10 Must-Know Tips for Dropshipping Success 2022: A Practical Guide You Wouldn’t Ignore

10 Must-Know Tips for Dropshipping Success 2022: A Practical Guide You Wouldn’t Ignore

With dropshipping, entrepreneurs can sell goods without worrying about dealing with inventory. The manufacturers will perform these daily tasks like creating, packaging and shipping the product out for you. Dropshipping is a low-maintenance business model. The post will dive into the reasons why you should dropship, and 10 practical dropshipping tips to help you succeed:

Reading the 10 top tips can inspire you on how to operate a successful dropshipping store. But before we learn them, let’s explore why you should dropship in 2022.

Why Should You Dropship 2022

Dropshipping is a beneficial and great business model for entrepreneurs to sell online. Compared to the traditional business model, dropshipping is easy to start up with low risk, and low cost. Also, it can be automated. Here are the pros of dropshipping:

  • Low risk: Dropshipping makes you only pay for goods sold to customers. You can get products at wholesale prices without buying bulk inventory since the prices are already pretty low.
  • Low cost: Starting dropshipping with a limited budget is possible since you could operate your online store on a free site, use the free dropshipping app, and price your products at market value and run a profitable business.
  • Easy to start: There’s no need for you to carry inventory, so you start are able to selling once you sign up. You only need to import products to your store and start promoting them right away.
  • Automated business: You are able to automate most of your tasks by installing the DSers tool, using email automation, and scheduling social media.

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Now to Automate Your Dropshipping Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


10 Top Dropshipping Tips for the Success of Your Online Store

We have to admit that although dropshipping is a risk-free and beneficial business model, you cannot achieve the success of your online store if you don’t apply practical tips. Thus, here I conclude 10 must-know dropshipping tips to make sure everything goes smoothly. You’d better read carefully to get inspiration. Let’s start with a technique helping you save time.

1. Automate Dropshipping Business

What is automated dropshipping? It’s a method allowing machines to handle some of the workloads of your business. For example, it’s a great option to get a tool to help you synchronize the product's inventory information and order status to your dashboard automatically.

Therefore, how can you apply automated dropshipping to your business? It’s quite easy, you only need to install the top-ranked AliExpress dropshipping tool - DSers. It will help you automate and streamline a series of processes and workflows in your dropshipping business. Let’s explore how it works that out:

  • Seller selection automation: When doing dropshipping on AliExpress, you need to reach out to a massive listing of a product to compare the prices and shipping options. DSers is here to automate seller selection, you can find the best seller for order quickly.
  • Order information automation: The AliExpress dropshipping tool will automate details of orders you placed like tracking number, and delivery status to one dashboard automatically. You have complete details in one place with the AI tool.
  • DSers enables dropshippers to multiple orders in one click as long as you have synced your AliExpress and Website accounts with the tool.
  • DSers offers you a choice to source AliExpress products directly. You search and find relevant products for your business with the help of the DSers’s directory.

DSers automates most of your dropshipping workflows. Then, you will have more time on other aspects of your business, such as marketing, product research, competition analysis, and sales growth.

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Now to Automate Your Dropshipping Workflows with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


2. Focus on One Niche

In a dropshipping business, it is quite vital to focus on only one product niche. Why? There are millions of sellers selling the same product with dropshipping. So, if you want to make your products appealing and grow your sales, the best way is to focus.

Although dropshipping enables you to sell everything you want to sell as long as you have passion for it, the truth is that focusing on one niche can bring more benefits for you. Here is why:

  • Focusing requires you to pay all your time on this niche, so you can create more eye-catching images and write more compelling descriptions for your products. Then, it might be easier for your commodities to stand out.
  • Focusing allows you to pay more attention to marketing. It is necessary to learn more marketing strategies to promote your stores and goods to reach more potential customers.
  • Focusing enables you to test out what is suitable for you most. You can learn more and expand your business more easily by exploring only one niche. You spend more time doing market or competition research which makes you avoid mistakes and grow easily.

Thus, you’d better focus on only one niche when you are doing a dropshipping business.

3. Order Samples

The sample is a good quality inspector. With dropshipping, you are free from dealing with inventory. Meanwhile, the troubles will come if you’re not sure about the product quality you sell. To eliminate the potential risk, you’d better work with reliable suppliers through DSers on AliExpress.

work with reliable suppliers through DSers on AliExpress

Moreover, it’s essential to order samples for them. Here are the reasons:

First of all, samples can help you know how your products look like, how they will solve your customers' problems, or what services they can provide. Using it by yourself, you may know what feelings your customers will have. Then, you will be able to predict what they might complain about and make full preparation to solve these complaints according to your prediction.

Moreover, it can reduce returns and refunds. Return and refund rates will hurt your store or brand reputation. Plus, a good reputation is significant for you to get more sales and scale your business. After testing the samples yourself, you will have confidence about your products’ quality and make sure the customers can receive what they ordered with a smile on their faces.

4. Marketing

I have to say you can’t ignore the marketing as long as you are doing business. This dropshipping tip - marketing is your money maker. Let’s see how:

If you want to drive more traffic to your store, ads and search engine optimization are things you need to attach importance to. The fact is most e-commerce stores convert the traffic at a rate of 1-2%, which means you probably won’t be getting any sales since less than 100 visitors are coming to your site. In a nutshell, only you get more traffic for your store, you have chances to convert more sales.

Here, I recommend you focus more on ads since it’s instant gratification and can drive a lot of sales in a short period. But, I have to SEO is good for driving long-term sales by allowing you to rank higher in search. You are capable of building an audience in search with minimal ad spend by creating blog content and optimizing product pages. It allows you to keep your acquisition costs low. If you want to know more about how to optimize your online store correctly, go here.

5. Monitor Competition

Competition is something that makes you grow and make progress. We can understand this dropshipping tip in this way: monitor your competitors’ websites and social media pages regularly. By keeping an eye on their updates and campaigns, it’s a good way to know which products they advertise, whether that product has a lot of engagement like comments or shares or not.


Furthermore, always monitoring your competition in the market helps you to adjust your niche, marketing strategies to meet the market’s standards. Moreover, you should be selling in your store by paying attention to your competition. In addition, you might know what type of content people within your niche really like when monitoring the types of posts your competitors add to their social media pages.

6. Create a Reliable Brand

Creating a reliable brand tip is about taking responsibility for how you present yourself. You are capable of improving your reputation as a leader by strengthening your brand position.

Build a brand

How can you do? At first, you need to pay attention to what makes your business unique, and what part of it will help you strengthen your brand image. Entrepreneurs who know how to build a brand have a competitive advantage. Next, you start building your brand trust through brand image, and increase brand awareness.

Your brand is your company’s personality. You need a strong brand image to increase the value of your company and impress your customers.

7. Choose ePacket

Delivery is also a vital thing dropshippers need to consider. Thus, the dropshipping tip I will introduce is that always choose ePacket. ePacket shipping allows you to sort products freely.

Moreover, you may be able to ensure quick delivery to customers without breaking the bank since ePacket shipping is the fastest affordable shipping method. ePacket shipping allows you to still make a profit when selling goods at market value as it costs under $5 for most products on average. It’s the best delivery method for dropshippers in my opinion because ePacket deliveries can reach customers within a week.

Here is an article on our site exploring ePacket delivery in more detail, you can go here to check.

8. Avoid Underpricing

Dropshipping products on AliExpress with DSers allows you to maintain a lower product cost. You will find that with dropshipping, you might sell products at market value and make a profit since the cost of goods is usually relatively close to the wholesale price.

You should know dropshipping is here to make your business profitable. When pricing your products, you’d better take the cost of goods, marketing, business expenses, and eventually hiring a team into account. For example, when you’re selling a product valuing $5, you should be charging around $19.99 for it. The price then should be higher than $19.99 to get a profit.

In a nutshell, you should not undercut your prices although other brands did so. You could maintain a profitable price point as long as your prices are fair and within market value. Moreover, it’s better to strive to increase average order value to ensure a higher profit from every order. Thus, learning pricing strategies will allow you to make more money overall.

9. Create an Amazing Offer

Creating a compelling offer is also an important dropshipping tip for your business. You should avoid being a store owner who fails to include sales or bundles. Products on sale are the key factors that motivate people to buy your product. However, you will be more likely to convert sales when presenting the right product with the right deal.

Your business also can benefit a lot from bundle deals. The truth is one of the best kept dropshipping secrets is bundle offers. You need to focus on selling more of the same product when creating a bundle deal. For example, you’d better sell hair extensions with more hair extensions in your bundle. People will want more of a product that they love.

10. Offer Great Customer Services

Dropshipping is a business model that lets you sell the same products as everyone else. Besides the ways I mentioned above, offering great customer service is one of the best ways that help you stand out when dropshipping. Although offering refunds and responding to customer inquiries don't separate you from many of the big brands, it’s crucial for your dropshipping business's success.

customer services

When your customers order from your store multiple times, you can write them 'thank you cards'. For customers who’ve ordered from you in the past, it’s a good idea to provide monthly giveaways. All these things you do will make each customer feel valued and appreciated.

💡 TIP: One more thing here: Other services solving customers’ problems should be available via phone, email, or online chat. It’s how you treated them that leaves a deep impression on your customers.

Final Word

Dropshipping has multiple benefits, and it is the easiest way to start your entrepreneurial journey with lower cost, lower risks, and less time. However, success with it might be hard. Learning the above 10 must-know dropshipping tips can reap the benefits of having your own online business.

Now, it’s your time to dive into your selling journey. If you are a beginner, find tools like DSers, MailChimp, to help you. If you are stuck in dealing with massive tasks, try automated dropshipping with the help of

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