooCommerce One Page Checkout is a solution to help customers reduce cart abandonment.

WooCommerce One Page Checkout

WooCommerce One Page Checkout is a plugin available for sale on WooCommerce’s website. Its basic principle is to display the product selection and checkout forms on one page. Thus, with the plugin, customers purchasing on WooCommerce can add or remove products and proceed with the payment without going to another page. In addition, the WooCommerce One Page Checkout has several templates, supports shortcodes, and offers powerful integrations. The best thing I want to mention bout this plugin is its ability to add shortcodes to create multiple landing pages for different events and promotions.

2. WooFunnels

What is WooFunnels? WooFunnels is a sales funnel plugin for WooCommerce helping you build, launch and grow anything you want. To use it, you need to install and activate a hosting account on WordPress with WooCommerce. The WooFunnels plugin takes full advantage of WooCommerce, allowing you to customize the buyer’s checkout experience.


Moreover, WooFunnels integrates with popular LMS plugins via WooCommerce such as LearnDassh, TutorLMS, LifterLMS, which enables you to create a streamlined course selling process. With the streamlined selling process, your customers can get a quick checkout process, which contributes to your sale conversions.

3. Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

Direct Checkout is also an alternative WooCommerce plugin. The main mission is to help you simplify the checkout process and improve conversion rates. Customers can edit their carts and confirm the orders on the same page by including the cart form on the checkout page.

Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

With Direct Checkout for WooCommerce, you can share many excellent features like the ability to remove checkout fields, add a quick view function, and the quick buy buttons. The ability is designed to allow customers to see brief information about the products they are going to purchase without leaving the page they’re on.

4. PeachPay

PeachPay for WooCommerce is also called One-Click Checkout. It is a brilliant one-page checkout plugin aimed at making you boost conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment.PeachPay enables you to add a quick buy button to your product and cart pages. Then the customers complete their orders in a few clicks. Plus, it can save the customer’s information. Therefore, there is no need for them to re-enter their details every time they buy from you.


In my opinion, the best thing about PeachPay is that it has a mobile app. The mobile app includes post-checkout features that help you turn an occasional customer into a recurrent one. What’s more, PeachPay works very well with Stripe and integrates with many payment gateways.

5. WooCommerce One Page Checkout and Layouts

WooCommerce One Page Checkout and Layouts is one of the best WooCommerce plugins for checkout on one page. It provides customers with a similar working principle to the above extension by WooCommerce. The extension aims to simplify your checkout process by merging the cart page and the checkout page. With it, users can remove products or change the quantity on the same page using AJAX.

One-page checkout and layouts

In addition to helping you shorten the checkout process, the tool lets you customize the appearance of the checkout page including headers, sections, and buttons. It also offers you multiple pre-defined layouts, then you can edit easily and customize it as you like. The plugin also lets you change labels, placeholders, and billing fields.

Tips for Converting More Sales

Before you start using plugins that are excellent options to improve your conversions, let’s dive into some of these tips that will help you make the most of them.

  • You should know the pros and cons of a one-page checkout and one-click checkout. One-click checkout allows customers to buy in one click. However, it requires customers to have accounts on your site. For the former one, it is not the same. There are many big e-commerce sites such as Amazon using one-click buy buttons. But on WooCommerce, completing payment on one page will help you grow your business.
  • You need to check your site performance from time to time. It may result in poor site performance since single-page check-out sometimes means compressing all check-out steps and fields into one page.
  • You need to check these plugins before buying since some of them are not highly compatible with all WordPress themes.
  • In addition, you could create your checkout one a single page and customize it exactly the way you want as long as you have coding skills.


In a nutshell, one-page checkout will help customers save time by cutting down steps in the sale funnels. Plus, the plugins make the checkout process more convenient and help you to boost conversions. If you plan to take advantage of these benefits, you can use the best WooCommerce one-page checkout plugins.

Lastly, I would like to note: WooCommerce is also a great dropshipping platform. Apart from the WooCommerce plugins for checkout on one page, tools like DSers can help you grow your business and convert more sales, too. Hence, if you are doing dropshipping, go here to learn more about DSers to get started quickly and easily.

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