How to Dropship in Brazil 2022: 5 Crucial Tips You Wouldn’t Miss

How to Dropship in Brazil 2022: 5 Crucial Tips You Wouldn’t Miss

In Brazil, more and more people prefer dropshipping to wholesaling. Dropshipping makes it easy for beginners to make money online. Although it’s easy to start, there are still many crucial tips you have to know when starting a dropshipping business in Brazil. Let’s check out:

Maybe you have read our AliExpress dropshipping 101, then you know what dropshipping is and its pros and cons. However, for some beginners, it’s the newest business model. Thus, let’s start learning about dropshipping definition before introducing the vital tips to dropship in Brazil.

What Is Dropshipping

What is dropshipping? I would like to answer it in a short sentence: when you are searching for ways to sell online, dropshipping is a less risky, more profitable business model.

Dropshipping allows you to start your online business without dealing with inventory or paying a lot in advance. Worth mentioning here is that, with great AliExpress dropshipping solutions, such as DSers, you can synchronize orders automatically and place 100s orders with one click.

DSers dropshipping

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In a nutshell, dropshipping is a business model that not requires a lot of your precious time and money thus scaling your business with marketing strategies. If you are still confused, go here to learn more.

Why Start a Dropshipping Business in Brazil

As I mentioned above, dropshipping is profitable. However, why should you start a dropshipping business in Brazil? Let’s figure it out.

According to E-commerce WIKI Organization, about 38% of the population always purchase what they want online in Brazil. Thus, it’s a better idea to start a dropshipping  business in Brazil. No matter what you plan to do, creating your job or earning a passive income, dropshipping in Brazil is the least risky business model and brings the considerable profits to you.

Dropshipping allows you to spend more time to market your business, answer customer emails and free yourself from complex workload since you don’t need to hold any inventory, buy large quantities of products or package and ship out products. Moreover, you do not need to invest a lot of money upfront.

Crucial Tips to Start Dropshipping in Brazil

Starting dropshipping might be easy and profitable. However, you’d better know the following 5 tips to start dropshipping in Brazil. Please check them one by one and use them in your online dropshipping business.

1. Use a Dropshipping Tool - DSers

Dropshipping tools or solutions is vital for your dropshipping business. With them, dropshipping will be much easier for you since you just do a few things to start and operate your online dropshipping business with automated dropshipping solutions.

Here I will take DSers as an example to show how they are useful. The top-rated dropshipping app on Shopify can help you optimize your dropshipping business in Brazil. Let’s see how:

Supplier Optimizer:No matter where you plan to start your dropshipping business, suppliers are crucial to your success. DSers can help you filter out more suitable and cheaper suppliers for your products on sale with one click.

Bulk Order : If you want to deal with a large number of orders at one time, Bulk Order is here to help you. With it, you can place 100s of orders to AliExpress in a few seconds

Shipping Settings:This feature is good to gain more good reviews from customers. You can pre-select a shipping method according to the order destination to insure the shipment.

Automatic Pricing:The margin you add to the AliExpress products is what allows you to earn a profit. Thus, you need to set the price from time to time since there is more than one supplier for your products. Doing it manually might take a lot of time. With DSers automatic pricing, you can apply some pricing rules, automatically, to all the new products you import to save time.

DSers also provides you with features like Variants Mapping, Stock Management, Multiple Stores Management. Then you can start a successful dropshipping store with DSers quickly. To learn more about its features, go here.

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Now to Grow Your Online Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


2. Massive Brazil’s Market

Massive Brazil Market

In Brazil, the number of consumers buying products online is growing rapidly. According to Statista Statistics, 31.27 million Brazilians purchased goods online in 2013. Moreover, almost 43 million people shopped online at least once in Brazil during 2020. Plus, Brazil has nearly 150 million users and is the largest Internet market in Latin America. Globally, it ranks fourth.

Products that Brazilians spend the most money online purchasing are:

  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Computers
  • Fashion
  • Cosmetics
  • Beauty products
  • Household appliances
  • Home decor
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Safety equipment
  • Travel services

The Analysts also estimate that travel services accounted for nearly one-third of Brazil's total e-commerce sales in the year 2015. Brazilians also like markets and websites that offer group discounts.

3. Challenges of Dropshipping in Brazil

However, although the benefits of dropshipping are obvious, there are still some challenges you need to pay attention to when starting. Let’s have a look and make preparations:

First of all, although Brazilians have the habit of shopping online, they are often limited to buying from Brazilian companies. This is because dropshipping faces challenges in terms of infrastructure and government regulations in Brazil.

The next is shipping. On the one hand, shipping to Brazil itself is a challenge. The postal service in Brazil is very unstable and slow. A package might take three months to arrive, and it is often lost. On the other hand, international couriers are not always the best choice, because they may charge as much as 100% of the transportation cost.

Another major problem is that the package may stay in customs for 30 to 180 days. Why? For different products, you need proper documentation to support them. For example, Brazil's National Health Inspection Agency will be responsible for supervising the import of food, health products, cosmetics, and medicines when shipping.

💡 TIP: The good news here is with the help of the Chinese Postal Service ePacket, the big shift in this scenario, dropshippers can make it much quicker. It’s said that an average time of a package from China to Brazil can be 25 days.

4. Why Start Now

The e-commerce market is growing fast. Last year, consumers spent nearly USD 500 billion on products purchased online. It sounds a lot. However, experts predict that by the year 2021, e-commerce sales will reach USD 4.5 trillion.

It’s not surprising that web-friendly countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, and South Korea were far ahead in last year’s sales. The incredible thing here is Brazil reached such a number record. It’s now one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in the world.

In the past, plenty of dropshippers tried to sell products in Brazil. They failed because the postal service was unstable and slow. However, as I mentioned above, now some policies have changed this situation. Thus, if you have an e-commerce store but have never seen any Brazilian customers, it is time to change and start.

dropshipping products

5. Dropshipping Benefits

Lastly, I have to say, although you may confront some challenges and need to make changes now, dropshipping can bring you multiple benefits. Let’s look at what they are together:

In e-commerce, dropshipping can be your first choice to make money online. What’s more, starting a successful dropshipping store is much easier with the help of dropshipping solutions. The key is that you must make sure that you choose the right products and reliable suppliers. Dropshipping main advantages include two parts:  self-fulfillment and third-party logistics.

For self-fulfillment, it’s you (the company or entrepreneur) who need to handle everything. In a nutshell, with self-fulfillment, you cooperate have to buy inventory, rent warehouse space, and pack shipments yourselves.

💡 TIP: While self-fulfillment gives you more control over the process, it might be expensive.

Although you can use a company you’ve partnered with to fulfill the orders for you, you have to purchase the product and store it in a third-party warehouse until your customer place an order. It still requires you to pay for inventory and third-party logistics services, but you save a lot of time.

However, you only need to find the products to sell, import them to your site with dropshipping. Then a dropshipping supplier you cooperate with will handle the rest. It is a great way for small company owners who are new to the e-commerce market. You can save money without paying for inventory or storage. You can save time because the suppliers process everything after customers placed the order. Plus, you can flexibly add products or change them completely at any time.


When starting your dropshipping business in Brazil, you look forward to success. This post is where you can find useful tips to start a successful Brazil dropshipping business.

To get success with dropshipping in Brazil, you need to choose a dropshipping tool, such as DSers to help you. You also need to know the dropshipping benefits, to prepare for challenges as well as to make some improvements to shipping services.

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